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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

so you want to be an architect? part 2

Posted by velveeta Tuesday April 6 2010 at 1:53PM
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okay, you have your plot.  now what do you do with it?  you build on it, of course!  plots and lairs are designed in the same way, altho actual construction may differ.

the plot/lair info screens are accessed by cliking the property marker: futureannex-1.jpg picture by velveeta3

the property marker is the same for both plots and lairs, altho the lair marker might be located in an area inaccessible to peds, like on a high cliff ledge or such.

cliking the property marker brings up the plot info tabs.  the first tab will be the actual plot info:

plotinfoscreen.jpg picture by velveeta3

as you can see, this tab gives you the name of the landowner, how much was paid for the plot, zoning and size info (the symbols are residential, commerical, and industrial, respectively), any complete structures and the perms on it, and misc info buttons like buy/sell buildings, trashcan, community info, etc.

jumping to the permissions tab:

plotpermscreen.jpg picture by velveeta3

it is here you can set the overall plot perms.  it should be fairly self explanatory - you can allow or deny everyone, allow guild members only, or allow friends only.  if you plan to have a mix of building access, it is recommended that you set your overall plot perms as allow all and then set the individual buildings (like personal storage or anything you dont want other peeps to access) perms as you wish.  most peeps in horizons are extremely trustworthy, especially compared to other games, but even we have our bad apples......also, perms can be set once the plot is finished, as perms do not have effect on the ability to apply construction materials - anyone can apply construction to any building, as long as they have the skewl and the level to do so.

now comes the fun stuff!  when you pull up the planning tab:

planningscreen.jpg picture by velveeta3

you see the plot area (blank at the moment, as we haven't planned anything yet), structure area, movement area, and the buttons to access the available building list and add or delete items from that list.

in order to add structures to build, you clik the build button and access the available structures you can place on your plot:

buildingdescription.jpg picture by velveeta3

cliking an entry will give you basic info on that structure, including name, type of building, how much it costs for the building plans, and the number of that type of structure you can have on one plot, as well as a picture of the building.  the pic rotates to allow you to see what the bulding looks like from all angles.  clik the add button to add the structure to your planning list (there is no multiplier, so you have to add multiples of a particular building one at a time) and when you have added as many structures as you like (preliminary planning comes in handy here - know in general how you want the plot to look and start planning accordingly, as you will want to work in small groups of buildings at a time [in fact, i work with one building at a time myself]) and clik close when done with this part.

the buildings will appear in the center of your plot area, and you will have to move them into place.  from the structure list, choose the building you want to love and go to the movement area:

movescreen.jpg picture by velveeta3

you can rotate the buildings (using either the fixed ratios or inputting your own variables), align the building, or move it however many steps you desire in eight directions.  you will get a visual on the movement both on the plot area screen and by watching it move on the plot itself:

movingintoplace.jpg picture by velveeta3

the building will appear as a green outline on the plot area screen and as the actual building highlighted on the plot itself.  when you hit a barrier of some kind (plot border, another building, etc.), the outline turns red and the building does not move.

you just wash, rinse, and repeat the process until you have the design you can work with.


next time, i will show you how to put money on the plot, in the hopes that others will be tempted to help you build, and start the construction process.  see ya soon!