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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

one more interruption

Posted by velveeta Wednesday March 13 2019 at 5:56PM
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i am getting really close to having my house in order, so i hope you will enjoy this one last interruption in our current quest.  i promise to be back the the 'disturbance of spirit' questline with the next post.

in the meantime, a new player has some questions, and the awesome community of istaria is quick to answer.

the thread is titled 'brand new player, some general questions', started by new player sutton.  here is the first post, with the questions i imagine a lot of new players may have:

Hey all!

First off, as a dragon, I'm not totally sure where I should put my training points (the stats). Since I'm brand new to the game I'm not sure what scales what. I have no idea what makes dragon breath stronger for example, Primal maybe? So far I've just been doing health and tooth and claw as the safe options, as I'm not sure allocating points to something like strength even increases my melee ability damage (it says increases weapon damage, but I don't know if that includes my claws). I wish that hovering over an ability told me where it draws some of its damage, but so far a lot of damage seems dependent on my level rather than stats (or perhaps some abilities get stronger as you use them like in some RPGs? Not so sure on that one). Also, I have no idea what my stat distribution should even look like in the end given my unfamiliarity of the game and the lack of resources regarding things like ability scaling and just general advice due to the game's low population. Dexterity seems pretty nice if you're going melee, but I honestly have no idea if it's even necessary for me, its not like Istaria has much in the way of "build guides" for me to follow. Some stats may be noob traps for all I know, like in a lot of games I've played.

My second question is in regards to the ancient ascension quest. Now, I know I'm very far away from that (only like level 6 atm lol), but I remember seeing in the tutorial that you might need to get a group together to do so, which seems problematic to me as I've only seen one other person in this game so far, and I think they just left the game open while they went afk for the night. This game seems like its hanging on by a thread, and it would seriously suck to invest a lot of time with it, hoping to get to ancient only to find out I'm never going to get the manpower to do so. None of my friends would care for a game like this. So my question is, can it be soloed?

My third and final question for now, is there a way to target an enemy without clicking on them? Think tab targeting in WoW or many other mmos. I like twisting the camera around to watch the combat because fighting as a quadruped is quite entertaining to watch I must say without staring at my back the entire time. However, clicking anywhere to drag the camera untargets the enemy, and I have a hard time re-targeting the enemy (small enemies) with my body in the way when the camera snaps back. This would be easy to solve if I could re-target the enemy being attacked with a press of a button, is there a way to do so?

Thanks for reading and answering in advance! Any advice you can give me will do.


so far, the post as replies from elders lovwyrm, gkoster, smaug, racktor, and quiiliitiila.  i hope their responses are insightful for you as well.


see you again soon, and we will be back to bizniz!