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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

sslanis militia - fallen spirit tasks, the bloodletters, part 1b

Posted by velveeta Friday March 30 2018 at 9:42PM
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when last we left, i had fallen into a hole i couldn't climb out of, so i had to recall.  when i logged back in, the news log informed my that the quests were borked, so i canceled the whole questline and had to start over.

my recall point is bristugo, and the closest and most safe port to the barricades is the kion suburb of parsinia.  so, i took the appropriate portal (most cities have a portal that will take you to parsinia) and popped up outside of the town, next to the south road.  it is a quick run down the coast road - start at the port pad and keep running (you should be quite safe for this part of the run) thru the woods, over the bridge, and keep to the right when you come to the signposts.  you will see gruoks and wolves along the green area next to the beach, but they should be easily avoided.  you can see the gate to the barricades directly in front of you, so go on thru and up the small hill to find tsorash.

the sslik soldier is on patrol, so approach it and greet in the usual manner.  listen again to its speech, accept the quest again, review the details, and check your quest journal.  since this part of the quest was fine the first time, there are no real changes here.

time to do the now familiar run to the hole at the center of the drowned isle.  over the land bridge and past the graveyard.  take whatever path you like to get to the hole, and jump in.  thankfully, once you done the portal routine the first time, you will automatically port to the cave of the winds when you jump into the hole.  you will notice that your quest journal has updated to advise you to speak to the fallen spirit.

turn east and approach the ghost of the lost sslik.  greet it and accept the task(s), then check your quest journal.  yay!!!  look at that, we have all the quest info!

all the blundering around the last time did help, even tho we didn't know at the time.  the quest journal - happily and unlike any other time you will restart a quest like we did for this one - shows not only exactly what bloodletters we need to hunt, but the ones we hunted before count toward this!  i only needed to hunt 2 more bl shamans to complete this task.  

and that is the first task of the fallen spirit taken care of.  let me remind you that you will need to have an istarian army knife on your person (if you are a biped) for the next task.  we will find out more about that next time - including whether or not i had to make an istarian army knife, because it is a relatively new tool and i'm not even sure if i have the formula to make it........


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