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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

sslanis militia - fallen spirit tasks, the bloodletters, part 1a

Posted by velveeta Friday March 23 2018 at 9:26PM
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okay, so, remember i told you that this was all new for us all.  something i just found out that i should have told you before we started is that you - if you are a biped - will need to put an istarian army knife in your inventory.  you will need it for the second task.  dragons always have their ingenuity on talon, as it were.  more about that at the appropriate time.

also, as we will see, the questline itself was borked, and i had to retake the entire sub questline.  so, let's get started, shall we?

so, we had made it to the hole, ported in, and spoke to the fallen spirit.  after accepting the tasks (which i advise taking all at once, so that if you happen to stumble upon the other chambers, you can work on those tasks as well), i checked my quest journal.  curiously, there was no explanations or details for those tasks.  strange, but perhaps there are trigger points to find......

since there is no map yet for the dungeon (like there is for helian's tomb), i just picked the cavern directly east of the fallen spirit.  take off thru the cavern, following the road, taking care to look around for alcoves and turn offs.

the most common bloodletter type you will have to kill is the infected.  they do not count toward your bloodletter requirements (altho i didn't know that at the time).  they aren't very tough, and they don't aggro too horribly.  make sure you loot EVERYTHING, because at this point, you don't know if you will need something at a later time.

fight your way thru the infected and the thick clouds of mist inhabiting the cavern, and eventually you will come to a huge cave with a lake in the middle of it, surrounded by stalks of ghostly, glowing vandal fungus.  all around the lake, you will find more infected - joined by brethren workers and shaman (as we will see, these are the critters we are really here to hunt).

run around the lake, fighting bloodletters.  eventually, you will end up near the lake.  inside, you will see blood crabs running around.  i decided to hunt some, because surely you will need to loot something from them.  the lake has real water - if you go in, you will need to watch your breath meter so you don't drown! 

continue the follow the road thru the caves, watching for turnoffs.  you will come upon an alcove with some bloodletters in it, guarding a chest.  wipe out the bloodletters, but don't bother with the chest, unless you have the proper key.

another danger is falling into holes you can't climb out of - which i did.  this turned out to be a good thing, as we will see the next time we meet.  hope you come back!