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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

sslanis militia - the bloodletters, part 1

Posted by velveeta Friday March 9 2018 at 10:05PM
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we have been sent back to vrex for further instuctions, so greet the sslik researcher.  choose the available quest, accept it, and listen to the story before heading back to tsorash, as your quest journal will inform you.

head up the little hill to your left (southish) and find tsorash in its camp.  greet it and listen to what the sargeant has to say.  check your journal for updates.

as you see, this is a two part quest - you must kill 10 brutes, and loot 10 hides from savages.  that last part will take the most time - you are not guarnateed a hide every time you kill, ya ken.

first tho, we have to get to the island itself.  we must cross the land bridge - remember, this means running thru the wildlings on the beach outside the gate -  to get to it.  once there, you will find that the wooden bridge is down, and you must take the cliff path.  it takes you past the graveyard and thru a canyon to an open plain.

an aside: you can do either part of the hunt in whichever order you wish.  if  you want to hunt the brutes first, turn to the right instead of the left past the graveyard, and you will be in the midst of them.

this plain is home not only to the savages, but also maggots and flies.  they all LOVE to party!  a group or a bodyguard will make this hunt so much easier and less damaging to you.

so, set about slaying critters and looting them (which will take a bit of time, as i said) until you have the needed 10 hides.  but don't leave yet!  you still have to hunt brutes!

getting to the brute territory is quite easy.  you can follow the black mini canyons to the center area of the island, easily accessible from the savage territory.  you will see the brutes thru the rocks forming the walls of the canyon. lay about you, fighting brutes - keeping an eye on your count - until you have your required 10.  you don't have to loot the brutes, but it is a good habit to get into.  if you need a rest during the battle, you can climb the hill to the ruins and recover some hit points.

when you are ready to return, you should be close to the cliff path.  pass the graveyard, go over the land bridge, cross the beach, and head thru the beach gate.  go up the hill to tsorash's camp, find and regreet the sslik, and get your thanx and reward.


but don't go anywhere!  when next we meet, we shall be speaking to tsorash again.  hope you come back to find out more!

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