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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

part 3 of winter event finale

Posted by velveeta Monday March 6 2017 at 11:07AM
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when last we left the fun, our fearless leader, the ancient and venerable dragon karvanoth had finished his divinations and determined that the final battle would take place in the endless winter of the titan mines area.  this would be a long run over some rough terrain, but we had all faith that karvanoth would get us there safely.

as a group, we all set out from mahagra.  it was fairly easy going while we were on the road, with the dragons forming a cordon around the young and less able to deal with the nasty threats on the way.

eventually, we needed to turn off the road and head across the mountaintops to get to where we were going.  this included a quick trip thru the fortress of valkor the impaler, where we dared not tarry long.  finally, tho, we made our way to the permanently frozen lake in the heart of the titan mines.

as soon as the stragglers turned up, karvanoth began calling a portal into being.  this was not pleasing to the baddies who wanted to keep the land in their frosty mitts - so we were attacked with everything the enemy had.  wave after wave, we battled until the general appeared - so big that i couldn't even see the whole of him.  it was a long, hard battle that took everything we had, but finally, we wrote him in the ded book.  once their leader fell, it was a quick matter to finish off the few remaining troops.  karvanoth was able to throw the spirits of the fell critters back thru the ice portal, and winter began to fade from the lands of the gifted.

that was the official end of the winter event, but there were still gifts to get!  liseth held a raffle to give away unique (to the event) items.  using the '/random' function, she rolled a number, then whoever random rolled closest to her number would win the current item.  i really wanted one of the prezzie pets, but didn't roll it - so, one of the wonderful visitors to my fair shard was kind enough to trade me one!  a purple prezzie i promptly named limberger.


a fantastic end to a fantastic event!  the devs work hard for us and we are so happy to be the benefactors of all their good work!  hope you enjoyed reading a little about the hours of frost and rest assured, we will be back to the town marshal grind when next we meet.  see you then!