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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

this is my blog of the mostest awesome mmo currently available! go to for more information!

Author: velveeta

shortest istaria blog evah

Posted by velveeta Tuesday March 21 2017 at 11:18PM
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dancing draggies, nothing more needs to be said.

sslanis town marshal quests - forest full of gruoks

Posted by velveeta Friday March 17 2017 at 6:57PM
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(sorry, guys, i had intended to post again a couple days ago, but i had a minor major fright.  i recently had to reformat my main puter [curse you, windows 10], and thought i had backed up everything.  i had - except for my game pix folder.  couldn't find it anywhere.  not a big deal, but i also thought i had put the processed screenies on photobucket for safe keeping.  i had not, which lead to the discovery of the missing game folder.  i was about to panic, but i took a look at my secondary hard drive, in the hope, ya ken.  guess what i found!!)


it's been a while since we did a quest for ssoren, the sslik sslanis town marshal (don't you love that illitteration?), so if you need a refresher on how to get to the bridge and over to the mainland of istaria, you can review the blog post that started it all here.

of course, to start, find ssoren on patrol, near the outgoing portals, on the porch of the main fort.  speak to it and choose the 'forest full of grouks' quest.  it will give you instructions, and of course, check your quest journal for more info.

now, off you hie yourself.  head across the bridge, but turn south instead of north at the wws.  while there are a very few grouks north of the road, there are not near enough to do the quest quickly, and you have to contend with the skulks that patrol the area.  head south, thru the hills, and you will run into a forest of them with no other dangers.

where ever you choose to hunt, lay about the herds until you have the required 20 written in the ded book.  head back to sslanis and the town marshal.  speak to it to get your reward and thanx.


knocking em down!  join me next time for a quest a little closer to home, as it were.  no long runs, i promise!  see you soon.

after event miscellaneous

Posted by velveeta Wednesday March 15 2017 at 9:44PM
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very soon, we will return to our regularly scheduled programming, but i wanted to take an opportunity to spotlight yet another reason i continue to play istaria.

after the event, the players expressed their great appreciation for the winter event.  scroll down to discover the informal questionnaire put forth by the devs, and the player responses to same.

in return, the devs, headed by the zeus of the gifted - the good and mighty amongwareth - return that love.


the very best thing about my beloved game is the circle of love flowing between devs and players.  if you ever wonder how a, frankly, quite old mmo that has always been more of a niche game can survive for as long and thru as many troubles as istaria has, the answer is mutual admiration and respect.  when the devs make a great game using the players' input, the players want to play more of the devs' work.  


back - next time, i promise - to the task at hand.  the latest patch brought some nice cosmetic changes, and i am looking forward to showing them to you!  hope you come back to find out about them!



part 3 of winter event finale

Posted by velveeta Monday March 6 2017 at 11:07AM
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when last we left the fun, our fearless leader, the ancient and venerable dragon karvanoth had finished his divinations and determined that the final battle would take place in the endless winter of the titan mines area.  this would be a long run over some rough terrain, but we had all faith that karvanoth would get us there safely.

as a group, we all set out from mahagra.  it was fairly easy going while we were on the road, with the dragons forming a cordon around the young and less able to deal with the nasty threats on the way.

eventually, we needed to turn off the road and head across the mountaintops to get to where we were going.  this included a quick trip thru the fortress of valkor the impaler, where we dared not tarry long.  finally, tho, we made our way to the permanently frozen lake in the heart of the titan mines.

as soon as the stragglers turned up, karvanoth began calling a portal into being.  this was not pleasing to the baddies who wanted to keep the land in their frosty mitts - so we were attacked with everything the enemy had.  wave after wave, we battled until the general appeared - so big that i couldn't even see the whole of him.  it was a long, hard battle that took everything we had, but finally, we wrote him in the ded book.  once their leader fell, it was a quick matter to finish off the few remaining troops.  karvanoth was able to throw the spirits of the fell critters back thru the ice portal, and winter began to fade from the lands of the gifted.

that was the official end of the winter event, but there were still gifts to get!  liseth held a raffle to give away unique (to the event) items.  using the '/random' function, she rolled a number, then whoever random rolled closest to her number would win the current item.  i really wanted one of the prezzie pets, but didn't roll it - so, one of the wonderful visitors to my fair shard was kind enough to trade me one!  a purple prezzie i promptly named limberger.


a fantastic end to a fantastic event!  the devs work hard for us and we are so happy to be the benefactors of all their good work!  hope you enjoyed reading a little about the hours of frost and rest assured, we will be back to the town marshal grind when next we meet.  see you then!