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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

a day in the life of a fitter, part 2 - harvesting

Posted by velveeta Wednesday March 25 2015 at 7:57PM
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now that you are all geared up, it's time to get started.  first, of course, you have to get to the resource field.  since i am working on steel sheeting, i need to find dark iron.  back in the day, steel was one of the resources you need to work 2 basic raw resources for - iron and nickel.  the gods have, blessedly, done away with dual harvesting, and so, since i wanted to harvest a plentiful - but preferably unguarded - field, i scampered off to acul, on the eastern end of trandalar.

therefore, i ported to acul and ran north to the dark iron field.  the field is huge, and there are nickel gols guarding the northern half of it, but the area nearest the (handy) mws is unguarded with plenty of nodes.

when you reach the field, equip your disk and your mining pick.  open your inventory and right click the disk to choose the equip option.  you will see, on your equipment screen, a chain icon next to your disk icon.  if the chain is whole, you have attached your disk and will tow it behind you.  when i am crafting, i hotkey my tools, so all i have to do it click the hotkey for the pick, and whatever i was carrying in that hand will switch places with the pick.  in my case, my warhammer replaces the pick in the 'tools' pouch in my inventory.

so, now you are ready to head for some nodes and begin harvesting.  after your first hit, i recommend putting the ore into your disk.  otherwise, all the ore will go into your inventory until it is full.  after the first time you do this, the ore will automatically go into the disk and/or cargo pet (providing you are harvesting the same resource.  if you switch to, say, cotton, you will have to do the process again).  you will have to do the same for your cargo pet.

some words about nodes.  in olden times, there were 3 'types' of nodes; normal, rich, and motherlode.  as you might think, you get more raw ore from a rich node than a normal one, and the motherlode is, well, the motherlode of nodes.  these days, all rich and motherlode nodes are called rich, and you can't really tell until you exhaust it as to which type it is.  there is typically about 22-25 'hits' per normal node, and 100+ hits from a rich node.  depending on your skill level, you will get anywhere from 1 to 15 pieces of ore from a hit.  you can miss hit, tho, at any level.  you also get bonus ore every so often - back in the day, this would typically be the next tier of resource (which was a pain in the azz when you were crafting particular resources - useless and mostly deleted from your inventory to make room for the stuff you really want).  these days, the gods have made the bonus be what you're harvesting.

so, run around the field until you fill your disk, cargo pet, and inventory.  most likely, you will end up overburdening your inventory.  you can get so overburdened, you can't move.  in that case, simply delete a few pieces of ore until you can move again.  how fast you want to go will determine how many.  with the workstation so close, i wasn't as concerned with speed as i was with quantity.

once you have a full load of ore, it is time to make some bars.  we will explore the making phase in our next post, so come back soon!  see you then!