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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

a day in the life of a fitter - part 1, getting ready

Posted by velveeta Friday March 13 2015 at 10:02PM
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to top off our exploration of crafting trainers, i thought i would do a crafting job from start to finish.  i have breezed thru the process in other posts, but in this short series, i will do a thorough coverage.  i will be working as a fitter (metalworking construction skewl), but this process is basically the same for all biped crafting skewls.

as you may remember from our meet and greet, a fitter works with metal to make construction materials, specifically jointings (or joints) and sheeting (or sheets).  a fitter gains experience by making and applying construction materials for buildings on plots (remember, dragons have lairshaping - construction materials cannot be used on lairs, and vice versa.  peds and draggys can make the basic resources for each other, but not the higher ones.  they can, now, use each others machines, which is handy).

first thing - after you have decided what to work on - is to get suited up for the job.  cargo clothes work on the basis of the wearer's current crafting level.  vel is a level 82 fitter, just short of the level to wear tier 5.  therefore, i equipped my tier 4 (silk) set of clothes.  a complete set includes: belt, boots, cap (i prefer the invisible ones), leggings, sleeves, tunic, and wristbands.  cargo clothes increase your carrying capacity/inventory and provide a bit of armor protection.

you will also want to have your cargo disk in your inventory (while all disks slow you down and you can't recall with any type equipped [remiind me to tell you some funny stories about losing your disk and having to track it down some time], some of them prevent porting and it costs extra coin to port with one, even empty, so that is why i recommend you don't actually equip it until you are at the harvest field - but more on that later).  as you can see from the wiki page, there is a myriad of different disks.  i prefer the tarbash's.  only 1 stack, but it's huge and you can port with it.  in addition, unlike the clothes, most disks (but not all) work for any trade skewl - which means you can use the highest tier disk you have for any skewl, provided you have at least one skewl with the requisite level.  for instance, even tho i am only a level 82 fitter, i can use a disk rated for a level 100+, because i have several crafting levels at max.  for now, just make sure it is in your inventory.  

if you are lucky enough to have a cargo pet, it acts like a small cargo disk.  i, someday soon, want to get a black widow spider pet, but for now i have havarti, the shepard dog.  he can port, so i usually don't bother to unequip him (frankly, i often forget he is there, until he howls).  i assume you can equip and unequip pets the same as disks, using the right click menu on the leash icon (bottom right slot in your equipment screen).  you want to make sure you have any sacks or satchels you want to use equipped (if you don't have already.  unless i need to use a shield, i usually forget about it as well).

most importantly, make sure you have the needed tools in your inventory.  i have a pouch solely for the tools i am currently using.  you don't have to equip anything just yet, but you don't want to be districts away from a vault when you realize you don't have the right tool for the job.  a fitter needs a mining pick to harvest, smelting tongs to make bars, and a fitting mallet to make the final resource.

finally - and you can do this now or when you get to the field (i usually do it after i log into game, as a habit, i have them hotkeyed) - you can cast whatever gifts or boons you see fit.  i have the standard three gifts i cast as a matter of course - gift of alacrity, gift of speed, and gift of strength.  i also have the spell 'swift feet' hotkeyed - takes a little of the pain out of all the running you have to do, especially with a full disk and inventory.  they will show up in your gift slot when you cast them, and you can hover your cursor on them to see how much time you have left on them.

that should take care of the basics of getting ready to do a crafting job.  you may have other things you like to have or do, but that is really all you need to get started.  and so, that is what we will do next time.  see you soon!