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Author: velveeta

2015 gnomekindle - hermey the misfit gnome, hermey's quest

Posted by velveeta Saturday March 7 2015 at 4:30PM
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our last bit of gnomekindle for this year is hermey the misfit gnome's personal quest.  this is a story quest that requires you to talk to some of the elven inhabitants of feladan.

as usual, approach hermey and speak to him to accept the quest.  hermey wants to know how to class up gnomekindle, and wants you to find out from the elves how to do that.   he wants you to first talk to quintin the elder.

so get thee to the city of the elves.  you will find quintin on the upper balcony of the fort area.  listen to his story and wait a bit while he catches his breath (he is an old elf, after all) - when he will tell you to speak to amad for more info.

luckily, amad is directly behind the elder on the balcony, and is happy to speak to you about the elvish holiday traditions.  the elf recommends that you seek out xerintha to find out the significance of mistletoe to the elven holiday.

you can find the good lady just behind the gate near the town shrine.  she will talk to you about the place of mistletoe to the elven festivities.  she will then advise you to finally speak to dilbiano for stories about the yule log and its importance to the holiday.

the male elf stands guard near the inner wall gate, not far from xerintha and directly behind the shrine.  you will have to have patience, because dibiano has a lot to say.  at the end, he sends you back to hermey to, hopefully, express to hermey how important it is for the gnomes to develop their own holiday traditions.

hermey is very grateful for your efforts, and rewards you with some istarian express checks.


and that is our exploration of the 2015 gnomekindle!  i hope you enjoyed reading it as much as i did doing it.  up next is a short (3 posts) series on 'a day in the life' of a biped crafter, then we will explore the new new trismus before embarking on a meet and greet of the biped adventure trainers.  hope to see you soon!