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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

meet the smelting trainer

Posted by velveeta Sunday March 31 2013 at 8:14PM
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now has come the time to meet the last chiconis crafting trainer, althanas the great.  this trainer gives you smelting mastery, arguably the most used ability - along with stoneworking.

althanas is both easy to find and easy to overlook.  when i first started taking mourningwood thru the quests, i had to have an elder dragon point out the location, because i kept running past the trainer and ending up getting killed by the gols in the resource fields east of chiconis.  standing next to zepartus, you look toward the north.  look carefully and you will see a notch between the cliffs.

run down the little valley for a bit and you will meet althanas in all its glory.  speaking to the trainer will get you the appropriate quest for your level - in my case, making cobalt bars.

your reward for a job well done is the next level of smelting mastery!


before we continue on to the dralk crafting trainers, let me show you, very briefly as it turns out, the new crystalshaper trainer.  please keep in mind that this is not the permanent position, just temporary so that the new skewl can be tested.  and, as we shall see, the trainer doesn't have much time for lowly little me......

get to sslanis (i hope you joined me in the attunement tour!!).  you won't have to go far, as aratanosh the crystalshaper is like 3 steps away.  as this is a very new skewl, i can't give you much info, but here is the entry for the wikia on crystalshaping.  the dragon trainer doesn't have time for me, tho.........  maybe after i work on my lairshaping some more!


and that's it for the craft trainers in chiconis.  join me next time to learn about dralk and the trainers there.  the volcano land is more dangerous than chiconis, so you might need to think about babysitters before heading there!

meet the dragon crafting vendor trainer

Posted by velveeta Saturday March 23 2013 at 3:10PM
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Sorry about not posting for a while – unfortunately, real life got in the way.  But with the posts being so small, that is no excuse.  Anyway, my apologies, now let’s crack on, shall we?

Right next to zepartus, you can’t help but notice the mouth of a craft cave.  Inside, in addition to the regular crafting machines you would expect to find, you will also find the dragon craft trainer and formula vendor, resiata.  As well as providing the forms you will need in your crafting, the dragon also provides low to mid level quests.  mourningwood is too high level to take those quests; however, there is a quest I can take.  Resiata is the first step in becoming a lairshaperSpeaking to the dragon gives you instructions on where to find relstaroth, the lairshaping trainer, outside of dralk.

We shall start our exploration of the other dragon city, after we meet the last crafting trainer in chiconis.  Come back soon to find out more!

blast from the past

Posted by velveeta Friday March 15 2013 at 7:06PM
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many years ago, for  a brief time, each shard had a herald.  much like the traditional herald, these special peeps reported on the events, news, and individuals of each shard.

i was honored to be allocated a short report on my attempts at civic beautification.  here, i present to you that particular portion of the first blight herald report (by the long lost and much missed Siluket Mosytar, Blight Herald and Roving Saris Reporter):


Community Building and Beautification

Our benevolent tyrant, Velveeta, has taken it upon herself to restore destroyed and broken community structures throughout the land. When questioned as to why she wanted to undertake these projects the Queen of Cheese replied, "It behooves the crown to show it's appreciation of the gods and the benefit of the residents by performing civic building. It is a visible indication of the might and wealth of the Blight realm, and the citizenry enjoy seeing clean fresh buildings in their communities as opposed to the ruins left by our hated enemy the Withered Aegis."

The first two projects, Sanctuary Bay and Selen, are now complete and the residents most hardily appreciate Velveeta's efforts. While she has her eye on future projects such as the Kirasanct Clothworks and the lighthouse off the coast of Sslanis, Velveeta indicated that she will be taking a break. The Cheese Palace needs a spring cleaning and a recreational hunting trip is in the planning for the only hammer she wants to be holding for now is her Warhammer. Well done Velveeta, enjoy your vacation.



should you desire to read the entire report, and check out the other reports - from blight and from the other shards - start here

happy news!!

Posted by velveeta Sunday March 3 2013 at 1:38PM
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the gods released this message from on high yesterday!!!  unfortunately, due to the requirements, i prolly won't be able to show you much, but once i make the grade, we will go to town!!


Calling All Players: Crystalshaper School Goes to Blight

Gifted of Istaria!

This week marks the culmination of months of work with the long-anticipated release of the Crystalshaper school to the Blight Shard for testing. We are contacting all of our players to extend a special invitation to help come and test this new content and also to get a first-hand preview with it!

How about a few details on what you need to know:  read more here


meet the essence shaping trainer

Posted by velveeta Friday March 1 2013 at 8:30PM
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That’s about it for the crafting trainers in the city proper.  Our last 3 trainers for chiconis are located on the outskirts of the city.

To find them, start at the head of the road, next to clerash.  The paved road ends, but ahead of you, you should see the dirt road heading south.  Stay on it until you see a guard post on your right.  Directly across from it, you will see a cave and a dragon standing outside and to the left of the mouth.

The dragon outside the cave is zepartus, the essence shaping trainer.  The trainer has a quest for me, telling me to gather some bright essence.  So off I go to feladan to collect the brights, and return for my reward.

Next time, we will greet another trainer and see what quest awaits me!  See you soon!