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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

this is my blog of the mostest awesome mmo currently available! go to for more information!

Author: velveeta

another comic from gigatronic!

Posted by velveeta Wednesday March 23 2011 at 5:45PM
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Well, just to pass the time while we wait for Xantia's next comic, I made another comic! This one was inspired by some actual events taking place in istaria. After hearing this funny conversation, I actually had been planning to do this. So here comes my second comic....

Awkward Moments

To be honest, there is no garentee that I will continue to do this, but I was so happy about the first response I decided to take another swing at it!


Order -- Inisalruo Varataz(Info): If you think I'm crazy, I'm not, I'm just pulling your leg. If you don't think I'm crazy, I'm not, and I'm not pulling your tail.

these should show you my home a little better than my words....

Posted by velveeta Wednesday March 16 2011 at 12:09AM
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the following are a bunch of istarian videos made by players.  some you may have seen before, but most are relatively new!!  enjoy!
Halp! My house has been cemented in!
Because I love having a record of bugs for some silly reason. I also have other records like what a disco wisp looked like..

I have real videos here too:
heres my channel :
Not much but always something :>
Me owning Reklar the plaguebearer.


 My first semi serious attempt at something like this.
A tour of New Trismus Island
Video gets bad at the end of the second part because I didn't know how much hard drive space this would eat.


I've already posted it before but whatever. Here is the trailer I made for Istaria.


blue hasia:

well kisastar got me into wanting to record my game play again after i ran across her you tube channel and saw all her neat videos on the game.
my first clip, until i make something awesome

A day in bristgo is the title of this clip. a 24 in game cycle of bristgo. this also has my mod running of a new day/night cycle. the game only has about 3 in game hours of night from about 11:30 pm(dusk) and ends around 3:00 am(sunrise) in game time.
mine starts about 5pm for dusk and the sunrise starts about 6 am

 A new video that shows my newest Hatchling im playing on chaos, though ice`ss is over 2,000 days old. ps if any one knows of good video editing software let me know since my old one that i loved no longer runs windows 7 :'(

Imapudgy did his ROP tonight
just some fun at the arena with the timeless guild

the hasia brothers duke it out and two ancients feel the need to kill some hatclings
I hate valkor!
his bats attack makes him way to over powered are group died 4 times before we even started the fight.
and also valkor seems to be evil when wonders around you see him and next min he poof he gone.
today bristgo got hammered by 4 epics
video link


Copied stright from a previous post:

After seeing some videos recently and finding this old gem, I thought I would post it for all to see. When I say old... it's old. Names some of you might remember and mobs many will have never seen. This was created back on Bounty server, unfortunatley the file creation date is not accurate as I have copied it from computer to computer however, I would say around 2004.
Hope others find feel the need to share some of their videos too
PS It's not mine and nor am I in it

meepsa (and tigro):
Some of you might already know, but my "sister" TigroDra and I have a youtube acc where we post all our istaria related videos
Since the recording for the next movie wont start till early Feb. we at TW have begon making moar vids, can expect ALLOT to be uploaded on our channel
trailer for the current project/movie: The MM
dont ask me anything about the plot, mainly because I dont know much about it either XD

gengel (the grand master artist of istaria):

My only and old one Level 1, defeating a Tier 6


Just finished editing earlier today, a video of Bahkar Defeating Elial in the Rift earlier today, then ascending in New Trisimus



On request of my friend Blue Hasia i decided to make this thread for ppl to post there amazing Istaria videos :3. here are a few of my own in which blue him self has said he liked XD.
Examples of epic hunts that happen,
Examples of dragons rising to new statuses,


a new comic from a new artist!

Posted by velveeta Friday March 11 2011 at 6:34PM
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xanthia has inspired others to create comix about our beloved home!  there is gagatronic's first offering, sure to be almost as popular as istaria's comix laureate!  enjoy....




So, without further ado...

Costume Confusion

Honestly, who can resist a chocolate-covered mouse?


Order -- Inisalruo Varataz(Info): If you think I'm crazy, I'm not, I'm just pulling your leg. If you don't think I'm crazy, I'm not, and I'm not pulling your tail.

the gods speak, and we listen!

Posted by velveeta Monday March 7 2011 at 11:55PM
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Developer’s Desk: Looking Backward, Looking Forward :

As with most people, the end of 2010 lead to the Virtrium team taking a look back at the closing year, but looking forward to the year to come. *And for this special “Developer’s Desk”, I wanted to share some of what we talked about with you.

We began the year with another tier revamp, this time focusing on tier 2 (content for players around levels 20 to 40), the area known as the “Dalimond Peninsula”. *The main enemy players face in this particular area are the Skulks, a biped-reptilian creature with a complex society that are trying to take over control of the region. *Many of the stories set in this area focus on the skulks, but the region is also rich in history that has been developed through new quests and areas to explore. *One of the new places players can explore is Ashlander’s Tomb. *The first king of the Kingdom of Vandus, Ashlander Vandus came to power during the last years of human slavery. He studied the Dragons and then eventually led a near-bloodless revolution that freed his people. He founded the city of Dalimond as his capital. He was buried in a grand tomb in southern end of the peninsula. **Gaining access to the tomb requires players to complete quests which tell more about the story of this area. *There were over 100 new quests added with the initial patch for the tier revamp, and even more are still planned for the future.  (read more here)

Developer's Desk: Two-Hundred and Counting

Soon we will be applying the two-hundredth delta to Blight! That’s a major milestone in and of itself. But as there are two new Developer’s Desks coming out at once, I decided that the combination of two such momentous events meant that it was time to pull the whole Virtrium team together and get them to sit down and put into writing something they had only talked about in the past.... the Virtrium Team’s Vision for Istaria! (That sounds somehow heavy and ominous!) (read more here)