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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

disturbance of the spirit part 4a

Posted by velveeta Sunday February 10 2019 at 7:26PM
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this is turning out to be a quite lengthy questline!  and it will take you all over the lower level island, getting you into a lot of hairy places for one so inexperienced.  from this point on, it is advisable to have at least one higher level bodyguard, to help you take on the incidental stuff you will have to face.  since showing is better than telling, let's get started with part 4 of the questline, shall we?

if you aren't there already, make your way to the kion shrine (by the way, it is safest for you to bind to kion shrine for the remainder of the questline - this will save you from having to fight your way to AND from the areas we must go to) and find the ghost of rysongreet him and choose the available quest, accept it, and listen to the details.  your quest journal will give a little clearer picture.

there are 2 roads out of kion you can take.  one is marginally safer (for low levels) than the other - i will take the safer road out to the circle shrine, and the more dangerous one back, so you will get an idea of what you will be facing.

starting from ryson, head thru the second fort and up the stairs to reach the upper south gate road, running in front of lady kendra's manor.  follow that road past the banana tree orchards until you get to the upper south gate.  stay on the road (there will be gruoks and grulets, including a named boss, along the road, so be aware) thru the flax fields until you reach the lava waterfall.  cross it on the hardened lava and stay on the path running next to it for a little run.  the road will turn more normal in appearance as you wind your way down the mountainside, past the ranger camp and continuing thru the flax and piggy fields.

this road ends at the signposts, and it is here where your real danger starts.  from here to the stone circle, the road is heavily patrolled by greymane wolves, and they are no respecters of personal space.  i literally was dragging wolves behind me all the way to the circle from this point.  group up or have your loyal babysitter with you.  you will know you are getting close when you see the spider isle (remember it, you will be back!) on your left and the garnet caves on your right.

map (i apologize - in this map of the road from the gates to the circle, i have mismarked your destination.  you are NOT heading for the lost shrine, as indicated.  you are heading for the beach area to the east.  on the map, it is marked by the red monsters and the monolith symbols.  i am sorry for this error)

keep running as fast as you can, and soon you will see your destination thru the trees.  try to avoid the wolves as you head for the blighted area.  you will know when you have arrived, as both your chat log and your quest journal will update.

before you can get to the circle, you will have to fight or avoid the weaker risen marauders that take over patrolling the area from the wolves.  the cabal agents you need to defeat are close to the circle itself.

now, this part is a bit tricky, and i would have been in a bit of trouble, if i hadn't looted everything i killed.  let me explain.  as soon as you kill your first cabal agent, your journal updates with what would seem to be the next step - returning to ryson's ghost.  i killed my first agent and just automatically looted it, and got this notice with the goodies.  in a moment of unusual insight, for me, i checked my journal to discover i had another task here at the circle.  if i hadn't noticed the update in my chat log, i would have written the agents into the dead book and headed back to ryson without looting the note.  a fine lesson in looting what you kill!

so, with both the note in hand and the agents dead, it is time to head back to kion and speak with ryson.  the way back is more deadly than the way out, as you will see when next we meet.  hope to see you then!