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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

sslanis militia - quakes and disturbances, part 2

Posted by velveeta Tuesday February 27 2018 at 9:31PM
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time to get to the second part of the first questline of this new dungeon.  a little talking, then some action!  let's get right to it, shall we?

you should already be near vrex, so greet the sslik and listen to its speech to access the quest.  accept the quest that instructs you to seek out sargeant tsorash, backed up by your quest journal.

the good soldier is located in its camp, located on the middle fortified plateau, next to vrex's camp.  simply climb up the small hill to the right (south) of vrex's camp.  on patrol in front of the tent, you will find tsorash.

of course, you must greet the sslik to hear its speech asking for help.  the quest journal will fill you in on the details - you need to hunt down some bloodletter wildings to thin them out.

[many things about this mini dungeon are totally new, so there is little info on them at the wiki.  sargeant tsorash is new, as are the bloodletters.  the bloodletters, however, are based on an already existing creature, the fyakki.  they are decent challenges, whatever their name.  caution is highly recommended.]

the wildlings are literally right on the doorstep.  between the beach gate and the land bridge is a spit of land covered with your prey.  the beach runs north to south, with a gate at the north end leading to the road to parsinia and kion.  as always, before you head to battle, make sure you buff up!

the wildlings are not overly tough, and don't really aggro in groups, so fighting them solo shouldn't be difficult.  keep your count, and try drawing them before switching to melee to make getting your needed 12 written in the ded book just that much easier.

head for the beach gate, which puts you right where you need to be to get back to tsorash.  enter its camp and greet it again to get your reward and the next step in the questline - back to vrex the archealogist.  head back down the hill and prepare for the next questline in our continuing saga - which we will find out about next time!  hope to see you then.


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