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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

part 2 of winter event finale

Posted by velveeta Saturday February 25 2017 at 10:47PM
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when last we left our winter tale, the young gnome zebrie and the tinkering citizens of new rachival had constructed the telescope.  unfortunately, there was still something missing.......

before she could explain further, the city was attacked by all manner of ice critters.  while it was a mighty battle and i fought valiantly, i was written in the ded book as you can see, i wasn't the only one).  this also caused a mighty ctd, which is why there is a gap in the event log detailing the second task.

as a naka, i couldn't even help gather materials for this task of dragon crafting, so i stayed behind in new rach to assist in defense.  we were tested a bit while waiting, but nothing we couldn't swiftly handle.  so swiftly, in fact, that some of us severely thinned the numbers of desert wolves inhabiting the city environs.

eventually, the required materials were gathered, created, and traded.  the telescope was improved and zebrie found the stars.  however, another problem presented!  the gnome forgot papyrus and ink to draw the starchart!  a problem quickly solved, as someone is always carrying papyrus and squid in their pockets.  i mean, don't you?

once the starchart is drawn, the venerable dragon karvanoth decides we must surround ourselves with the enemy to defeat the enemy.  therefore, we all made our various ways to the doubly frozen suburb of mahagra - the mining town of summit.  i recalled to bristugo, then accessed the settlement portal, using the summit destination, of course.  this involved seeing several splash screens, if course - some funny, some informative, but every one totes useful.

of course, some of us could fly and some of us knew quicker ways to get around than others, so a goodly few of us had to wait for the others.  we all got as comfortable as we could while waiting for karvanoth to gather us for the coming events.  soon enough, the dragon called us to order and gave us our 4th task, a dual one.  some of the group went off to hunt ice critters for components and trophies, some to craft the frozen orbs, and some of us stayed behind.  a good thing too, as we were attacked mightly - not surprising, as we were in the heart of eternal winter!

finally, all the requested items were assembled, but there is still something missing.....  the item was quickly handed over, however, and the ancient dragon determined that the final phase of the battle would take place at the portal of ice, deep in the heart of the frozen north.


as the next, and last, post about the winter event finale is very screenie intensive and therefore, likely to be long, we will cover it next time.  i hope you come back to find out how it all ends!  see you then.