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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

part 1 of winter event finale

Posted by velveeta Monday February 20 2017 at 7:19PM
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despite the real world trying its best, i made it to the finale!!  this is gonna take at least 2 posts to cover, prolly more like 3, but i hope i can give you a taste of the fun!

the fun was scheduled to start at 3pm est, so i logged in about 2:30 or so.  good thing, too, because i discovered i was not attuned to new rachival, where the festivities were to start.

there was apparently an auto attune to new rach for those level 20 and under, but i was way out of that league.  it is only a fairly short run, but it is thru some dangerous territory for lower levels.  from bristugo, take the main city portal to tazoon.  once there, head out of the north gate and take the westerly road.  i paused for a minute to throw on some buffs and cast swift feet, because i didn't want to be slowed down by anything i might come across.  stay on the road while you run thru the northern border of the barasavian desert - keep an eye out for wolves - and you will know you are close when you start to see signs of gnomish craftsmanship.  head up the rise and find bixben next to the front gate.

the gnome captain stands ready to attune you to his city.  you need to speak to him to access the attunement quest.  click the link and accept the quest.  bixben doesn't have anything else to say, but you will notice your chat log has updated.

once i attuned, i still had time to join the event chat channel (where all instructions and such would be displayed by the devs roleplaying the event) and have a look around.  it was hard to find my fellow bipeds in the midst of the ocean of dragons, but we were there!  i was overjoyed to see my dear friend lovwyrm was there to greet me!  of course, i had to take a selfie or two!

at the appointed time, the event began.  our guides on the first part of the adventure were karvanoth, an elder ancient dragon; and zebrie, a young female gnome.  the game commenced when zebrie burst into the fray and began to tell the tale of how the dangerous winter laying too long on the land can be broken.

the young gnome proposed building a telescope, a very large one.  to do so, she would need some parts.  therefore, she gave us our first task.  i had some levels in enchanter, so i when to the vault and got my essence crafting tools, stopped off quickly in dalimond to switch from fitter to enchanter and went to brist to head to the isle of wisps.  taking the guild: sakon destination at the guild portal, i headed west once i landed, then i crossed the bridge to the island.

the island of wisps is called that because, well, it's covered in wisps and wisp residue.  dims, pales, and glowing, to be precise.  i set about harvesting residue and began making the required sources.  when i had made about 65, i headed back to new rach to trade them to zebrie.  we were kept updated on what had already been completed, so we didn't work at cross purposes.  eventually, all the need components were assembled, and the telescope quickly followed!


and that is about all i have time to relate for now.  i promise to get back to the fun in a couple days - i promise that some action is on the way!  see you soon