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Author: velveeta

2015 gnomekindle - loremaster burl's quests

Posted by velveeta Sunday February 8 2015 at 10:37PM
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as promised, - and a break for both you and me - before we jump back into the trainers (and frankly, i am still working out some presentation things for the adventure trainers series), let's take a look at this year's gnomekindle event.  gnomekindle is still ongoing, so feel free to explore on your own.  it's a great way to gain xp, rare loot, and explore places you might not ordinarily go.

as usual, gnomekindle takes place on new koraelia, winter season port.  the easiest way to access the port is from genevia (portal in bristugo and some selected racial cities).  the former training island has been repurposed to host the seasonal events in istaria.

to begin (assuming you are starting in bristugo) your holiday adventures, take the main city portal to genevia island.  you will see several portals - take the 'middle' one and choose 'new koraelia, winter season' port.

when you emerge in new kora, turn to the southwest and you will see your first quest giver - loremaster burl.  when you greet him, you see that he has 2 quests on offer.  one is a speech based quest, and we will look at that one first.

'how gnomekindle came to be' is the story of, what else, the history of the event.  greet burl and choose that link.  your quest journal will advise you to listen to the story - and it is a long one!  once you reach the end of the story, the quest is complete.  unlike the next quest, it is not repeatable.

burl's second quest is 'natural ornaments for the gnomekindle tree'.  the reward for this repeatable quest is, aside from the looted stuff, a couple istarian express checks.  more on this in a bit.

speak to burl and take the natural ornaments quest.  as per your quest journal, you need to loot chunks of wood from treants.  since i know the area best, and didn't feel like spending a lot of time on this, i went to heather and hunted oak treants.  keep hunting until you have the required 50 chunks of wood - you will need to loot them from the dead treants.  also loot any ornaments you get - you will see why in a minute!

when your quest journal and chat log tell you that you have the needed wood, head back to burl and finish the quest to get your reward.

now, about the checks and ornaments.  if you continue up the road behind burl and thru the gate, before you get to the town proper, you will pass a frozen pond.  around the pond are 5 'color' cashiers and dolly day.

since she is the first person we usually come to, allow me to introduce dolly day.  dolly accepts your istarian express checks as payment for holiday clothes and stockings (otherwise known as sacks).  you can buy complete sets of matching clothing (just to wear, the items do not give any type o bonus), and different colored and patterned holiday stockings, from small to very large.

the cashiers behind her around the lake sell presents - from small to large - and shoulder treants.  the color of the cashier is the indicator of the color of ornaments they accept as payment.  presents hold useful items, like construction materials or boon trinkets - usually one shot stuff.  next time, we will explore another quest that gives the chance for ornaments, so between the two quests, i got green and orange ornaments.  the green cashier sells green (tier 2) presents and elm shoulder treants, the orange cashier sells orange (tier 3) presents and oak treants.

that covers the loremaster and his quests.  join me next time, when we will meet the mayor!  see you soon.