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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

this is my blog of the mostest awesome mmo currently available! go to for more information!

Author: velveeta

last bentaras quest

Posted by velveeta Tuesday February 25 2014 at 11:56AM
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the last quest mourningwood completed for the dragon's reach trainer was easy enough - and unfortunately for me, hasn't been covered yet on the wiki, so no spoilers to post for you.

after returning to bentaras to complete the previous quest, i spoke to the trainer again and received the dragon's reach VII quest.

once again, off i went to sanc bay, hunting down full grown maple treants (and saplings too, treants love to aggro), until i got the required 20.  return to bentaras for your praise and training reward.

since i was there anyway, i went ahead and grabbed the next quest, altho i didn't finish it.  it, too, is not yet covered in the wiki.

you well know the routine by now - speak to the trainer and accept the quest.  this quest requires the killing of 20 yew treant saplings, which means a journey to mithril's anvil - a dangerous place to visit.  the imperial outpost is nearby, with many high level critters and baddies who will write you in the ded book if you are trying this on your own.  take a hunting bud or two - one that can heal and rez will be needed!!

i will, of course, post the completion of these quests when done.  in fact, i have completed 2 of the previous quests i posted on, and will be showing those to you next, then we will do a few beginner quests on new trismus - just as a little break, ya ken! - then we will start exploring the vast and wonderful world of biped trainers!  that will bring back vel, always a treat!

see you soon!

another quest from bentaras

Posted by velveeta Wednesday February 12 2014 at 6:37PM
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since dragon's reach is a handy ability, mourningwood continued the quests he had neglected by taking the next quest bentaras offered.

return to bentaras and speak to the trainer.  accept the quest and head off to hunt the maple treant saplings.

i hunted them in the sanctuary bay area, as i am most familiar with the area.  most nasties of the natural resource type (treants, gols, wisps, etc.) are now linked, so the old instructions of going to feladan to hunt no longer really apply.  as long as you hunt maple treant saplings only, you will get the required amount, regardless of where you hunt them.  and i like to visit sanc bay, as vel singlehandedly rebuilt the public buildings there.  i like to sit in the gazebo and look out at the water when i am running from the treants.

head back to the trainer and get your reward.  don't forget to hotkey it!!


be back again soon with one last quest completed and one started.  then prepare to meet the biped trainers!!  see ya soon.

meeting our last dragon adventure trainer

Posted by velveeta Friday February 7 2014 at 7:34PM
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and here we are.  one last trainer to meet, and quests to show you.  i hope it has been as fun for you as it has for me!

anyway, off we go to meet bentaras, the dragon's reach trainer.  this ability is separate from your breath weapon, and causes a lot of flame damage from a fair distance.  almost the stereotypical dragon skill!

on the landing pad, turn left instead of right.  head down the road, under the floating crystal island, until you reach the chained crystal near a public lair.  underneath, you will find bentaras.

approach the trainer, and greet as per usual.  accept the quest - in my case, hunting oak treants in heather - and check your quest journal.  

off i go to heather, a settlement rich with resources.  vel loves the place for crafting construction material.  it is accessible from any port pad that goes to the settlements, which is most of them.  find the oak treants in the oak forest across the road down from the port pad, and do what is required.  if you are low to middling level, beware of storm's shadow, the named werewolf boss.  he totes sux.

return to bentaras and receive your reward.  make sure you replace the old hotkey with the updated ability.

tune in next time for another fun quest!!  see ya then!!

meeting the dragon's gift trainer

Posted by velveeta Sunday February 2 2014 at 9:00PM
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here we are, down to our last 2 dragon trainers!  it has been a long, strange trip, hasn't it?

today's trainer is kaliphar, the dragon's gift trainer.  not really one of my biggies, but handy if you are planning on taking the helian route.  fortunately, i need to do my last quest for this ability, unfortunately i haven't completed it yet.  but, hopefully, this will still be an informative, if not entertaining, post!

kaliphar shares the cave with wintheria, and i covered how to get to the cave (ridicuously easy) in the last post, so i will spare you that.  enter the cave and kaliphar will be the first dragon you meet heading up the ramp.

speak to the trainer, and choose the appropriate dragon's gift quest.  as an aside, kaliphar offers several quests, all dragon related and all excellent quests to undergo.  while i was there, i also picked up the 'corruption on the battlefield' quest.  as always, i will post the results when i complete this and all other quests!  

but, back to our current topic.  your quest journal will inform you of the details of the quest, of course - in my case, the hunt for reagents for kaliphar's research.

if you didn't take the quest before heading to the isles of ice and fire, i sincerely hope you attuned to the portal with the previous quest we covered hunting ice beets.  otherwise, you are in for a long and dangerous run.  get to the isle however you need to, and decide which part you want to do first.  i opted for the easier part first - hunting the fire opal gols, high in the mountain passes of the fire isle.  once you have acquired the needed gem shards, your quest journal will update and you will get a chat notification.  i haven't hunted gheniem for the second part of the quest, as this named boss is hard to find and surrounded by critters that are difficult to solo, even at my level.

well, more on this quest as it happens!  next time, we will meet our last trainer and experience the 3 whole quests i did for it, as the last ability is a really good one!  see ya soon!