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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

2013 world attunement tour, part 2

Posted by velveeta Friday February 8 2013 at 9:39PM
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Awesome!  You made it to brist, but you still can’t port directly to chiconis.  You need to make yet another run of attunement, but at least you will get 2 attunements to major cities out of the deal.

First up is dalimond, which is a relatively short run in a generally northeastern direction.  Take the appropriate road and just keep running until you get to the outskirts of the port city.  You will know you are getting close when you start to see plant resources like garlic and corn in the nearby fields.  As a dragon, you have little need to know the locations of such things (although, being able to supply such info to your biped friends will endear you to them no end!), but they do make good road markers.

When you get to the city proper, head towards the shrine light.  Near the shrine, you will see a large angel statue surrounded on three sides by a scaffold.  On the platform, facing the gate, you will find micklin vandus, a councilman of dalimond.  Speak to him about becoming attuned to dalimond.

Now you can continue your easterly run to chiconis, the racial city of dragons of the helian faction.  On the way, you will encounter treants and spiders, among other non friendlies, so take an escort if you need (and you prolly will).  You will see a guard post manned by hetherandess when you are getting close to the city proper. Continue on the road until you get the granitefall mountains trigger.  Your chat screen will update, and checking your quest journal’s completed quests page will show you that you have completed the quest gerix gave you in kion.  Keep heading up the road, passing by dragons and landmarks you will become introduced to later in the course of your questing career.  At the top of the road, on your right, you will see clerash, the town marshal.  To attune to chiconis (and avoid this run constantly!), speak to the dragon and you are all set!

Next time we meet, we will start your introductions to the chiconis dragon trainers.  I know, I know, about time!!