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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

skalkaar island, part 3 - the first and second quests

Posted by velveeta Sunday February 12 2012 at 12:11PM
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when we left off, soknot had just received her first quest to hunt down and kill a grulet.  a grulet is a small version of a gruok - a boar like creature that can be looted as well as used as a resource of meat and hide.

karkath gives you  good info on where to find the grulets, so off you go!  in the forest just south of spitfyre, you can find plenty of the lil piggies to hunt, so choose one and whack away!

once you kill your prey, you will hear the chime of success and a notice in your game chat that you have completed your task and to return to karkath for your reward.  your quest journal is also updated and telling you the same thing.

return to karkath and listen to the next speech.  karthath asks you to loot a grulet tusk and return with the trophy, but first, he gives you your reward - a dented bell - and tells you about adding it to your hoard.

hoard is very important to dragons.  it provides power for the special attacks of draggys, like gold rage (a personal fave!), silver strike, and the various breath weapons.  you also need a certain amount of it to advance to the life stages.  you add things to your hoard (and choose carefully - what you add you cannot get back - many a draggy has accidently added a precious to their hoard.  losing a teched out weapon or piece of armour can really ruin your day......) the same way you scribe forms or make stuff:  go to your inventory, hightlight the object, right click and choose add to hoard, click the appropriate okays.

anyway, back you go and kill some grulets (think i lucked out and got my trophy with the first kill), looting each one until you get your trophy (the brown coin with the T on it in the screenie) by right clicking and selecting either the 'take all' or the 'browse loot' option.

a word about trophies.  every racial city has a trophy hunter, who will commission alts to seek out trophies of the appropriate level.  these can then be sold for coin or turned in for xp.  anti-powerlevelers love the trophy hunts for adding to the normal grind.

back to the quest.  once you have your trophy, return to karkath and let him tell you about where you go from there.

in my next post, i will introduce you to the character menu and training points, as by now, you should have your first 12 points to allocate.  see ya soon!!