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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

this is my blog of the mostest awesome mmo currently available! go to for more information!

Author: velveeta

possibly my fave comic so far!!!

Posted by velveeta Thursday February 24 2011 at 3:45PM
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Ever wonder why some treants are so enraged? I mean they're trees! What do they have to be so mad about.....

The Woods Have Eyes

Notes: And this is why in Istaria we are not required to perform certain bodily functions- it's just too dangerous.

I lurk within the depths of your mind, for I am INSANITY!

crafting elm in 2 places

Posted by velveeta Saturday February 12 2011 at 10:06PM
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ah, crafting elm.  it usta be such a carefree activity, done in the fresh air between nice bits of exercise.  until the gods decided to change things.....

but i get ahead of myself.

after i finished the cedar in the evil place, i was looking forward to some nice leisurely elmwork.  up until then, i had done elm outside of dalimond, past the holloween festival fairgrounds.  sure, it was a bit of a run from the field to the port in dalimond, but really, no worse that almost any other resource.

before the gods redesigned the dalimond area, you could port to the north dali ridge port and just run down the hill.  the gods took out that port and so, in order to get to the elm field, one now needs to port to dali and make the run.

starting at the port pad, you run out the main gate and head in a southish direction, staying on the road up the ravinecontinue on this road, past the wolves (do not stop to play, it isn't worth it no matter your level), until you get to the big stone markers.  the road splits in front of them, and you want to take the right hand fork.

stay on this road (you will know you are on the right one when you pass the abandoned mill) past the entrance to the festival grounds.  you will continue around the hillside and see the woodworking station at the place where the road forks to the left and right.

let me take a moment to mention the festival grounds.  you turn left at the entrance of the fairgrounds and head down the road until you get to the fairground itself.  it was (and is) used for the fall event.  there you will find npcs, vendors, and a whole area filled with (low level) undead and spooky spiders.  back in the day, they dropped special loot that could be exchanged for limited edition masks and costumes (if you recall some of the screenies from the gnomekindle events i posted a couple months ago, you have seen some of these items).  the costumes ran on candy (like gummie maggots and choco covered rats), which you collected in your candy bag from nice npcs.  the events are always an enjoyable time, and we all look forward to the day when they can return with more regularity.....

anyhoo, back to the elm field.  once upon a time, this field was unguarded and almost endless (if more than 2 peeps are harvesting, things can get a little tight).  the complete wws is conveniently located at the edge of the field right on the road.

but - since the last time i needed to harvest elm, the gods designed the dalimond area, adding the holcomb compound (i will talk about that in a later post - it's a new quest line thing) - and some nasties to go with.  my once pleasant harvesting experience has been tainted by ruxus and weaker arbotus!  understand, they pose no threat to me, but having to fight them off while i am trying to harvest is a big pain in my regal tail!

so, once i harvested and made one load of constuction material, i started my journey back to dalimond, heading northerly back the way i came.

at this point, i must say that, as always and once again, i relied on my most excellent community of players to help me find another place to do elm.  they come thru for me, and that is how i discovered about elmnic!

elmnic is a settlement, so it can be reached from a brist portal.  the elm field is large but very widespread, and it is easy for one person to deplete all the prime wood in a very short time.  but the field is unguarded, the wws is complete, and there is a port within 10 paces of the wws.

once you port into elmnic proper, you turn until you see a road that runs thru the middle of a ravine.  stay on that road for just a few paces, and you will see a turning on your left, while the road continues on in front of you.  if you take the turning, you will end up at the wws.  either way, tho, you are already in the elm field and can start harvesting where ever you fancy.  once you are done with the elm, you can port out to brist and on to your next stop!

and that pretty much covers elm construction!

speaking of, finishing elm also allowed the finishing of some buildings on the industrial complex!  the sslik house and the distillery and oven were completed and activated, allowing me a sense of accomplishment!  ;-}


well, thanx for struggling thru this long and screenie filled post!  i promise my next crafting post on oak harvesting will be much shorter!

gnome mileage

Posted by velveeta Thursday February 10 2011 at 4:48PM
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First I like to apologize for missing last week's comic strip. Some officials from New Rachivel paid me an unexpected visit and wanted to discuss some issues about "gnome abuse" and "unusual cruelty acts" inflicted upon the gnomish community....
It wasted a lot of my time....But eventually it was resolved....

When I ate them.

Anywho, I would like to thank Agua who provided the clever one-liner in this week's comic. I only wish it was said more often in conversations. Heh.

Oh and for you dragon folks out there who are currently planning my assassination because I dared to mount one of the lower races on a fellow can call off the hit. It's not what you think. Really! The dragon is actually using the Saris as a back-scratcher/gnome dispenser. OK? *grins*

Gnome Mileage

Notes: The gnome makes for a great pinata at parties too!


I lurk within the depths of your mind, for I am INSANITY!