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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

this is my blog of the mostest awesome mmo currently available! go to for more information!

Author: velveeta

a disturbance of spirit, part 3b

Posted by velveeta Saturday January 26 2019 at 5:56PM
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so, we have been advised to speak to lady kendra, located on the upper porch of her manor house.  it is just a short run thru the new fort area, very easy.

from the door of geleon's room, head west past the port pad and up the road to the secondary fort, across from the shrine.  go thru the fort - under the statue or around it - and go up the steps behind the statue.  approach the manor and turn immediately left at the entrance.  climb the ramp and turn right to go to the balcony.  outside, you will find the good lady looking out over her beloved city.

the exquisite saris is lovely and regal (as befits the queen of fashion), but still approachable, so greet her.  kendra expresses her shock and recommends speaking to the commander of kion's militia, commander devins.


there are 2 right ways to get to devins and at least one wrong way.  guess which one i chose?  find out next time we meet.  see you soon!

disturbance of the spirit part 3a

Posted by velveeta Friday January 18 2019 at 9:23PM
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this subquest will be very screenie intensive, so i will be splitting it up into 3 blog posts.  let's get started, then, shall we?

you should be near ryson's ghost, so do the usual routine of greeting him, listening to the brief speech, accepting the quest, and checking your journal.

ryson wants us to speak to our old friend, geleon.  head east from the shrine area towards the old fort.  go thru the gate and into the library area when the scholar spends his time.  the ghost has come with, and lets the saris know why we are all here.  greet geleon and listen to what he has to say.  your quest journal will advise speaking to ryson before heading to lady kendra's manor, and fortunately for us, he is right behind you.

turn around and greet the spirit.  he agrees with geleon, and also advises seeking lady kendra's counsel. 


so sorry, but i forgot to screenie the quest journal for that last part of the quest, but i am sure, by now, you get the idea.  join me again soon, when the screenies really start to flow as we make our way to the manor house that is home - and workshop - for lady kendra and her high fashion clothing line.  hope to see you then!

storytime on chaos - what to do while

Posted by velveeta Saturday January 12 2019 at 7:14PM
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good readers, there is no meeting place on chaos (as yet, of course) to gather to hear the poetic words of the mighty and ever humble fool, so one is free to do as one will while listening to the story.

recently, a dear friend returned to istaria after a long and unwillingly absence.  she started new alts, and has made her home on chaos.  therefore, on saturday nights, we sometimes go hunting, to level up - because it is very hard to not be almost all powerful, as vel and mourningwood are.

tonight's session was particularly productive - we both gained 2 levels!  after hunting beets for a while, we determined that a greater challenge was needed, and decided to head to the north of the kion lighthouse, past the cedar forest and the copper and tin deposits.  there, we found plenty of spider, eager to assist us in our self imposed task.

here, our heroes are gathered for battle.

area attacking!

dual terrorizing of some spiders

pretty death

debuffing the punk

job well done


so, lest you think it's all doing quests, sometimes i like to just chill and kill.  grinding doesn't have to totes suck!

a disturbance of spirit, part 2b

Posted by velveeta Tuesday January 1 2019 at 5:31PM
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before we continue the current subquest, i would like to inform you that a friend and i did these first 2 subquests on a live (chaos) shard.  we are both 12th level.  and we both died several times before calling in a high level reinforcement.  this part of this questline is not soloable by the comparable levels, and groups will have a nice fight on their hands.  it is a nice challenge for lower mid level alts.

anyway, when last we left vel, she had just reached the trigger area and was facing a twofold battle - the diviner and the monolith marker.  keep a watchful eye on the agents that also patrol the area - the diviner and marker are plenty of fight for this part of the subquest.

i advise doing the diviner first, as it will come to the aid of teh embattled marker.  both of these foes require special attacks to do damage (and at 12th level, neither a hatchie nor a dryad had the needed special attacks), unless you can do massive amounts of damage at one time.  both creatures also have the ability to regen hps, another reason for the need for large amounts of damage at a time and on a constant basis.  as you defeat one or the other, you will receive both quest journal updates and chat log updates.

when you have defeated the foes, you are advised to return to geleon and let him know what you have discovered.  head southeastish along the beach, taking care to avoid the sand beets, thru the first cemetery and up the portal road.  head past the portals and up to the main fort area.  go thru the gate to the library room where geleon spends his time in research.  approach and regreet the saris scholar.  you will have to check your quest journal to learn you need to return to ryson's ghost to complete this part.

from the library, run thru town until you see the spirit at its post next to the shrine.  greet it and get your reward - you will have earned it!


join me again next time, and we will continue to explore this questline.  from the incidentals i have seen so far, it promises to be a fun and exciting questline.  see you soon!