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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

town marshal quest - help for the fallen

Posted by velveeta Friday January 26 2018 at 10:08PM
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(so, as you will notice, this is the quest i started while in the midst of the helian's tomb attunement.  try not to be distracted by the screenies i had to use!  lol)

our next quest for the town marshal of chiconis is a pretty straitforward hunting quest - help for the fallen.  we get the quest in the normal way - approach the mighty dragon, greet him, choose and accept the quest, and check your quest journal for details.

once again, we are off to the observatory outpost.  get to bristugo however you must, make your way to the red portal, choose the proper outpost destination (notice that helian's tomb is not available at this time), and you will pop up on the outpost landing pad.

head westerly from the landing pad, going over the cliff onto the gently descending plateau.  the plateau is the last green space before the hunting grounds, and faces a fort area surrounded by the baddies you have come to decimate.  you can use the outpost as your landmark.  don't forget to buff yourself and/or have your bodyguard buff you before battle!!

there are a number of different critters here, all of which love to attack in tandem, and only some of them will count for the quest.  the b'nari ogres and pygmies, along with the risen troops, count - but corpse flies and fallens do not.

you will encounter the b'nari closest to the outpost plateau, with the corpse flies in the mix to make things fun.  closer to the fort, you will find the risens, particularly the foot soldiers and the healers.  just keep bashing away until you have the required 20 critters needed for the quest.

recall back to chiconis and get your reward from clerash for a job well done.


well, that's the end of the quest and the end of the fun to get to it!!  next quest is much easier in all ways.  join me to find out all about it.  see you soon!!

the quest ablum is here.