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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

town marshal quest - creepy crawler down under, part 3

Posted by velveeta Sunday January 21 2018 at 7:46PM
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finally, after all the trial and tribulation, we have arrived at the actual quest!  remember, you will need a bodyguard or two - ones that can do a lot of damage in one hit preferred - for getting thru the tomb.  let's see why, shall we?

so, hie thyself to bristugo and go to the red portal.  yippee!!  the tomb destination is now available!  choose it, pay the outrageous porting fee, and you will end up on the landing pad downhill from the tomb itself.  take the north road up and around the cliff.  on the plateau, you will see a huge statue of helian surrounded by the restless shades of hatchlings on guard patrol.  run fast to avoid them and stay to the left of the statue to avoid getting caught between the tail and the shades.  just ahead, you will see the entrance to the tomb.  as you get closer, the portal will activate.  pay that ridiculous fee and you will pop up facing the welcoming statue of helian.

the tomb crawlers you are looking for are found in the 2 northeast and east caverns of the tomb.  on the map screenie, the round icons you see are treasure spots - all the other markers are nasties you have to run thru or fight.  also, the tomb is, of course, very dark and hard to see, so you will have to use your map for the run, if you don't have bodyguard/guide helpers.

to start, do a 180 to the north to see the entrance to the tomb.  as you get closer, you will see a group of restless shades running around.  if you can't run fast enough (or get stuck in a wall), you will have to fight them off.  no time to rest, tho, because after the shades are followed shortly by wrathful azulars - i really hope you have help!  the azulars look like floating crystals on chained podiums, and those chains pack a mighty wallop!

even if you run fast and don't get stuck in a crevice, you will end up dragging an azular or 2 into the tomb crawler areas.  they will gang up with the 2 tomb crawlers in the cavern (i started in the eastern cavern), and they will put a mighty hurt on you.  no joke - the 4 of them almost killed me before i even started the real hunt!

however, i managed to prevail over all, and then the reality of the situation hit me - there are only 2 tomb crawlers at any time in each cavern, so you have to wait for them to respawn if you don't want to fight the baddies between the caverns.  you can spend your time exploring - in the eastern cavern, you will find an elm chest.  attack it all you want, but if you don't have the proper key, it is just a piece of furniture to you.

or you can explore the new quest journal buttons.  nothing fancy, really; you can now find out what particular type of quest you are on.  back in the day, you could only do one quest at a time - nowadays, you can take many quests at once.  the new buttons allow you see what quests you are on according to type.  the journal defaults to showing all active quests; the new buttons are:

when you are feeling brave (or bored) enough, you can run to the other cavern and fight the guardians and tomb crawlers - but no matter what you do, you will have a very long wait for opportunities to advance on this quest.  keep bashing tomb crawlers (make sure you loot them after you kill them to speed up the respawn) until you have the needed 20.  and once again - reality hits you.  there is no exit portal here!!  thank the gods you bound to the chiconis shrine so you can recall.  you end up at the chiconis shrine, down the hill from clerash.  run up the road to the dragon, greet him, and collect your reward.
well, that was indeed a quest, don't you think?  two attunements and fierce opponents, technical problems and new toys - what a fun time!  hope you enjoyed reading about all of it.  join me again next time for the next exciting adventure!
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