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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

chiconis town marshal quest - creepy crawly down under, part 2

Posted by velveeta Saturday January 20 2018 at 4:30PM
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okay, many interesting things occurred to bring this quest and the next one to a successful finish.  i will try to be brief.....

so, when last we spoke, i had arranged a meet to get the tokens.  the appointed day came, and i logged in early to get the next advent started (you will notice that in the next blog screenies), as it takes place very near the outpost itself.  off i went to get started.

i'm doing the hunting for the other quest, and everything is fine - until about 15 minutes before the time to meet rada to get the token for the attunement quest.  vel ctds and when i try to get her back in, i keep getting a transport error.  in a tizzy, i log in mourningwood to make the switch.  rada was having a few problems as well, but we finally made the trade and mw when off to the plots at middle cliffside on shepherd's mountain to put them in storage (discovering along the way that my perms on both plots had somehow reset to deny all, so i had to reset those to allow vel to get to the tokens.  but that's a story that doesn't need telling here!).

i posted earlier about what happened the next time i tried to get vel ingame, but i did eventually get in, and i was in chiconis - not near the outpost where i left her.  but that was convenient, becuase right behind clerash is the portal to the settlements.  fortunately (and deliberately), my plots are very close to the landing pad - just turn northeast and you can see my unfinished silos.  follow the road a short distance until it forks off to the left, just past the sand pile and well.  take the fork road between the plots (left is the palace complex, right is the industrial complex) all the way to the back of the plots.  turn right at the sslik house to the saris house, in the middle with the vault at the other side.

access the house inventory by right clicking on the building.  if you have permission to access, the inventory window will open.  find the items you want to move, open your personal inventory, left click and drag the item desired from the house inventory to the personal, release and voila!  you have the token now!

but now, we are still only half done with the attunement!  we must return to the observatory outpost, so head to bristugo, take the red portal - thank the gods we attuned last time - using the outpost destination, and find the dragon battlemaster just inside the gate.  approach and greet ornthondrin, and notice that this time, you have the attunement quest on offer.  click the link, accept the quest, and you will be attuned to helian's tomb (and the token, of course, is now gone from your inventory).


join me tomorrow, when we will finally get to the tomb and its own particular set of fun things to encounter.  even tho we don't have to fight our way to the tomb environs now, the entrance is guarded and the tomb itself is very difficult.  i, personally, believe this is a much harder quest than its actual rating.  you will need a bodyguard, preferably one who knows the tomb.  but more about that tomorrow night! writes:
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