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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

chiconis town marshal quest - creepy crawly down under, part 1

Posted by velveeta Thursday January 4 2018 at 9:24PM
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okay, this first quest is a learning experience for us all.  the two parter is not my original intention, as you will see, but hopefully, all's well that ends well.

on that note, let's get started with what we have, shall we?

now that we have attuned to chiconis, and met clerash, the town marshal, it's time to see what kind of quests the dragon has to offer.  when I approached and greeted him, I got the list of quests, as per normal.  I chose to start with the very first quest on the list - creepy crawly down under.  I accepted the quest and checked my quest journal.

The details are vague, but there is enough to realize that this is a very dragon quest - helian's tomb is major point for dragon quests.  Nevertheless, bipeds can access it with the proper attunement quest, given by battlemaster orthondrin at the observatory outpost.   This is an area I haven't explored much, and I was not attuned to the outpost, much less the tomb itself.  Doing a quick map search showed me that: 1) helian's tomb is located on the other side of dalimond ridge from where we were doing some previous marshal quests; and 2) it's a very good thing we took the time to attune to those pads, cause it will come in real handy now - the closest safe pad to start the run to the outpost is the community of heart.

So, we know that we have to attune to the outpost to get to orthondrin, who in turn will attune us to helian's tomb (not so much, but we don't know that yet).  The chiconis portals do not even have the option to get to any of the destinations we need, so I recalled to bristugo (since you are bound to the chiconis shrine [you are bound to the chiconis shrine, right?], you will have to use the city portal to get there) and chose the red (southeast) portal.  As expected, I couldn't choose either the observatory outpost or the helian's tomb destinations, but heart was available.

When you hit the pad, turn to the south and head down the road.  Just past the camp area, jog right around the tree - avoiding the undead on the road, because gruoks are easier to outrun - and skirt the mountains thru cauldron's egde.  Yes, those are blighted elm trees - they can be harvested, but the resources usually have to be purified to be of use. 

Keep running around the mountains until you go over the plateau and fall down into the valley with the gem workstation.  DO NOT FOLLOW THE ROAD!!  Head west from the gws directly thru goranthis forest.  You will need to check your map to course adjust - when you hit the spider territory, adjust northerly just a bit; when you reach the lapis nodes and the blighted areas, head westerly again.  You will know you are close when you get to the foothills, so stay west and you will soon see the outpost ahead.  Jump on the path and head thru the gate, making for the tower.

Just inside the tower stands sergeant ral ortos.  The good sergeant is the man to see about the attunement to the outpost.  Greet him and choose the attunement, accept it, and voila!  You are now attuned to the outpost!  We shall see that this is a very good thing, but more on that at a later date.

And now comes the fun part of our tale……..

Do a 180 turn and you will see orthondrin thru the tower entrance.  Approach and greet the battlemaster (assuming, as I did, that you will see some sort of helian's tomb attunement quest) to see the quests on offer.  What's this??  No attunement quest of any kind.  The wiki said there should be an attunement!  Maybe I already did it?  I do have a lot of dragon friends, I even have a dragon alt.  Hmmm, since I am here anyway, maybe I should run to the tomb and check for sure……

The way to the tomb is fraught with peril, at least the direct route.  You can try to climb the mountain, but it swiftly becomes impossible to find climbing spots.  The direct route starts by heading north thru the lapis field - dodging the lapis golems as best you can (a babysitter would be very helpful) and stay on the road thru the undead patrols until you can easily climb the plateau leading to the tomb entrance (I will do a more detailed description of the route in the next post).  I fought or dodge many foes to reach the tomb entrance, only to find that I was NOT going to be allowed entry……..defeated, I recalled to bristugo and checked the portal to be sure I at least had the outpost available as a destination.

So, what to do when faced with a problem of such magnitude?  Turn to my fellow istarians, of course!!  I put out the call, my plea was answered, I put out another call, that - in turn - was answered, thanx to the awesome radamanthas.  But that is a tale for next time, and what a tale it is!!

I hope to see you soon for the continuing saga.  The link for the album is here.