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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

attunement to chiconis

Posted by velveeta Monday January 1 2018 at 7:56PM
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I do hope everyone had a happy holiday season and a safe new year's eve.  let's start the new year with a new town, shall we?

time to head to the dragon city of chiconis, home of the helian faction of draconic philosophy, so named for the great dragon scholar, nyestra helian.

Assuming the starting point in dalimond - as that is the last place we were - and heading for the shortcut into chiconis, we begin our run by heading out the march gate on the paved road out of town.  Stay on the road -  thru the wolf territory, so stay sharp and quick - until you reach the fork in the road next to the signposts.  Take the right (south) fork thru the mushrooms and past the tower until you reach the dirt road heading thru the old fall festival grounds.

The road winds thru pumpkin patches until you enter the now abandoned festival grounds.  Take a moment, if you like, to admire the old hunting grounds, long empty of inhabitants.  Whenever you are ready, get back on the dirt road and continue your run.  Just after the festival grounds, you will see the dark forest workstations.  Between the fabric workstation and the building, hang a right and head easterly thru the dark forest. 

Remain on a more or less southeasterly course thru the forest until you come to the foothills.  You are entering elm treant territory - they are slow and easy to outrun, but they pack a punch if you have to tangle with them.  Head to the east towards the pass.  At the top, you will need to start climbing the side of the mountain.  Don't worry, it's an easy climb, just a bit of course correction to find the right way up.  At the top of that, you merely have to follow the passes until you see the road into chiconis.  Turn north on the road and it will take you straight to clerash, the chiconis town marshal.

Approach the mighty dragon and greet him to access the attunement quest.  As you can see, it does not appear for me.  The reason for this is that I attuned to chiconis so long ago that the quest shows as 'unknown' for the completion date.  Rest assured that you will have the option, and that you have only to speak to clerash to get the attunement you need.  Don't forget to bind to the shrine so you can recall when finished with the upcoming quests.

So, now you are attuned to chiconis.  Next time we meet, we will start one of the town marshal quests, but we will not be able to finish it - altho it will give us another important attunement, so it won't be a complete waste of time……..  Join me again soon to get the exciting story!

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