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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

this is my blog of the mostest awesome mmo currently available! go to for more information!

Author: velveeta

town marshal quest - help for the fallen

Posted by velveeta Friday January 26 2018 at 10:08PM
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(so, as you will notice, this is the quest i started while in the midst of the helian's tomb attunement.  try not to be distracted by the screenies i had to use!  lol)

our next quest for the town marshal of chiconis is a pretty straitforward hunting quest - help for the fallen.  we get the quest in the normal way - approach the mighty dragon, greet him, choose and accept the quest, and check your quest journal for details.

once again, we are off to the observatory outpost.  get to bristugo however you must, make your way to the red portal, choose the proper outpost destination (notice that helian's tomb is not available at this time), and you will pop up on the outpost landing pad.

head westerly from the landing pad, going over the cliff onto the gently descending plateau.  the plateau is the last green space before the hunting grounds, and faces a fort area surrounded by the baddies you have come to decimate.  you can use the outpost as your landmark.  don't forget to buff yourself and/or have your bodyguard buff you before battle!!

there are a number of different critters here, all of which love to attack in tandem, and only some of them will count for the quest.  the b'nari ogres and pygmies, along with the risen troops, count - but corpse flies and fallens do not.

you will encounter the b'nari closest to the outpost plateau, with the corpse flies in the mix to make things fun.  closer to the fort, you will find the risens, particularly the foot soldiers and the healers.  just keep bashing away until you have the required 20 critters needed for the quest.

recall back to chiconis and get your reward from clerash for a job well done.


well, that's the end of the quest and the end of the fun to get to it!!  next quest is much easier in all ways.  join me to find out all about it.  see you soon!!

the quest ablum is here.

town marshal quest - creepy crawler down under, part 3

Posted by velveeta Sunday January 21 2018 at 7:46PM
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finally, after all the trial and tribulation, we have arrived at the actual quest!  remember, you will need a bodyguard or two - ones that can do a lot of damage in one hit preferred - for getting thru the tomb.  let's see why, shall we?

so, hie thyself to bristugo and go to the red portal.  yippee!!  the tomb destination is now available!  choose it, pay the outrageous porting fee, and you will end up on the landing pad downhill from the tomb itself.  take the north road up and around the cliff.  on the plateau, you will see a huge statue of helian surrounded by the restless shades of hatchlings on guard patrol.  run fast to avoid them and stay to the left of the statue to avoid getting caught between the tail and the shades.  just ahead, you will see the entrance to the tomb.  as you get closer, the portal will activate.  pay that ridiculous fee and you will pop up facing the welcoming statue of helian.

the tomb crawlers you are looking for are found in the 2 northeast and east caverns of the tomb.  on the map screenie, the round icons you see are treasure spots - all the other markers are nasties you have to run thru or fight.  also, the tomb is, of course, very dark and hard to see, so you will have to use your map for the run, if you don't have bodyguard/guide helpers.

to start, do a 180 to the north to see the entrance to the tomb.  as you get closer, you will see a group of restless shades running around.  if you can't run fast enough (or get stuck in a wall), you will have to fight them off.  no time to rest, tho, because after the shades are followed shortly by wrathful azulars - i really hope you have help!  the azulars look like floating crystals on chained podiums, and those chains pack a mighty wallop!

even if you run fast and don't get stuck in a crevice, you will end up dragging an azular or 2 into the tomb crawler areas.  they will gang up with the 2 tomb crawlers in the cavern (i started in the eastern cavern), and they will put a mighty hurt on you.  no joke - the 4 of them almost killed me before i even started the real hunt!

however, i managed to prevail over all, and then the reality of the situation hit me - there are only 2 tomb crawlers at any time in each cavern, so you have to wait for them to respawn if you don't want to fight the baddies between the caverns.  you can spend your time exploring - in the eastern cavern, you will find an elm chest.  attack it all you want, but if you don't have the proper key, it is just a piece of furniture to you.

or you can explore the new quest journal buttons.  nothing fancy, really; you can now find out what particular type of quest you are on.  back in the day, you could only do one quest at a time - nowadays, you can take many quests at once.  the new buttons allow you see what quests you are on according to type.  the journal defaults to showing all active quests; the new buttons are:

when you are feeling brave (or bored) enough, you can run to the other cavern and fight the guardians and tomb crawlers - but no matter what you do, you will have a very long wait for opportunities to advance on this quest.  keep bashing tomb crawlers (make sure you loot them after you kill them to speed up the respawn) until you have the needed 20.  and once again - reality hits you.  there is no exit portal here!!  thank the gods you bound to the chiconis shrine so you can recall.  you end up at the chiconis shrine, down the hill from clerash.  run up the road to the dragon, greet him, and collect your reward.
well, that was indeed a quest, don't you think?  two attunements and fierce opponents, technical problems and new toys - what a fun time!  hope you enjoyed reading about all of it.  join me again next time for the next exciting adventure!
find the complete album here.

chiconis town marshal quest - creepy crawly down under, part 2

Posted by velveeta Saturday January 20 2018 at 5:30PM
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okay, many interesting things occurred to bring this quest and the next one to a successful finish.  i will try to be brief.....

so, when last we spoke, i had arranged a meet to get the tokens.  the appointed day came, and i logged in early to get the next advent started (you will notice that in the next blog screenies), as it takes place very near the outpost itself.  off i went to get started.

i'm doing the hunting for the other quest, and everything is fine - until about 15 minutes before the time to meet rada to get the token for the attunement quest.  vel ctds and when i try to get her back in, i keep getting a transport error.  in a tizzy, i log in mourningwood to make the switch.  rada was having a few problems as well, but we finally made the trade and mw when off to the plots at middle cliffside on shepherd's mountain to put them in storage (discovering along the way that my perms on both plots had somehow reset to deny all, so i had to reset those to allow vel to get to the tokens.  but that's a story that doesn't need telling here!).

i posted earlier about what happened the next time i tried to get vel ingame, but i did eventually get in, and i was in chiconis - not near the outpost where i left her.  but that was convenient, becuase right behind clerash is the portal to the settlements.  fortunately (and deliberately), my plots are very close to the landing pad - just turn northeast and you can see my unfinished silos.  follow the road a short distance until it forks off to the left, just past the sand pile and well.  take the fork road between the plots (left is the palace complex, right is the industrial complex) all the way to the back of the plots.  turn right at the sslik house to the saris house, in the middle with the vault at the other side.

access the house inventory by right clicking on the building.  if you have permission to access, the inventory window will open.  find the items you want to move, open your personal inventory, left click and drag the item desired from the house inventory to the personal, release and voila!  you have the token now!

but now, we are still only half done with the attunement!  we must return to the observatory outpost, so head to bristugo, take the red portal - thank the gods we attuned last time - using the outpost destination, and find the dragon battlemaster just inside the gate.  approach and greet ornthondrin, and notice that this time, you have the attunement quest on offer.  click the link, accept the quest, and you will be attuned to helian's tomb (and the token, of course, is now gone from your inventory).


join me tomorrow, when we will finally get to the tomb and its own particular set of fun things to encounter.  even tho we don't have to fight our way to the tomb environs now, the entrance is guarded and the tomb itself is very difficult.  i, personally, believe this is a much harder quest than its actual rating.  you will need a bodyguard, preferably one who knows the tomb.  but more about that tomorrow night!


Posted by velveeta Tuesday January 9 2018 at 10:00PM
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it's been a really crappy kinda night, and i wanted to get in game so i could get 2 quests done and the screenies processed before i called it done, but due to this........


clicking the news link leads to an explanation.


still doesn't make mommy happy, but what can one do?  i will process what i have at the moment, and perhaps tomorrow i will be able to get back to the real bizniz at hand......


chiconis town marshal quest - creepy crawly down under, part 1

Posted by velveeta Thursday January 4 2018 at 10:24PM
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okay, this first quest is a learning experience for us all.  the two parter is not my original intention, as you will see, but hopefully, all's well that ends well.

on that note, let's get started with what we have, shall we?

now that we have attuned to chiconis, and met clerash, the town marshal, it's time to see what kind of quests the dragon has to offer.  when I approached and greeted him, I got the list of quests, as per normal.  I chose to start with the very first quest on the list - creepy crawly down under.  I accepted the quest and checked my quest journal.

The details are vague, but there is enough to realize that this is a very dragon quest - helian's tomb is major point for dragon quests.  Nevertheless, bipeds can access it with the proper attunement quest, given by battlemaster orthondrin at the observatory outpost.   This is an area I haven't explored much, and I was not attuned to the outpost, much less the tomb itself.  Doing a quick map search showed me that: 1) helian's tomb is located on the other side of dalimond ridge from where we were doing some previous marshal quests; and 2) it's a very good thing we took the time to attune to those pads, cause it will come in real handy now - the closest safe pad to start the run to the outpost is the community of heart.

So, we know that we have to attune to the outpost to get to orthondrin, who in turn will attune us to helian's tomb (not so much, but we don't know that yet).  The chiconis portals do not even have the option to get to any of the destinations we need, so I recalled to bristugo (since you are bound to the chiconis shrine [you are bound to the chiconis shrine, right?], you will have to use the city portal to get there) and chose the red (southeast) portal.  As expected, I couldn't choose either the observatory outpost or the helian's tomb destinations, but heart was available.

When you hit the pad, turn to the south and head down the road.  Just past the camp area, jog right around the tree - avoiding the undead on the road, because gruoks are easier to outrun - and skirt the mountains thru cauldron's egde.  Yes, those are blighted elm trees - they can be harvested, but the resources usually have to be purified to be of use. 

Keep running around the mountains until you go over the plateau and fall down into the valley with the gem workstation.  DO NOT FOLLOW THE ROAD!!  Head west from the gws directly thru goranthis forest.  You will need to check your map to course adjust - when you hit the spider territory, adjust northerly just a bit; when you reach the lapis nodes and the blighted areas, head westerly again.  You will know you are close when you get to the foothills, so stay west and you will soon see the outpost ahead.  Jump on the path and head thru the gate, making for the tower.

Just inside the tower stands sergeant ral ortos.  The good sergeant is the man to see about the attunement to the outpost.  Greet him and choose the attunement, accept it, and voila!  You are now attuned to the outpost!  We shall see that this is a very good thing, but more on that at a later date.

And now comes the fun part of our tale……..

Do a 180 turn and you will see orthondrin thru the tower entrance.  Approach and greet the battlemaster (assuming, as I did, that you will see some sort of helian's tomb attunement quest) to see the quests on offer.  What's this??  No attunement quest of any kind.  The wiki said there should be an attunement!  Maybe I already did it?  I do have a lot of dragon friends, I even have a dragon alt.  Hmmm, since I am here anyway, maybe I should run to the tomb and check for sure……

The way to the tomb is fraught with peril, at least the direct route.  You can try to climb the mountain, but it swiftly becomes impossible to find climbing spots.  The direct route starts by heading north thru the lapis field - dodging the lapis golems as best you can (a babysitter would be very helpful) and stay on the road thru the undead patrols until you can easily climb the plateau leading to the tomb entrance (I will do a more detailed description of the route in the next post).  I fought or dodge many foes to reach the tomb entrance, only to find that I was NOT going to be allowed entry……..defeated, I recalled to bristugo and checked the portal to be sure I at least had the outpost available as a destination.

So, what to do when faced with a problem of such magnitude?  Turn to my fellow istarians, of course!!  I put out the call, my plea was answered, I put out another call, that - in turn - was answered, thanx to the awesome radamanthas.  But that is a tale for next time, and what a tale it is!!

I hope to see you soon for the continuing saga.  The link for the album is here.


attunement to chiconis

Posted by velveeta Monday January 1 2018 at 8:56PM
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I do hope everyone had a happy holiday season and a safe new year's eve.  let's start the new year with a new town, shall we?

time to head to the dragon city of chiconis, home of the helian faction of draconic philosophy, so named for the great dragon scholar, nyestra helian.

Assuming the starting point in dalimond - as that is the last place we were - and heading for the shortcut into chiconis, we begin our run by heading out the march gate on the paved road out of town.  Stay on the road -  thru the wolf territory, so stay sharp and quick - until you reach the fork in the road next to the signposts.  Take the right (south) fork thru the mushrooms and past the tower until you reach the dirt road heading thru the old fall festival grounds.

The road winds thru pumpkin patches until you enter the now abandoned festival grounds.  Take a moment, if you like, to admire the old hunting grounds, long empty of inhabitants.  Whenever you are ready, get back on the dirt road and continue your run.  Just after the festival grounds, you will see the dark forest workstations.  Between the fabric workstation and the building, hang a right and head easterly thru the dark forest. 

Remain on a more or less southeasterly course thru the forest until you come to the foothills.  You are entering elm treant territory - they are slow and easy to outrun, but they pack a punch if you have to tangle with them.  Head to the east towards the pass.  At the top, you will need to start climbing the side of the mountain.  Don't worry, it's an easy climb, just a bit of course correction to find the right way up.  At the top of that, you merely have to follow the passes until you see the road into chiconis.  Turn north on the road and it will take you straight to clerash, the chiconis town marshal.

Approach the mighty dragon and greet him to access the attunement quest.  As you can see, it does not appear for me.  The reason for this is that I attuned to chiconis so long ago that the quest shows as 'unknown' for the completion date.  Rest assured that you will have the option, and that you have only to speak to clerash to get the attunement you need.  Don't forget to bind to the shrine so you can recall when finished with the upcoming quests.

So, now you are attuned to chiconis.  Next time we meet, we will start one of the town marshal quests, but we will not be able to finish it - altho it will give us another important attunement, so it won't be a complete waste of time……..  Join me again soon to get the exciting story!

The album link is here.