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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

this is my blog of the mostest awesome mmo currently available! go to for more information!

Author: velveeta

2017 hours of frost winter event, 2nd prezzie

Posted by velveeta Wednesday January 25 2017 at 6:54PM
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as i mentioned last time, once lovwyrm was finished showing me around, she had to leave game.  for whatever reason, that totes escapes me at the moment, i thought it would be good idea to hunt down another blue prezzie.  i was positive i could defeat one!!   that misconception is the reason this post will be so short........

so, figuring the safest place for me to hunt would be genevia island, i recalled to bristugo and took the correct portal.  once i landed, i just picked a direction and headed off.  i eventually found a victim and attacked.  i used everything in my bag of trix, breath of fire and the whole shabang - but it did me no good at all.  i was quite firmly written in the ded book with the greatest of ease........

disheartened, i recalled and left game.  i shall return again, i am determined to defeat a foe!  if you care to watch my failure, the almost 13 minute long fiasco can be found here.


we return to the town marshal quests when next we meet.  until then, game on and mind how you go!

2016 hours of frost winter event, lovwyrm's plot

Posted by velveeta Friday January 20 2017 at 8:10PM
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i had considered splitting up this post, as it is very screenie intensive and not really a story post, as such.  even the video to accompany it is over 35 minutes long - i highly recommend fast forwarding thru the boring parts, and at least there is no asinine sounds going with it.  but, i decided to give you a list of screenies instead.

but first, we had to get there.  taking the settlement portal and choosing the granite hills destination, we had to take a long, semi circular route to find climbable spots thru the mountains - across the northern edge of the long walk, around and thru the middling lands, and into the kirasanct tundra (a very very dangerous place for all but the highest levels) to the settlement of frostwatch.

before i get to the new decorations, i want to say that i haven't been able to login to my blight characters to confirm if the new building decorations are in place in buildings that existed before the upgrade patch.  i hope they have, as the buildings on lov's plot were there before that.

anyhoo, here we go with the new decos!

dragon ice statue, left side view

dragon ice statue, right side view

gnome ice statue

lady ice statue

the following are building interiors:

inside 1, inside 2, inside 3, inside 4, inside 5, inside 6, inside 7, inside 8, inside 9, inside 10

inside 11, inside 12, inside 13, inside 14, inside 15, inside 16, inside 17, inside 18, inside 19, inside 20


after the tour, lov had to go, so i headed off to try my luck on another prezzie.  find out how i did next time!

2016 hours of frost winter event, bristugo and new kora

Posted by velveeta Monday January 16 2017 at 4:38PM
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now, where did i leave off?  o, yes, attuned to sable shores.  next stop, bristugo.

so, i didn't say anything earlier, but sometimes when i don't go to the live shards in a while and i forget to clear the cache when i log in, i develop glitches in the landscape.  on the way to the bridge, i came upon one of these 'blank spots'.  lov could see me, in fact was standing right next to me, but i couldn't see her.  only a grey mist and the roots of trees.  in fact, i fell into a hole in the scenery and came to rest way below my shepherd dog pet, which i could see - only just - far, far above me.  i relogged and everything was fine.

until i started on my run to bristugo.  when the glitch happened again, i decided to use my map to get to brist - just keep myself on the road and let lov handle whatever tried to stop me.  as i was busy running and trying to avoid said baddies, i neglected to get screenies; however, if you want to watch the run - and the rest of the bizniz of attunement to brist - you can see it here.  be aware that the total video is 11 minutes long.

thanx to my much loved babysitter, i did make it safely to brist - to be greeted by the sight of someone's lair being naked to view - obviously not something you see everyday!  the grey mist makes it hard to judge the elevation of things, but to get to the house where sergeant bramdin jonis waits to attune you, you need to head down past the fort and head to the left, across from the shrine.  find bramdin in the porch and greet him to access his quest list.  choose the attunement quest, and regreet the sergeant to gain that much used and needed access to the portal hub.  then, before you head back up the road to the portals, make sure you head across the street and bind to the shrine.  unless you need to return to some place for a quest or convenience, i would keep bristugo as your bound shrine.  it's so very convenient for travelling, especially since it is free to travel to from a lot of places, and half price at the rest.

once all that bizniz was finished, lov took me to the winter season of the resort island of new koraelia.  way back in the day, the next stop from the tutorial islands was one of the 'training islands'.  of the 4 of these, only new trismus is still used as the training island.  the other 3 - new vassarak, new brommel, and 2 areas of new koraelia (winter season for gnomekindle events and summer season for the pax istaria events) - were turned into 'resort' islands, to visit and play and have picnic parties.  there are no plots on the islands, but i do believe the workstations are still there, as all the critters and resources are still in place. 

anyhoo, on the new kora winter season, as i have covered before for other gnomekindles, is where you find the seasonal quests (which are available, to a certain extent), but most importantly for us, are the cashiers.  when you manage to defeat a present, one of the possible drops are colored ornaments.  you exchange the correctly colored ornament to the cashier, and you get swag.  to get to new kora, lov took me thru genevia island portal out of bristugo, then thru the portal there for the resort islands.  make sure you choose 'new koraelia - winter season' destination. thankfully, the glitch cleared up and i got a small fright, when lov's pet prezzie appeared behind me and i thought a prezzie had followed us thru the portal and was attacking.  ah, good times.  if you want to watch them, the 8.5 minutes video is here.


that's enough for right now.  next time, we will head to lov's plot and take a look at some of the new decorations for the hours of frost winter event.  hope to see you then!

2017 hours of frost winter event, attunements

Posted by velveeta Monday January 9 2017 at 9:50PM
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there is no gnomekindle in istaria this year, altho the quests are still available along with the cashiers.  instead, we have the 'hours of frost', where the land is covered in snow and presents chase you around the countryside, either to attack or to help.  

the saga begins on chaos shard, with my hatchling soknot daqueen.we have met her before, and left her in kion.  as i don't often play on the live shards, those alts usually do not have access to the cities requiring attunement, like bristugo with its portal hub.  therefore, my first order of bizniz was to make the long run to brist.  i figured i might as well get sslanis on the way.

so, from kion, i took the long run down the east coast road - remember, it is a dangerous place for low levels, and you will want to travel in groups or have a babysitter - until i came to the bridge to the mainland.  across from the signposts is the guard hut where private asenath is stationed.  speak to her to choose the attunement quest, and speak again to gain your permanent access to the bridgeview portal.

you will eventually have to cross the bridge, but before that, you might want to head to sslanis to attune to the sslik city's incoming port (assuming you haven't already, of course).  keep heading south down the coast, and you will come to the east gate of the sslik racial city.  sslik prefer being in the open, so you will find kerrak standing guard just inside.  approach and greet the sslik to click the attunement quest link, then regreet it to get confirmation of your attunement.

at this point, under normal circumstances, you would head back up the east coast road to the bridge.  i, however, chose to hunt for presents.  i found one just off the coast road, so i decided to try and take it.  despite pulling all my best trix - including power attack and breath of fire - i just wasn't powerful enough to prevent the prezzie from writing me in the ded book and then eating me.  i had just about resigned myself to recalling (which i wasn't looking forward to, as i didn't remember where i had bound) when my dear, old friend lovwyrm came to my rescue.  she killed the present without a thought or care, rezzed me, and became my guide and bodyguard.

therefore, it was with a renewed vigor i set out for bristugo.  back to the bridge, across it, and up to the woodworking station.  across from that is the guardpost where private elissa maina is stationed.  as with all attunement quests, speak to elissa to access the attunement quest link, and then regreet for the confirmation of your attunement to the sable shores portal.

here is a short video of the sable shores attunement.


that's enough for right now.  next time, things get interesting on the way to bristugo!  see you soon.