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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

dragon crafting masters

Posted by velveeta Saturday January 31 2015 at 9:23PM
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time for the last crafting trainers, the dragon masters.  for different reasons, neither vel (because she is a biped) nor mourningwood (because he isn't high enough crafter yet) were able to get, fully, the info we are looking for, but i am happy to present you with what i can get.

with the exception of nielenoss, all dragon masters can be found in and around the city of dralk.

let's start with the trainer that neither vel or mw was able to get to - the master crystalshaper aratanosh.  the dragon can only be reached thru the fiery rift portal - which, of course, needs attunement, as well as being an adult dragon with at least a level 80 in adventuring and level 20 in lairshaping.  

that being said, the rift portal is the easy to get to, of course.  it is located near the fork in the northern road out of dralk, between the road leading to the cobalt fields and the road leading to relstaroth's lair.  you can find the portal, but you can't use it, unless you have done the proper quests.

the easiest trainer to get to is queriatia - who you may remember from our exploration of dragon crafting trainers.  if you remember, queriatia is on the floating crystal island above the center of the city, in the first left hand cave chamber - marked at the entrance with a dark green crystal formation - after crossing the bridge.  the trainer isn't interested in speaking to naka, but it is much warmer toward a fellow skylord.  queriatia is happy to take coin from anyone, tho, who might be looking for dragon based forms.  the trainer is a master at dragon scale repair, and sells those forms.

the last master trainer in dralk is, as you might have already guessed, is the lairshaper relstaroth.  it is found in it's lair on the northern coast of dralk.  like most dragons, the master is really not interested in speaking to naka (he is quite rude about it, actually) - and he isn't much more polite to dragons, either.  but relstaroth is happy to sell lairshaping forms to anyone.

the last dragon master is nieleloss, the dragon who is the closest that skylords get to a tinkerer.  creating flying cargo disks is his life work.  his lair is located near new rachival and the settlement of heather.  you can run thru the desert (and the desert wolves) from new rach, but the safer and more direct route is to take the southern road from heather - or just run strait south from the incoming port pad and you will end up right on the door step.  enter the lair and find nielonoss in his lab.  the dragon tinkerer is accustomed to bipeds, and so is not unkind when speaking to them, but he, of course, has much more to say to dragonkind - and even has a quest to tell you about.  trade with nielenoss to get the proper forms.


and so, after all that long bout of meeting and greeting, we come to the end of the crafting trainers.  i hope you have found it as fun and informative to read as i have to write it - i discovered lots of new things in the course of researching!  i look forward to more surprises when i begin introducing the biped adventuring trainers.  first, tho, i will visit this year's gnomekindle event, and after that,  show you a day in the life of a crafter.  hope to see you soon!