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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

biped crafting masters

Posted by velveeta Friday January 23 2015 at 9:43PM
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to finish with the crafting trainers, today we will meet the biped master trainers not covered under a particular skewl.  altho trainers is kind of a misnomer.  they will not, for the most part, enter you into a particular skewl.  they instead provide master forms for important crafting that does not fall into a particular profession.

with that in mind, let's meet the easiest master to reach.  dennison jadefellow resides in dalimond, in his own room within the walled research area, next to the library area.  dennison is responsible for all tiers of blighted resource cleansing.  when the withered aegis claims land, it becomes blighted.  if there are resources on the land, they also become blighted, and must be cleansed before they can be used as item components.

speaking to him, as i said above, is just a little conversation (unless you are on a quest).  mostly, you will be trading with him for the cleansing forms.


for most master crafting forms, you need to take a careful run (if you haven't attuned, as i hadn't) thru some nasty land to the imperial outpost.  if you stick to the road, you will be okay, as long as you don't linger.  port to south gate and take the eastern road.  do not take time to explore, unless you are very high level.  the nasties in the area aren't fooling around and take no prisoners.

seek out frig tallowgar on the first floor of the tower.  luckily for us, he also gives the attunement to the imperial outpost, so i recommend doing that before you trade for forms.


the last master is the most dangerous and difficult to get to.  i, fortunately, long ago did the attunement quests (yes, you read that correctly.  more than one.  and each one is harder than the last.  take a bunch of experienced babysitters with you, just trust me on this.), so i was able to port directly.  there is no safe way to get to delgarath, outside of porting.

once in delgarath, seek out finagle biggletorque.  the gnome is located across the square from the ports, in his own building.  fin also provides key forms, so speaking to him is really more of a conversation thing.  trading with him will get you access to dragon tool claw forms as well as 'broken item repair' forms.  broken items are weapons and jewelry pieces, and they can be repaired with the proper forms.

these forms are:

and there we have all the biped trainers and formula traders.  next time, we will meet the dragon masters and be done with crafting trainers for good.  after that, i have a short series about crafting an item from start to finish, and then we will explore biped adventure trainers.  will have to change blog style for those, as you will see!  hope to see you soon.