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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

introducing the weaponsmith skewl

Posted by velveeta Wednesday January 14 2015 at 9:33PM
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and so, here we are at the last biped crafting skewl.  it is also the one i brought to level 100 first - i really wanted my war hammer!!  altho, there is apparently a new war hammer that vel simply must acquire!  another player posted a pic of it with stats on fb, but i can't find it now.  if  i do, i will post a pic in comments or in a fresh post.

anyhoo, on to the weaponsmith trainers.  the name sez it all, weaponsmiths are the tony starks of istaria.  they work with metal to create the tasty monster buster toys we all so enjoy.  the same tools a metal smith uses work for weaponsmiths as well, and we have already covered those. 

our first weaponsmith trainer is mirabell in the city of dalimond.  you can find her directly north of the incoming port pad, in the blacksmith shop.  speak to her to join the skewl and trade for your beginner forms.

the jm trainer is located in the half giant city of mahagra.  the female half giant, jeysta maaltas, is in her own hut up the hill to the east of the incoming port pad.  speaking to her gets you some advice, as well as entry to the skewl.  she also, of course, trades coin for forms.

our last trainer, the expert darus steelhand in aughundell, can be found in the lower level of the mine, in the alcove almost directly across from the entrance to the area.  he will trade for expert forms as well as give you the same advice as jeysta does.


and there you have the 19 crafting skewls for bipeds!  next time i see you, we will talk about the master trainers that are not covered by a particular skewl (in most cases, at least), including dragon trainers.  i have to log in mourningwood and get him to hit the draggy trainers - as you will see, most of them are not particularly eager or willing to speak to naka.......  draggys is snobby bastitches!