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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

introducing the tinkerer skewl

Posted by velveeta Friday January 9 2015 at 7:57PM
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the fun stuff is coming, just hasn't gotten here yet, so it is one of the last two crafting skewls for us today!  so, let's meet the tinkers!

tinkerers, as the name suggests, specialize in all those nifty little (and not so little) contraptions that make life a little easier.  they are masters at crafting cargo haulage items, such as disks, clothes, and containers - and shine at making useful gadgets.  they, of a need, must learn to harvest and make several basic resources, but the final items are crafted using a tinkering spanner at a tinkering workbench.

being a very specialized skewl, there aren't many tinkerers.  in fact, there isn't really a 'beginner' trainer at all!!   gangaf the gnome, currently making his home in the human city of dalimond, will sell you your beginner forms when you trade with him, but if you speak to him, he can only make you a tinkerer 'under the table'.  you can find gangaf in the building directly north of the incoming port pad.

the first real trainer is versanto in the gnomish city of new rachival.  this grizzled old gnome, found in the right middle tower room (up the ramp), of course sells jm forms, and is quite talkative, when you get him started.

the expert and master tinkerer is, as you would expect, located in aughundell.  but noncas isn't in the main fort area.  tinkerer contraptions tend to explode a lot in the design and testing phases, and that sort of thing upsets dwarves.  so, the master has his own little workshop outside the city walls.  he will bring you into the tinker brotherhood if you ask him, and he sells exp and master forms.

don't let the seeming trivial nature of tinkerers fool you - without them, crafting would be even more tedious and difficult than it already is.  you may notice that vel is in her skivvies in these screenies.  i have a set of cargo clothes for every tier, but didn't want to go fetch the appropriate level gear from the vault.  my current set of tier 4 was too high for my first tier of tinkerer, so they automatically remove themselves to my inventory.  but hey, i like running around nekkid!!

anyhoo, next time we will prolly meet the last set of crafting trainers.  after that (if nothing else presents), we will meet the master trainers who aren't, technically i guess, part of a crafting skewl in particular.  see you again soon, i hope!