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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

this is my blog of the mostest awesome mmo currently available! go to for more information!

Author: velveeta

meeting the trainer for my mostest fave dragon ability

Posted by velveeta Wednesday January 22 2014 at 5:21PM
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dragons in istaria get a lot of kewl abilities for adventuring.  my personal favorite is gold rage.  it gives you extra attacks, which is awesome enough - but at the cost of a small amount of hoard, you do massive damage.  and i do mean MASSIVE.  it is definitely on the 'keep updated' list!

fortunately, the trainer for gold rage is easy to find.  a good thing, because the quests are not easy, as you might expect for an ability of this caliber.  wintheria can be found sharing a cave with another trainer (i will introduce you in a later post), very near the landing port pad.  

head for the cave.  once entering, you will see kaliphar directly in front of you, and  a ramp on your right.  go up the ramp and around, until you are face to face with the gold rage trainer.

greet wintheria, and perform the quest you are given.  as i say, i am a big fan, so i am updated and therefore, no quests for me!  but, the last quest i did involved hunting a named boss, grumblegut the lava oastic.  oastics are no joke.  don't be too proud to have a hunting buddy or three along.

and that is pretty much it for gold rage!  next time, i will introduce wintheria's cave mate and the dragon's gift trainer.  see ya soon!

one last gnomekindle quest for this year

Posted by velveeta Sunday January 12 2014 at 7:06PM
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like the title sez, we are gonna meet one last questgiver for this year's gnomekindle.  his name is yukon cornelius, and you can find him near the town limit, not far from ignatius the antisocial.

greet him, as you would any other questgiver, listen to the opening story, and choose the 'metal decorations' quest.  he will send you out to collect chunks of metal from the metal golems of istaria, so he can make ornaments for gnomekindle trees.

i first tried to hunt nickel gols in aughendell, but quickly found out that they do not count for this quest.  so, remembering that yukon specifically mentions silver and gold gols make the best ornaments, i went after the silver gols in the canyons outside of chiconis.

so, port to selen and head west across the bridge.  stay on the road until you approach the metal working station.  the silver gols are swarming all over the place, including down in the lower canyons.

hunt down the required 50 chunks of metal and don't forget to collect the ornaments as well.  ornaments are like presents and are used in the same way.  you can check your quest journal, as usual, when you have the needed resources.

return to yukon and get your reward of istarian express cheques.  use them wisely!

well, that's it for gnomekindle for this year!!  come back next time, when we return to the last couple dragon trainers and then it's on to new stuff!!  see ya then!

hermey misfit and banner days

Posted by velveeta Sunday January 5 2014 at 10:50PM
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one of the popular collectibles from the festival are the yearly holiday banners.  the quest to get them is relatively easy for those of higher than, say, level 25 - it's mostly talking to peeps, but there is some hunting involved, as we will see.

to start this quest, talk to hermey misfit, located at the far end of the frozen pond.  he will send you to kion, to speak to the town marshal, krianos, as part of the banner days quest.  port to kion, where you will find the marshal right next to the pad.  speak to him and your quest journal will update with instructions to seek out lady kendra.  

to get to the lady, take the road behind krianos up the hill.  you will see lady kendra's mansion at the top.

the lady herself is on the roof of the manor.  to get to her, you take a left on the porch, go up the ramp and down the hall, and turn to your right.  you will see kendra surveying the lovely city of kion.

greet kendra and she will send you to hunt down gruoks.  take the southwest road out of town, go past the flax fields and the fabric workstation, and you will find the gruoks.  hunt down the required 20 and return to kendra, as instructed.

once you tell lady kendra the good news, she will thank you and give you your reward of the holiday banner set.  scribe the forms and you will be able to build the banner on your plot.

no need to return to hermey!  but return to new koraelia, so next time we can meet yukon cornelius and see what he needs for us to do!!  see ya soon.