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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

learning about helian

Posted by velveeta Friday January 4 2013 at 8:03PM
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Well, I am sure you are looking for an explanation of my opening comments in the last post.  For as long as I can remember, you were not allowed to take more than one quest of any kind at a time.  Therefore, I haven’t tried taking more than one at a time, and why I never told you that it was possible.  However, the gods of horizons have seen fit to allow this!  Now, keep in mind that I haven’t  tried this since I did these quests, so I am not really sure if you are now able to take multiple quests or if this is a fluke…..

Keep the above in mind for the next little bit!

At the end of the last post, I told you how things should go.  Let me tell you what really happened.

After discovering kerian’s malfunctioning  trade window, I went back to avariatus to see if the adventurer might have the form, odd as that would be.  Instead of the forms, however, I discovered avariatus doesn’t have forms, but the trainer was more than willing to give me the second quest, learning about the helian faction.

It is exactly the same as the lunus quest, except for the needed scale, as you will see.  Speak to avariatus and you will receive a just slightly different story from the lunus speech.  Your quest journal is also the same!  Head to the new trismus shrine for another 5 minute meditation (if you get both quests at the same time, you can do this and the following steps at the same time, of course), then back to the dragon trainer’s cave.  Avariatus will give you some glad words and your next instructions – just like with the lunus quest.

In order to make the needed focus scale, I tried kerian to find the form.  This time, I was able to open the trade menu.  It is much the same as the connie trade, so no big surprises here.  Open the trade window, click browse items,  scroll until you find your item, click and drag it to the the receiving screen, choose how many copies you want (some peeps buy extra copies to store in guild houses and personal libraries), the giving screen will auto fill in the price, click approve and the trade is done

Next you need to scribe the forms, of course.  You can do multiple forms by ctrl+click.  Highlight both forms, right click and choose scribe, click the scribe button, and check your knowledge tab to make sure the forms are there.  Open the forms to check for resource requirements and go gather them.  When you are ready, head for the scale forge and make the two new scales.

Once the scales are made, return with them to the dragon adventure trainer, and let him imbue the scales with the respective spirits of the lunus and helian energies.  That’s another 5 minute break for you!

Once avariatus has finished the mediation, your journal will advise you to collect the imbued scales.  the dragon trainer has the scales and some parting words for you.

And that is all she wrote for the dragon training quests on the training island!  I have one more quest, a new one, as I have never seen it before – one I should have done first of all!  You have until then to let me know if you want me to continue on new trismus.  If no one speaks up, I shall start the trainer tour!