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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

kion for draggies

Posted by velveeta Sunday January 27 2013 at 12:29PM
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Your first stop, after leaving new trismus, should be the racial town of kion.  In fact, if you are just starting out, you will prolly only get to port to kion – all the others should be unavailable.  That is because these days you have to attune to a lot more places than you did when I started playing.  But we will get back to that later.

So, take the port to kion, the city of the saris and my fave city in the whole of istaria.  You will have need of becoming very familiar with the environs and suburbs of kion as you level, but for now, let’s get to the dragons you will need to know.

First thing, you will want to pay a visit to gerix, the beginner level dragon trainer for the city.  The dragon is very easy to find!  From the port pad, turn until you are facing the large fort.  Run up the road and thru the gateway.  Slightly to your right, you will see the vault building, with the dragon trainer perched on top.

Speak to the trainer and you will get a multitude of quests suitable for making a hatchling into a less noobie hatchling.  I, however, have already done most of them, but gerix was able to offer me one quest I can share with you, and that I would have needed to do eventually anyway.  This is a brand new quest – there isn’t even an entry for it on the wikia page.  So I show it to  you thru screenies!  Gerix would like you to pay a visit to the dragon city of chiconis.  Your quest journal, in one of the rare times, will not be overly helpful.  This is a quest that relies on your map reading ability and most prolly massive amounts of assistance from your elders.  Do not be afraid to ask for it!  In future posts, we will get there with a few important stops on the way.

Before you leave, you might want to become familiar with xarinnis, the dragon crafter/trader in kion.  This trainer has no real quests to give, but sells all the forms a beginner dragon needs for crafting.  Xarinnis is located on the roof of the manor house on the hill, between the two southerly roads out of town.  From the port pad, take the southern road past the shrine, until you come to a fork.  Directly in front of you is the manor house, and you can see xarinnis on the roof as you approach.  Go up onto the porch – to your left is a doorway.  Just inside, you will see a ramp heading up on your right.  At the top, make another right and head out the door.  There you will greet the dragon trader and have the opportunity to purchase any forms you might be interested in.

That’s it for kion!  Next time, we will head to bristugo with a couple stops along the way to get you attuned to other places you might need to get to from other ports.  Come back soon!

a short visit to tazoon

Posted by velveeta Sunday January 20 2013 at 4:00PM
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Now that you are in the big wide world, you are gonna need a little direction, no pun intended.  You may remember that the new trismus trainers advised you to seek out gerix in kion to continue your training.  We will get to kion soon, but first let’s make a stop in tazoon to get an increase on your carrying capacity.

Every 10 levels, a dragon wishing to increase their inventory capability must make a trip to see jynasix, who is located on the lower level of the blue dome building.   Jynasix offers the dimensional pocket quests, which takes the place of sacks and satchels that bipeds use.  You really want to keep up on these quests, and make sure you do them as soon as possible.  Cargo disks are great, but sometimes you can’t or don’t need to use one, and the larger your inventory, the more you can haul.

So, from bristugo, take the main town port (the one closest to you when you come up the road from the recall shrine) and choose tazoon.  You will emerge on the pad very close to where you need to be.  Run thru the right hand archway and head for the far arch on the right hand wall.  Thru that arch, you will end up in a narrow alley with the dome building on your right.  Instead of going up the ramp, go around it, past the market stalls, and head for the open doorway just past them.

Just inside the doorway, on your right, you will find jynasix.  Speak to the dragon to get your quests – unfortunately for our purposes, I have already gotten the max pocket capability, so I can’t show you the quest speeches, but they are all, for the most part, fetching and carrying quests that will send you all over istaria, most probably into areas that are quite challenging for the level you will be at the time.  Do not be afraid to ask for help if you need it!  Doing these quests asap are very important!

And that is how a dragon gets more carrying capability.  Next time, we will talk about kion and the dragon trainers you will need to get to know there.  See ya soon!

i say goodbye, you should say hello!

Posted by velveeta Friday January 11 2013 at 8:24PM
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Well, it is time to bid farewell to new trismus as we should have said hello.  This is a new quest to me, and I didn’t think to check with pratt before undertaking the dragon quests.

This little quest  (it took maybe an half hour for me to do, but then, I am very familiar with new tris – you may recall I call it the evil place, personally, for reasons too many to name here and now) is intended to get (mostly bipeds, as it turns out, but dragons do benefit as well) new characters acquainted with both the locations of important areas and mechanics of the game.  So, I really recommend that once you have your new character in new tris, first thing you should do is take this quest.

Let’s get this started, shall we?   First step is to speak to steward pratt.  He can always be found somewhere in the vicinity of the shrine, walking around and chatting to the area in general (the dialogue shows in your game chat log).  Track him down and listen to what he has to say.  Your quest log advises you to seek out acolyte miry.  You can find her in the building next to the pb/connie tent, sharing the space with a couple other peeps who you will need to know – sergeant gaedin and the assistants of wit and endurance.  The last two are important to know as part of the gifted quest.   Acolyte miry is on the other side of the room.  Your quest journal will update when you speak to the cleric trainer and she advises you to go speak to frelic the weapons merchant.

Frelic can be found 2 doors down from miry’s building.  Talk to the officer and follow his direction to seek out the blacksmith.

Luckily, if you have been doing the dragon quests, you know where to find guran, the blacksmith trainer.  Head to the ore field and the metal workstation and speak to guran.  He needs you to go see elenna, the gatherer trainer.

You have passed elenna on your way to other places, but as a dragon, you haven’t had to meet her formally.  From the mws, head past the cedars and you will come on the wood workstation on your right, heading toward pratt’s pond and the sandstone field.  Instead of going past it, go in and find elenna.  Speak to her, and she will instruct you to seek out rancher elden, after speaking of the trainers you will find on the way – gaeta the metalworking trainer sharing a building with the gemworking trainer reffis, the scholar erelald, and the outfitter johald.  You can stop and visit with them, but keep heading down the road until you reach the ranch.

The rancher is very flattered by the good words of the gatherer, and so will fill you in on some the rougher spots on the island.  After the talk, he advises you to return to the steward and let him know about your progress.  Recall is your friend!!

Pratt will praise you for your advances in exploration and give you a bit of coin (500cp) for your trouble, then send you on your way!

And that ends our tour and our time on new trismus.  Next time, we will start our tour of the various trainers in istaria, beginning with the dragon trainers.  These trainers will be short posts – dragons only have 2 ‘crafting’ schools (a third one is on the way) – crafting in general and lairshaping – and one adventure school, and only 2 cities – chiconis and dralk.  Bipeds have many more schools to cover.

learning about helian

Posted by velveeta Friday January 4 2013 at 7:03PM
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Well, I am sure you are looking for an explanation of my opening comments in the last post.  For as long as I can remember, you were not allowed to take more than one quest of any kind at a time.  Therefore, I haven’t tried taking more than one at a time, and why I never told you that it was possible.  However, the gods of horizons have seen fit to allow this!  Now, keep in mind that I haven’t  tried this since I did these quests, so I am not really sure if you are now able to take multiple quests or if this is a fluke…..

Keep the above in mind for the next little bit!

At the end of the last post, I told you how things should go.  Let me tell you what really happened.

After discovering kerian’s malfunctioning  trade window, I went back to avariatus to see if the adventurer might have the form, odd as that would be.  Instead of the forms, however, I discovered avariatus doesn’t have forms, but the trainer was more than willing to give me the second quest, learning about the helian faction.

It is exactly the same as the lunus quest, except for the needed scale, as you will see.  Speak to avariatus and you will receive a just slightly different story from the lunus speech.  Your quest journal is also the same!  Head to the new trismus shrine for another 5 minute meditation (if you get both quests at the same time, you can do this and the following steps at the same time, of course), then back to the dragon trainer’s cave.  Avariatus will give you some glad words and your next instructions – just like with the lunus quest.

In order to make the needed focus scale, I tried kerian to find the form.  This time, I was able to open the trade menu.  It is much the same as the connie trade, so no big surprises here.  Open the trade window, click browse items,  scroll until you find your item, click and drag it to the the receiving screen, choose how many copies you want (some peeps buy extra copies to store in guild houses and personal libraries), the giving screen will auto fill in the price, click approve and the trade is done

Next you need to scribe the forms, of course.  You can do multiple forms by ctrl+click.  Highlight both forms, right click and choose scribe, click the scribe button, and check your knowledge tab to make sure the forms are there.  Open the forms to check for resource requirements and go gather them.  When you are ready, head for the scale forge and make the two new scales.

Once the scales are made, return with them to the dragon adventure trainer, and let him imbue the scales with the respective spirits of the lunus and helian energies.  That’s another 5 minute break for you!

Once avariatus has finished the mediation, your journal will advise you to collect the imbued scales.  the dragon trainer has the scales and some parting words for you.

And that is all she wrote for the dragon training quests on the training island!  I have one more quest, a new one, as I have never seen it before – one I should have done first of all!  You have until then to let me know if you want me to continue on new trismus.  If no one speaks up, I shall start the trainer tour!