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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

dragons are real!

Posted by velveeta Thursday January 26 2012 at 7:13PM
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for a while, i have been thinking - in order to have a 'representive' on every shard - that i need to make an alt on chaos.  then i concieved of doing a series on the myraid of trainers for all skewls - location, chat, etc. - and since mourningwood is far past the tutorial island, the idea to kill 2 treants with one hammer blow came to me.

therefore, i am proud to introduce soknot daqueen (get it?) - one of chaos' newest inhabitants!  i did the character creation for derexx, but allow me to show the process of dragon creation to get started.

after you login and choose the shard you wish to create your new alt on, you see the default 'human' creation screen.  in the lower right corner, you will see clickable buttons to choose your race.  choose 'dragon' and you zoom down the hall to the dragon creche.  here you will see the basic beginning stats for your dragon, as well as any special racial skills and/or abilities.  go to the lower right again and click the 'next' button.

the creation screen shows a default yellow dragon.  before we list the physical characteristics, it is useful to become familiar with the movement.  you can rotate the avatar left and right, and zoom in then back out.  some body choices, like head and eye shape, need to be seen close up, while decals and chest styles need to be seen from afar to make the desired choices.

there is almost an infinity of choices for the physical characteristics of your hatchling.  it is way beyond my scope to show you everything, obviously, show i will just show you a couple screenies i hope will get the point across.

the list of possibilities are as follows: 10 different head shapes (i hate the fin styles, i think they look like sea monsters, not dragons), 15 body textures (ei, scales), 14 scale colors (green all the way for me, of course!), 2 shades of highlights, 8 highlight colors, 13 styles of chest plates, 13 chest plate colors, 17 decals (body 'markings' like stripes or dots) available in 6 different colors, and 4 eye styles with 11 different colors to choose from.  finally, you can pick the height, muscularity, and portliness of your hatchie.

then, it only remains to choose a name for your new alt.  i initially wanted 'knot daqueen'.  istaria naming allows the same surname, but not the same first name, and 'knot' was already taken.  i discovered this when i click the 'play' button - the game checks for name availability and spits you back to the naming screen if it is not.  fortunately for me, 'soknot' was available!  i clicked the 'play button and porting to skalkaar island, the tutorial island for beginning alts - but that is for the next post!  stay tuned, there's a lot of info about to come your way!