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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

crafting obsidian in char

Posted by velveeta Wednesday January 12 2011 at 6:06PM
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and now, to finish up with our stone construction, we move on to obsidian, the t4 stone.  marble comes next, but i don't need any for the plot.  there are actually several places to harvest and work obsid, but imho, char - a suburb of the lunus city of dralk - is the most awesome place to do it.  it is also a place to do cobalt, which we will explore when i get to the metal construction.  i usually do my cob in the kira tundra (i admit, mostly because i love pounding on isotope as much as the abundance and mws), but there is no access to open silos and the port is a very long run away from the field.  i have heard rumors of open storage in the craft cave directly across from the cob field in dralk, so it will be worth a look when it comes time (i gots a lot of cob to do...).  but i digress.

as dralk is a racial city, there is a direct port to it in brist.  the area around dralk is a dangerous place for anything less than upper middle levels (i would say anywhere from 55 and up).  fortunately for us, the char obsid field road just passes by the limit of the lava oastics, and the road to the field is safe, as is the field itself.

so, once you hit the port in pad, you will be swimming in red and black for however long you are in the dralk area - be prepared!  turn until you are facing the road and the vault cave - that is the road you need to take out of town.

char is southwest of dralk, but the road heads north until you get to a fork in the road just outside of the city proper.  when you get to the fork, you need to take the western road (the left hand road).  stay on this road (do not take the right hand turn at the next fork, unless you are looking for some adventure instead of crafting) until you hit a T intersection, surrounded by iron nodes.  take the south fork (the left again) and stay on this road until you crest the hill under the crossed cliffs.  once you hit the hill and go over, you will see the whole of the obsidian field below, with the craft cave on your right as you look down into the valley.

the field itself is pretty big - i have seen up to 4 peeps whacking away on the nodes and nary an end in sight.  it stretches from the top of the hill all the way down the south road (until you get to the far cliff in the leftish middle of the screenie) and on both sides (east and west) of the road up the cliffs.

once you get a load of obsid, you can then head to the complete craft cave.  this particular craft cave has  all the machines usable by dragons.  fortunately, peds can use most of the machines as well.

once you are ready to head back, you leave the craft cave and hit the road.  i recommend  swift feet for this!  turning left (north) from the craft cave, you basically head back the way you came until you hit the T intersection.  take the right hand turn, and head down the road until you get even with the lava cauldron.  at that point, you want to head for the notch in the cliff.  climb up and over the notch, and you will fall down into dralk right next to the vault cave.  once on the valley floor, you will see the road and the port.  take the port out to brist or anywhere else.

and that is all there is to doing obsidian in char!  it's a nice lil place, once you get used to the color scheme - i advise looking away often, as your eyes (if they are like mine, anyway) will get tired sooner than in other places.

finally, so that one does not get discourged in the midst of all the crafting needed to create a plot, it is important to take pleasure in the little things, like finishing some buildings!  here is a distillery and a cooking oven, as well as a sslik house for storage.

well, my dear readers, that is it for the stone construction!  i will start on the wood stuff next, beginning with crafting cedar timbers and braces in the evil place (new trismus, the training island, for those not in the know)!  see you soon!