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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

this is my blog of the mostest awesome mmo currently available! go to for more information!

Author: velveeta

a disturbance of spirit, part 1

Posted by velveeta Saturday December 1 2018 at 5:07PM
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squee!!  brand new questline, awesome!  and for low levels!! this first part is short and sweet, so let's get started, shall we?


if you aren't already there, hie thee to kion.  the shrine is just up the hill from the port pad, so go there and find the spirit of ryson stormbringer.  greet the spirit as you would anyone else and choose the available quest.  discover that you are linked to the spirit as you accept the quest.  the spirit will give you some info and instructions, and don't forget to check your quest journal.

we are to explore the new graveyard - new to us, as it was just recently put in game.  just follow the road, next to ryson, a few steps north around the mesa.  explore the graveyard (you will get notifications as you explore) until you get the notice of completion via chat and journal.

retrace your steps to return to the spirit, regreet it, and get your reward.  stay tuned - when next we meet, we shall find out more about our connection to the dead hero!

see you soon for more!

storytime on chaos

Posted by velveeta Friday November 23 2018 at 10:54PM
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in istaria, there are 2 game servers (called shards) - order, the roleplaying shard, and chaos, 'normal' play shard - and a test server (my home, blight).  many many moons ago, the roleplayers of order would create chat channels and write stories as they went.

the mighty but so humble fool of istaria, sephiranoth, is an author in real life, and published stories under the short lived and long missed istaria publishing house.  

the gods and the fool decided to recreate those long lost days by having story time on chaos, saturday afternoons.  here is the first session, from last saturday - the prologue and first chapter of the story of the lightning and the thunder, the fool and the fair.  there is hope that these stories will eventually be published for a wider audience, so i will only show this session, altho i hope to be in attendance for all the storytimes.  it is my hope that it will inspire you to attend a session or five for yourself, and hear the whole tale for yourself!

the following screenies are in order.  the actual story begins about halfway thru the second screenie.  i hope you enjoy the event as much as those who attended it did.  btw, on chaos, i am soknot.

part one

part two

part three

part four

part five

part six

part seven

part eight

part nine


the album is here

new istarian vids

Posted by velveeta Saturday November 17 2018 at 4:17PM
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before we continue on, i want to keep you updated on the fine video work of the gods and players.

in this 48+ minute vid, pryzm explains about dragon disks, pets, and scales.

good pryzm also talks about advanced crafting (over 1 hour and 17 minutes for this vid) and the undead invasion of new trismus (about 56 and a half minutes) in these 2 vids.

lastly, we have the very long (over an hour and 45 minutes) - but worth it - demonstration of the creation of a baddie's territory, called 'the land of the exiled'.  


i hope you enjoy them, and that they inspire you to come home to see the sights first hand.  back soon with more fun!

turn to the left, FASHION! part seven - kesh in sslanis

Posted by velveeta Sunday November 11 2018 at 10:40PM
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so, here we are at the final part of both the fashion designer questline and the sslanis wear questline.  it has been a lucrative exploration and we will end on a fun note!  let's find out what happens, shall we?

we found kesh in the fort, so we now need to greet it.  the sslik scholar will translate the formula for you, but needs you to obtain some feathers for quills - from the giant chickens that roam the farmstead northeast of the city.

now, this hunt should be soloable by the appropriate level, but there are both gruoks and chickens to deal with, so a group or a babysitter, as usual, makes things a lot easier.

take your leave, temporarily, and head for the south gate.  take the road out past the shrine and take the first dirt road on the left once out of town.  keep following the road thru the gruoks until you start to see the giant chickens.  the patrol areas of both critters overlap, so you will have to keep an eye on the gruoks while hunting your chicken feathers.  not every kill will get you the needed feathers, so you will be here a while.

the hunting ground stretches from the southern border to the farm up north.  since you will need to kill a lot of chickens, go ahead and start killing.  the boss chicken, el caliente, counts for the quest, and respawns often, as do the regulars - and there are a lot of them, anyway, so you should have no problem with getting the needed feathers, except for patience.  just don't forget to loot!

to get back to sslanis the easy way, head strait thru the forest fields southwesterly.  take the road back to the gate, thru the fort to the doorway across from the fountain, and into kesh's workarea.  approach and greet the sslik again, and get your thanks and reward.

at the end of this questline, you should have the following rewards in your inventory (unless you have disposed of them already): tokens of gratitude; a small moneybelt; animal skins, damaged and undamaged; animal bones; and lots of chicken feet.  as we know, these items can be used to get more coin.


thus ends our exploration of istaria's fashion designers.  i hope it was fun and perhaps inspired you to take up the fashion skewls.  the clothes are pretty sweet and look good on you!  i have started on the new low level questline, so i hope you will join me again soon to give it a go.


the complete questline album can be found here

turn to the left, FASHION! part six - finding formula

Posted by velveeta Wednesday October 31 2018 at 9:12PM
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when last we met, zhessix the singed had created the balm, and tasked us with returning it to vrex.  therefore, we leave sslanis via the west coast road, run thru the undead patrols, enter the now-familiar barricades, and find the sslik in its canyon.  greet it and listen to what it has to say.  check your quest journal for confirmation of your task.

the easiest way to get to the ruins is by starting at the barricades.  and by easiest, i mean easier to run thru the nasties on the way.  you will face metal and stone gols the whole way to the ruins, then hordes of undead in the ruins themselves.  if you don't want to fight, you had better be fast.  i recommend assistance for this part of the quest.

to begin your run, head up the cliff that runs behind vrex's canyon and the north gate of the barricades.  run southeast thru the sandstone field, avoiding or fighting the gols that guard it.  take the road heading east thru the canyon there, avoiding the tons of bronze gols that will be everywhere.  turn into the south canyon and keep running until you see a climbable cliff heading upwards, just past the mining machinery.  from the point you begin to climb the cliff, you will need to check your map often to locate the prime place to drop down the other side.  hopefully, you chose the right spot, and can emerge near the ruins and out of the patrol range of the undead.  the trigger point is near the rocks at the 'front' of the ruins.

once you have the formula, you need to head back to sslanis to get it translated.  run very fast to the south of the ruins, thru the undead (buff with swift feet, if you can), and slide down the cliff.  you will be smack in the middle of the west coast road - so keep running to the south until you reach sslanis.

we have been sent to kesh the scholar, who we have met before during the trainer tour.  to find it, go thru the first archway of the main fort, under the stairs to zhessix's level.  turn right, go thru the next archway, and turn left.  kesh's workshop is next to the market stall, across from the fountain, and the sslik can be found amongst its workbenches, just inside the archway.

next time we get together, we will finish up this questline with a rousing battle with giant poultry.  you won't want to miss it!  hope to see you soon.

we interrupt for important news

Posted by velveeta Wednesday October 24 2018 at 9:26AM
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i will be getting back to the current quest in a day or so, but i have to show you some news first!  according to the new update, there is a new questline!

per the release:

New Storyline Quests

The Spirit of Ryson Stormbringer can be found near the Shrine in Kion and is very concerned about something of great importance.  He wishes to speak to the Gifted!

  • A new storyline quest series is available to all players at level 10 and begins with the Spirit of Ryson Stormbringer in Kion (near the Shrine).
  • Added a new Tier 1 dungeon known as the Inner Sanctum.
  • Lesser Aradoth has received some additional decoration in the form of cliffside tombs (and associated monsters).
  • Beetle and Agh'kuk spawns have been adjusted to account for the additional decoration.
yes, we will be exploring this new content once the current questline concludes!!  excellent news for low level players!

turn to the left, FASHION! part five - to zhessix in sslanis

Posted by velveeta Saturday October 20 2018 at 8:31PM
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(i am sorry for taking so long to post.  my mother died sept 25 and i have been occupied with the aftermath.  altho it was expected and planned for as much as possible, there are many things that have to wait until a person has passed before they can be completed.)

when last we met, vrex at the barricades north of sslanis had tasked us with delivering a bag of herbs to zhessix in sslanis, so that a healing ointment can be made.  head out to the road running thru the barricades and take the south gate out of the area.  since you will be running thru hordes of the undead all along the way, make sure you buff up - swift feet if you don't want to tangle, battle buffs if you want to dance.

you will notice the changes the closer you get to sslanis proper, especially if you have been around long enough to remember what the city environs looked like less than a year ago.  to get to zhessix, cross the bridge and head up the first set of stairs to the upper level of the fort.  at the top, turn left at the hallway between the buildings, and you will find the sslik inside the building at the end of the hallway.

approach the sslik and greet it.  we have interrupted important work!  in order to make up for this, zhessix has tasked you to provide it with 24 kenaf spools and 16 iron bars.  chances are very good that you will have to craft these items yourself, but if you are lucky enough to have friends, they might be persuaded to make them for you.  

or, if you have been playing since god was a boy, you might have a plot (or two) - and on this plot, you may have silos for storage.  and you might have, once long ago, filled these silos with all the basic resources, that you might save some time in occasions such as this.  lucky me, all i have to do is take the sslanis portal (doing a search for 'middle' - the closest incoming portal to my plots is the middle cliffside pad) to cliffside on shepherd's mountain.  my plots are visible from teh port pad, so i just run to the first one, head to the silos at the back of the plot, access the proper silo (i have a master list of location and contents, of course), and transfer the needed spools and bars from teh appropriate silos into my inventory.  then, i simply recalled to bristugo and took the city portal back to sslanis.

go back to the sslik cook and regreet it.  you will get the balm, some quickstep potions, and instructions to take it back to vrex.  make the run back to the barricades - it should be very familiar to us by now - and go to vrex.

find out what happens next soon, i hope you come back for it!

tis the season!

Posted by velveeta Monday October 1 2018 at 9:21PM
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getting close to holiday season, and that means a seasonal event!  this year's will be exciting, based on this news!

a small tidbit - The contest will start today and run till the 30th of November. Your submission can be emailed to: If any modifications need to be made, our contest moderators will mail you back in regards to it.

We'll look at all the suggestions on December 1 and then provide a timeline for when the winning suggestions will be implemented. As was last year, the creators of the winning entries will receive a title. Please remember to include your account name as well as a character name in your submission so we know on which character you’d like to redeem the title.



now is the time to come back home, or make the move to istaria!  hope to see you there soon!

turn to the left, FASHION! part four - dimman in kion

Posted by velveeta Friday September 28 2018 at 8:15PM
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we have one last fashion designer, and that designer will end up netting us 2 town outfits.  it will involve traveling, exploration (for us both, as the areas we will visit have been revamped and are new to me as well), combat, and meeting new peeps - and it will be several posts to get thru it all, so let's get started, shall we?

we need to be in the saris city of kion, so make your way there (via portal, most likely).  once you pop up on the pad, take the west road a few feet to the turnoff to the new secondary fort.  enter and admire the huge new statue, then turn to your left and head for the building directly across the square, where you will find dimman.  approach the male saris and open the trade window.  choose the kion wear form and move it to the 'items receiving' field.  when you are satisfied with the trade, click the approve button and check your inventory for your new form.

now, don't leave!  right click on dimman and greet him.  notice that, rather than the usual blather, dimman has some exciting news!  he also offers a quest to get that long lost form - a complex and involved quest.  click the quest link, accept the quest, and get the details from dimman and your quest journal.

the saris fashion designer has tasked us with getting more info from our old friend vrex the learned, who we can find in the barricades, as we know from the 'bloodletter' series of mini quests.  head for the outgoing portals by running easterly from the fort.  the closest port to the barricades is parsinia, so search for it at the portal, highlight it when it pops up and click the teleport button.

at parsinia, the way to the barricades should be familiar.  buff your speed if you so desire, then take the south road out of the settlement.  cross the bridge and continue thru the signposts until you reach the north gate of the barricades.  once thru the gate, jog over the hill on your left into the tiny canyon where vrex is doing its research.

approach the sslik and greet it.  vrex wants you to deliver some herbs to zhessix in sslanis.


this is a good place to pause, so i hope you will join me again soon to find out what happens next.  see you soon!

heads up, elders and ex pats

Posted by velveeta Saturday September 22 2018 at 1:53PM
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hey, guys, all of us love reklar, so check this out!

watch the more than 2 hour video of the new place to hunt epically!


everyone else, i was too excited to wait to post this.  i promise the new quest will happen next time!