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Guild Wars 2 - Reinvention of MMORPG's

This blog is about Guild Wars 2. Mostly about praising it in various ways. While I am huge fan of the game I do understand it's not for everyone. This blog is da truth. About author: Author keeps avoiding the banhammer

Author: vee41

Guild Wars 2: Is it over already and other random ramblings

Posted by vee41 Monday September 10 2012 at 5:47AM
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There are few things I wanted to quickly ramble about today. First thing is Guild Wars 2 launch which was not the smoothest, second would be the people who've already hit level 80 and have nothing to do.

So, the launch.

Good game with a bad launch is still a good game. Lets take a look at what ArenaNet have done since day 0:

1. ) Fixed just about every issue that came with the launch

2. ) Added some requested features to the game

And to be honest launch wasn't even what I'd consider bad as I did not have many issues myself but reading commentary around the interwebs made it seem like there were many people that had problems. Those issues are now thing of the past though as ArenaNet rapidly fixed their capacity problems and other things. Somewhere along the way they also managed to sneak in couple of sweet features (hooray for crafting from the bank collection!)

The other thing I mentioned was the people hitting level cap. I wrote an entry about endgame a while ago and it summarizes my thoughts about it pretty well.

All out of coins..

Many people seem to be wondering about what they should do or is there anything to do at level 80?

Short answer: Yes, there are plenty of things to do at level 80. What they are you can easily find out with magic of the google, but there is plenty of goals you can set yourself at level 80.

Get a legendary weapon? That oughta take a while. Gather sweet dungeon set? Another while. Play the tradingpost market and buy fancy stuff from gemstore? You might manage to do it quickly, but for me that will be a while. (this short list is in no way complete representation of content that Guild Wars 2 offers at level cap)

I'll also throw this in: You can get max stat level 80 gear easily, I've read people getting full crafted level 80 exotic set with around 120 hours played. If your game ends when stats stop growing that would be the end of the road for you. But you don't want to stop. The game doesn't have endgame content for me and now I am angry! So I'll go post about it in the forums (which is ok, people should know about this stuff). Here is a tip for you:

Go play something else. If you feel there is nothing more to do why play the game?

For some reason MMORPG's are a genre that must be played for years and yeeears and yeeeeeears. I never really got that. Yes I understand the need for virtual worlds and virtual lives but I've approached Guild Wars 2 as a game, not as second life. I've been playing since headstart and I'm only level 39. I'll be playing for months, maybe even years.

I haven't enjoyed any game this much in a long time, or any MMO ever for that matter. But when I start feeling like I am not enjoying playing anymore I'll stop. No need to force yourself to play anymore just because it is an MMO, that is the beauty of B2P model.

The game itself offers those things that you can do at level 80, for example get that legendary weapon. That will take a nice chunk of time for anyone. But if any of those activities is not your thing there is no need to force yourself to play. Hopefully you had a good time, got your moneysworth and might return to check out some content updates later on!

Game over man, game over!

Last night I did Ascalonian Catacombs for the first time, that was awesome fun! Difficult and very different from any dungeon I've done before in other games. We managed to 4 man it and I only died a few times which was a pleasant surprise.

It was very rewarding in everyway except ingame loot way which was quite subpar although plentifull. Can't wait to check out other dungeons, perhaps even some explorable modes if I manage to grow some hair on my balls.

MurlockDance writes: I don't play the game, but I can already add some more to your list that I do at the endgame of other games: - Get more involved in the guild and community. Help out guildies. - Craft if you enjoy it. Try to make a name for yourself as a crafter, even if it is just with your guild. - Explore the rest of the continent. I read that emphasis is on exploration in GW2 and there are puzzles and other hidden things. - Role play if you enjoy that sort of thing. Role play can be huge. It is a shame that role play has become such an unwanted thing with gamers because when it is good it can be a lot of fun! - Hang out in social hubs and socialize, liven up the chat in a good way. Just some ideas. I am doing a mix of those in WoW's endgame outside of role playing. Thu Sep 13 2012 2:57AM Report
vee41 writes: Thanks, those are some really good points! There are quite active roleplaying communities in the game too so it's good environment for that. Thu Sep 13 2012 3:13AM Report
Norden writes: In other words: Make it YOUR game instead of asking for a differently colored treadmill Fri Sep 14 2012 1:55AM Report
chakalaka writes: PVP!! it'll last forever and people will continue to be aawesomely creative because Anet lets it happen! Fri Sep 14 2012 11:16PM Report
Eir_S writes: Bumpage.  Great article and some very good points made throughout. Sat Sep 15 2012 4:19AM Report
VoXPCS writes:

tempted to play this, but it's visually a shit sandwich. Terrible graphics for a game in 2012. 

I'm not sure if ANet is aware of this little thing called DirectX 11. 

Man, The Secret World is breath taking, sadly Norway doesn't really know what MMO stands for.

Sun Sep 16 2012 2:13AM Report
VoXPCS writes:

Oh, and I just wish an MMO company would release the most amazing game every and cater to the employed, the rich, the wealthy. 

If you don't have  a computer clocked 4.5Ghz or higher, 16GB of RAM , SLI or Tri-SLI  then don't bother buying this game..type of game.

I'm afraid GW2 has the "Apple Inc." effect. It pulls the wool over people's eyes, and makes them think they have something when they dont, and then they become de-sensitized to quality and settle for something really, really, bad. 

Look at the iPhone, it's a downgrade from the 4S, but it will see because people have lowered their standards.. :(

Sun Sep 16 2012 2:15AM Report
kaludytk writes:

tempted to play this, but it's visually a shit sandwich. Terrible graphics for a game in 2012. 

I'm not sure if ANet is aware of this little thing called DirectX 11. 

Man, The Secret World is breath taking, sadly Norway doesn't really know what MMO stands for.


This has to be a joke lol... i'm not a GW2 fanboy by any means but the game really is gorgeous. better than TSW, imo.

Mon Sep 17 2012 7:45AM Report
banshe13 writes:

tempted to play this, but it's visually a shit sandwich. Terrible graphics for a game in 2012. 

I'm not sure if ANet is aware of this little thing called DirectX 11.

You have that right I was saying that since the 1st video of gameplay showed up.    I can hardly tell gw1 and gw2 a part yet people think is looks so nice but it dose not at all.


But thats not why I dont have the game I don't like the crap wvwvw  it is stupid zerg vs zerg bigger zerg wins.  It was supposed to be like DAoC but it not in any way.


In DAoC rvr we had a large map where each realm  had 200 give or take a few. The keeps ment something for it opened darkfall for the best lvling and farming. We had realm pride and each realm had diffrent class.


GW2 is just bad in my book outside the PVE I did like there pve in the beta just not there crap story lines.

Mon Sep 17 2012 8:07AM Report writes:
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