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Vampire Trix

Just chatting about everything I come up with :)

Author: vampiretrix

TCOS died...

Posted by vampiretrix Tuesday July 21 2009 at 9:09PM
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After a few months - not very long, but it seems to be a very long time in the MMORPG world, the thing I feared for, has come true.

I enjoy playing a good MMORPG, but I don't really play a lot of them: it's hard to get in the rich lore of a game and it just works for 1 or 2 games, but more games means I'll mix up the lore and confuse the quests.

A game where I had been looking forward to, was a dutch one. It had been in development for years, and I wanted to play it from as soon as I first saw the trailer... The Howling.

So I waited, and everytime they'd postponed the release, I waited more (but yeah... did I still want to wait?).

The game, TCOS, or The Chronicles of Spellborn, was the most creative MMO I've played in years. I mostly play GuildWars, and that game is good in ways of lore, graphics, storyline, gameplay,... TCOS had a hard concurrent to battle with. I didn't play TCOS as much because of GW, but I still played it.

I still know when my ex asked me to get her an account... We were both Within Temptation fans, and we both wanted to play the game for years. And I got the hang of the game quite quickly, possibly because I've played a lot of games and I know how to do things in most MMO's. Spellborn was different from the beginning, and I like that :)

The combat was fun and diverse, and monsters were cool. The game even had a silly feeling of humour (I liked that... Hoppys FTW!). And you could even in-game see that it was dutch! Magical mushrooms, anyone?

Though the game was good, it lacked a certain thing.. Called players. In all the months since the launch, I never teamed up with anyone (though I was in a guild). And if you'd searched teammembers, you were in for a long search. Which I always failed in. Too bad they didn't have henchmen like in GW, or maybe hero's. Or maybe just an in-game window which makes it easier to find friends (Party Search in GW, for example). But that was not the only thing.

A few weeks ago, I restarted playing TCOS. Everything had changed. I completly lost my way XD...
The docks were totally new, and I died several times because I got lost (I knew the old map better - and well... it suddenly changed :).
The game just kept evolving, but it already was too late. You could feel TCoS dying. You almost never saw any player online - even when the servers were merged! (There were 6 servers in total at launch, in the end only 2 - in order to get all players on the same server to get some people at the same place.)

The six servers were actually 3 PvP servers and 3 PvE servers. 1 of every kind was either English, French or German.


I know the feeling now when an MMORPG you like stops, but this one actually doesn't stop.

But hell, a game run by Acclaim? F2P? Microtransactions?

No thank you.


This is the 2nd game I've seen dying, the previous one being Tabula Rasa, but this is what I call just bad :(


I liked this game.. but another game will take it's place.