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AoC: Yet Another Pointless PVP Server?

Posted by vajuras Tuesday May 20 2008 at 12:17PM
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Godager: We have been playing with various versions of PvP penalties because we know, from a hardcore point of view, what they want to do is not to kill, but to punish their opponent.

First off when killing an opponent in PVP the punishment is really just a side benefit. The goal is to merely keep gankers out of space (EVE Online - Sovereignty PVP) and discourage them from coming back. The punishment is enforcement- not griefing. They came to our house and got dealt with. If you dont give players the power to protect their own lands, then there is no player enforced order.

Think about real life if you will. A burglar breaks into your house in the middle of the night. If there is no law enforcement, this thief can keep coming back. That is pointless and pure choas.... Why do you Devs think PVP Servers are way less numerous then PVE Servers? Because even us hardcore pvpers wonder why should we create an avatar on the server without any reward for the danger. In EVE Online, when you go to 0.0 (FFA space) there is huge benefits over safe space (high sec). There is a fortune in minerals in every belt. Rare ores everywhere. The rats (NPCs) have HUGE bounties. And so forth..... Reward me for my risks. Risk / Reward hello this is so basic.....

Age of Conan might be on the right track with their Siege/Border Kingdoms PVP (at least in theory) but I wonder what is the point of their PVP centric servers (world PVP outside of BK). It appears there will be no rewards at all for world pvp. Instead, they will be shoving pvpers into instances to play Capture The Flag. What the FRAK!!! Never mind us pvpers have been doing CTF since Quake/Unreal.Yeah, its brand new stuff for the RPGers that never played anything else but come on even those guys have seen this in World Of Warcraft... Funny, hard to imagine King Conan playing CTF for fun but whatever....

I dont get it why give us a huge PVP server but dont even put victory conditions anywhere in it? What is the point??????

Not to mention I hear this game is heavily sharded they say. If that's true thats another ding against world pvp.

So, I can understand you guys dont want to risk losing a single customer but seriously what is the point of yet another PVP Server where players will just keep respawning all night long and fighting pointlessly over nothing. Mind you, I am not talking bout Border Kingdoms. That actually looks decent according to the interviews. But what I am talking bout what is the allure of playing on the PVP Server? You can enjoy Border Kingdoms on Normal Servers right did I miss something

Well at least they did provide an FFA PVP Server. But alas, it is not a PVP centric server. I cant earn rewards from world pvp. I will simply level like 5x slower then PVE-Normal Servers. Well, waiting to see what the pvpers think of the Siege PVP and Player Run Cities. That sounds like good elements too me so let's see how that works out. And hopefully the Border Kingdoms PVP will be rocking hard yo.

And what's up with the AoC forums now its' not visible to the public anymore?

Anyway I planned on sticking with EVE Online for the time being in any case but would have been nice to have a fun little distraction on the side. Guess I'll wait for the game to mature more and add on more PVP elements

elvenangel writes:

ffa pvp just seems lawless to say its good for protecting your home but how is camping people at rezz spots or zone entrances protecting anything?   I'm sure more RP minded folks would be willing to an extent to play fair but be honest with yourself vajuras even with rewards FFA PvP servers are nothing but lawless nightmares.   People who love to do nothing but 'gank' do so and dos so freely if you fight back it does make it more fun for some of them but othesr will simply slink off to another unoccupied area where someone is bound to wander into their path.   In AoC with their multiversion zones people can just run off and teleport to Version 2 of Zone A.

Players have never been able to properly police themselves in any other game besides EvE due to the fact theirs no multizoning & only one server.   In games where people can simply move to another server, easily change characters often, and / or pass to version b of zone A true open world pvp is chaotic and lawless at best unless the game was designed purely around pvp and AoC is simply not.

Tue May 20 2008 12:37PM Report
vajuras writes:

I am only talking bout eVE Online the only real 3d pvp MMO I know of. I make no attempt to defend FFA PVP in other games. I will defend EVE Online because the FFA PVP is well done and it appears it will be untouched for many, many years... I am both happy and depressed bout that

I agree with your post bout those PVE centric games that toss in FFA PVP. I think those games suck for pvp in any case

Tue May 20 2008 12:48PM Report
ioryadragon writes:

mate i feel ya, but what u dont understand that this guys dont want to take risks like CCP did, they just one want one big share of the market. Do you think that one big share of the market will be able to do EVE Online PVP? loosing equip? haha no way, they will cry and unsubscribe instantly, also they game is not designed that way from the start, is just another Lineage 2, WOW, Lotr, EQ, with some nice or not features. If you want better pvp wait for WAR, where RVR means something, where your actions can change the realm and the territories. I usualy dont post on mmorpg,com because is a masses site, so the things u talk there will be agreed about 20-30% people. Look at WOW, imagine they will introduce a EVE pvp system, 70% of player will quit in one week. It all about benjamins baby...not art, not passion for game design, it about taking orders from investitors..

Tue May 20 2008 2:34PM Report
Lobotomist writes:

I completely agree

I will roll pve too , because i hate pointless pvp

Tue May 20 2008 4:55PM Report
mangox writes:

me too, i wil roll pve.

ITS go l ds ale.c o  m

A O C   

G O   L D

Tue May 20 2008 9:00PM Report
rsreston writes:

Good to know I'm not the only one. The danger/reward principle seems to be rejected by most of the MMOGs available. They replace it with mindless spawn-kill cycles that can't make me stay for more than 20 minutes. BTW, I'm gonna get my trial for DAoC before they shut it down to have an idea of the danger/reward principle well implemented (even if it was in a past filled with players...).

Tue May 20 2008 9:10PM Report
Trowar writes:

Fury, the European PvP server will be absolutly flooded with people. A big reason is that  Wildsoul, the other pvp server seems to be the chosen server for Russians.

In Fury is the chosen realm as well and most players there will go for pvp. Talking with those in my WoW realm, Turalyon, that will leave for AoC they are not even considering to play on PvE realm again. I certainly think Funcom has done a miscalculation with releasing only 2 European pvp realms.

Wed May 21 2008 7:27AM Report writes:
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