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Just my space to rant, rave, and blast my opinion on any game I want. I play a lot, so I tend to write a lot about games, too. This will be my gamer blog for MMOs.

Author: vaakoh

WildStar Medic Guide - Complete Guide to the Medic Class

Posted by vaakoh Tuesday August 5 2014 at 7:14AM
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The Medic class in WildStar uses a variety of resonators, auras, and probes to either deal damage to enemies or heal themselves and their allies. As the name suggests, the Medic class works best as a Healer but is also capable of dishing out DPS or even performing crowd control, too.


WildStar Medic Class


The Medic is a great class that is capable of playing multiple roles including DPS, Healing, and Crowd Control. If you decide to take the DPS route the Medic will use Technology as their primary stat. For more of a Healer role your primary stat will be Insight. Both will be using Moxie and Brutality for secondary stats. Keep in mind that as far as DPS goes this class focuses on tech-based damage.


Find out the FASTEST way to reach the level cap with your Medic by checking out this detailed WildStar leveling guide - it covers leveling for all classes in both the Dominion and Exile factions.


Available Races


As with nearly all other classes in the game, the selection of races for the Medic class in WildStar is slightly limited. But, don’t worry, only 2 races are excluded from your choices with this one.


Here are the races you can play as a Medic:









As the list above shows, the only races that are unplayable with this class are the Aurin and the Draken. Other than that, races are wide open.


Medic Skills


As a Medic you’ll have access to a variety of skills. Your Assault-based abilities deal tech damage, with Support you’ll be able to cast several heals both for yourself and your party members, and via the Utility skills you’ll be capable of crowd control, cast debuffs, and more. Below we’ve outlined the Medic’s abilities in more detail.


Innate Abilities


The Medic class has just one innate ability – Energize. This ability allows you to replenish the charges of the Actuator plus it either provides a buff to Assault Power and Support Power or it can also provide a temporary increase to Shield Mitigation.


Assault Abilities


WildStar Medic Assault Abilities


As the name implies, the Assault skills give you the ability to perform a variety of attacks that deal damage to enemies. Most of the Medic’s attacks are ranged and are capable of hitting multiple targets.


Here are the abilities:


Discharge (Level 1)

Gamma Rays (Level 2)

Nullifier (Level 4)

Fissure (Level 6)

Devastator Probes (Level 11)

Quantum Cascade (Level 13)

Collider (Level 15)

Annihilation (Level 20. Also requires associated AMP.)

Atomize (Level 21)

Dematerialize (Level 27)


All of these abilities are useful for DPS builds.


Support Abilities


WildStar Medic Support Abilities


The Medic has many healing-based Support skills that make it an ideal candidate for playing the role of a Healer. Most of the skills restore health for the player or other nearby allies.

Here are the Medic’s Support abilities:


Emission (Level 6)

Crisis Wave (Level 9)

Dual Shock (Level 9)

Mending Probes (Level 11)

Triage (Level 13)

Flash (Level 15)

Barrier (Level 18)

Rejuvenator (Level 20. Also requires related AMP.)

Shield Surge (Level 24)

Extricate (Level 31)


As mentioned above, these skills will be best used for a Healer build using the Medic class.


Utility Abilities


WildStar Medic Utility Abilities


The Utility skills of the Medic mainly consist of a variety of crowd control abilities such as stuns and snares plus some buffs and debuffs for yourself and your party members. It’s great for hindering your enemies and increasing the survivability and power of you and your allies.

Here are the utility skills:


Paralytic Surge (Level 3)

Urgency (Level 6)

Restrictor (Level 9)

Antidote (Level 15)

Recharge (Level 18. Also requires related AMP.)

Protection Probes (Level 20)

Empowering Probes (Level 21)

Magnetic Lockdown (Level 24)

Calm (Level 27)

Field Probes (Level 31)


Only about 2 of these skills actually deals tech damage so these are mainly meant to provide support and CC rather than DPS.


Available AMPs


AMPs are essentially extra abilities that you can acquire from random loot drops, quest rewards, and other ways. Each class has its own unique set that they can get. Some are found in certain locations while others are acquired by purchasing them from vendors. Below we’ve provided a list of the non-standard AMPs that are available for Medics.


Acerbic Injection

Amorphous Barrier

Antigen Isolation

Armor Coating


Chemical Burn

Concentrated Effort

Core Damage

Danger Zone

Debilitative Armor

Defense Mechanism


Emergency Extraction

Empowering Aura

Energy Pulse


Health Probes


In Flux


Null Zone

Power Cadence

Power Converter

Protective Surge

Quick Dodge




Renewable Probes

Running on Empty

Scalpel! Forceps!

Shield Protocol

Shield Reboot

Solid State

Stay with Me



Victory Spark

Weakness into Strength


We’ll be adding a complete guide to the locations of AMPs for each class in the future. Once it’s available we’ll link to it on this page.


Medic Leveling Guide


As mentioned above, the Medic is primarily designed to be played as a Healer. But, because we are wanting to level up the Medic (primarily in solo PvE questing) we’re going to be focusing heavily on DPS instead. In other words, the majority of points that you get should be put toward increasing your overall Assault Power and Critical Chances.


WildStar Medic

Gear wise you’l typically want to equip pieces that have decent stats for Tech, Moxie, and Grit. Tech and Moxie generally work toward increasing your damage output while Grit provides you with a boost in healing capabilities. A good mix of these will allow you to deal considerable damage and still cast decent heals, too.

For a detailed fast leveling guide for all WildStar classes be sure to CHECK THIS OUT.


Medic Builds


In the next few weeks we’ll be starting to create a database of builds for each of the classes in WildStar. This will include Medic leveling builds, PvE builds, and PvP builds. Once these are available we will link to them from this page.