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Just my space to rant, rave, and blast my opinion on any game I want. I play a lot, so I tend to write a lot about games, too. This will be my gamer blog for MMOs.

Author: vaakoh

WildStar Engineer Guide - Complete Guide to the Engineer Class

Posted by vaakoh Monday August 4 2014 at 10:11AM
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The Engineer class in WildStar is a rather interesting one. Engineers make use of heavy armor, launchers for weaponry, and bots. The class can be played quite well in either a ranged DPS or Tanking role, depending on how you spec your character.

About the Engineer

Using launchers the Engineer is capable of dealing major damage via AoE (area of effect) and multi-target attacks. Most attacks are ranged which allow you to send your bots to the front lines while you hang back and tag enemies from a safe distance (if you choose).


WildStar Engineer Class

The bots that the Engineer has access to are capable of taking on a variety of tasks including operating as a tank, dishing out even more DPS on your enemies, using crowd control abilities, or even provide healing for yourself and your allies. Bots work much like pets that Ranger-style classes have access to in other MMOs. The bots have varying abilities and the Engineer has the power to control them all.

One of the more interesting things that the Engineer has is the exosuit. This is an advanced, extremely sturdy armor suit that you can equip to operate as an insanely powerful tank, capable of absorbing even the most devastating blows from your enemies. It also has some other unique capabilities that improve your character.

Wanna hit the level cap with the Engineer as quickly as possible? Try out this WildStar leveling guide for a step-by-step, fast leveling strategy.


Available Races

As we’ve mentioned in previous articles, not all of the races in WildStar are capable of playing as any class. In fact, most are very limited. If you opt to play the Engineer class these are the races you’ll be able to choose from:







Basically, you have 3 race choices with the Dominion and another 3 selections for the Exiles. The only race that is incapable of playing as an Engineer are the Draken.


Engineer Skills


As with all other classes in WildStar, the Engineer has access to a couple of innate abilities, plus a set of unique skills in the Assault, Support, and Utility trees. Below we’ve outlined these skills in more detail.


Innate Abilities

Engineers have 2 different innate abilities that they can use. These are:


ExoSuit Mode (Eradicate) – Temporarily provides an increase to overall DPS abilities while simultaneously providing buffs to Assault Power and Volatility regen. These buffs last for a total of 10 seconds. The ability itself has a 60 second cooldown time.


ExoSuit Mode (Provoke) – This ability greatly increases the defensive capabilities of the Engineer shielding it in a powerful suit of armor that blocks tons of damage and also boosts Volatility regen. The ability lasts for 10 seconds and has a 1 minute cooldown.


Assault Abilities

The assault skill line provides the Engineer with various ranged DPS abilities. It also houses the attack-based Artillery Bot, a summoned robot that deals physical damage to single targets.


WildStar Engineer Assault Abilities

Here are all of the assault abilities:

Pulse Blast (Unlocked at Level 1)

Electrocute (Unlocked at Level 2)

Quick Burst (Unlocked at Level 6)

Artillery Bot (Unlocked at Level 6)

Energy Auger (Unlocked at Level 11)

Bio Shell (Unlocked at Level 13)

Mortar Strike (Unlocked at Level 13)

Unstable Anomaly (Unlocked at Level 15)

Target Acquisition (Unlocked at Level 20 Once the Related AMP is Found)

Bolt Caster (Unlocked at Level 24)


Assigning points to the assault line will develop your character to play a DPS role.


Support Abilities


The Engineer is capable of using several support-based skills that provide healing, deals physical or tech damage and increases the player threat of your character and your allies’.


WildStar Engineer Support Abilities


Here are the support skills available for the Engineer class:

Bruiser Bot (Unlocked at Level 4)

Hyper Wave (Unlocked at Level 9)

Flak Cannon (Unlocked at Level 9)

Unsteady Miasma (Unlocked at Level 11)

Feedback (Unlocked at Level 15)

Ricochet (Unlocked at Level 18)

Disruptive Module (Unlocked at Level 18. Also requires related AMP.)

Shock Pulse (Unlocked at Level 21)

Particle Ejector (Unlocked at Level 24)

Thresher (Unlocked at Level 31)


Using these skills the Engineer can play a hybrid DPS / support role.


Utility Abilities

The utility ability line is loaded with a variety of crowd control and self-buffing skills. There are a few, involving bots, that also deal damage but the majority of these skills involve using stuns, taunts, and buffs.


WildStar Engineer Utility Abilities


Here are the utility skills that the Engineer can use:

Zap (Level 3)

Urgent Withdrawal (Level 6)

Recursive Matrix (Level 9)

Diminisher Bot (Level 15)

Shatter Impairment (Level 18)

Repair Bot (Level 20. Also requires associated AMP.)

Volatile Injection (Level 21)

Code Red (Level 27)

Personal Defense Unit (Level 27)

Obstruct Vision (Level 31)


Using these skills the Engineer is capable of performing great crowd control, making it easier for you or your allies to debuff enemies and kill them off.


Available AMPs

As with every other class in the game, the Engineer is also capable of equipping AMPs. These provide additional stat boosts. Tier 1 AMPs, and a few tier 3s, are unlocked by default once you reach a certain level. The rest you must either find or purchase. Below we’ve listed the non-default AMPs for the class.

Blast Back

Booster Armor

Bust and Move

Can’t Touch This

Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’

Defense Protocol

Deft Restoration

Dirty Tricks

Disciplined Soldier


Exploit Weakness

Explosive Ammo

Extra Hurtin’

Forceful Impact

Hamstring Tear

Hardened Resolve

Harmful Hits

Helpin’ Hand

Keep it Moving

Keep on Truckin’

Keep up the Pace

No Pain No Pain

Protection by Deflection

Quick Restart

Razor’s Edge

Reckless Dash

Reflexive Actions

Rejuvenating Rain

Repeat Business

Reroute Power


Shrapnel Rounds

Survival Instincts

The Zone

Try and Hurt Me

Turn the Tables

Unstable Volatility

Volatile Armor

Volatility Rising


In the near future we will be posting a complete guide to class AMPs and a list of all AMP locations.


Engineer Leveling Guide


WildStar Engineer Leveling Guide


There are many routes you can take while leveling up your Engineer but to make effective use of your time you’ll want to use a DPS build that focuses heavy on damage output and critical hit chance so that you can blow through PvE trash mobs and rack up experience. As you level, spend your AMP points to gain more Assault Power and gain skills such as Volatility Rising (for Volatility regen) and Harmful Hits (increases crit chance) for best results.


All the way up through level 35-40 you’ll want to be using Bruiser Bot and Artillery Bot to keep up a consistent wave of DPS. You can also further increase your damage output by taking on abilities such as Explosive Ammo and Shrapnel Rounds (as you reach their required levels). Be sure to keep assigning points to Strikethrough and Critical Hit Severity as well.


Keeping up a similar pattern you’ll be able to blast through levels with your Engineer and you’ll find yourself with a very powerful build by level 50, too.


Wanna hit the level cap with the Engineer as quickly as possible? Try out this WildStar leveling guide for a step-by-step, fast leveling strategy.


Engineer Builds


In the future we will be posting a variety of builds for the Engineer (as well as all other classes) on our website. Once we have a set of builds available we will be linking to a few of the best leveling, PvE, and PvP builds here.