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Just my space to rant, rave, and blast my opinion on any game I want. I play a lot, so I tend to write a lot about games, too. This will be my gamer blog for MMOs.

Author: vaakoh

WildStar Esper Guide - Complete Guide to the Esper Class

Posted by vaakoh Friday August 1 2014 at 3:38PM
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The Esper class in WildStar use psychic capabilities to conjure powerful psyblades and illusions to dispose of enemies and more. Espers go through intensive training to learn how to harness the power of their minds to use strong psychic attacks and magic. This class is best suited for players that wish to play a ranged DPS or Healer character.


WildStar Esper


About the Esper


The primary weapon of the Esper is the Pysblade, a magical sword-like object that they are able to control and throw at enemies using only their minds. Espers are capable of equipping light armor types. Their abilities make use of Mana and Psi Points. And the primary attributes that the class feed off of are Moxie (for damage output) and Insight (for healing).

Looking to hit level 50 fast? Try using this Esper leveling guide for best results.


Available Races


Upon selecting the Esper class players will immediately be limited to only 4 of the available races in WildStar. These are:






Basically, there are 2 races from the Exiles (Aurin and Human) and another 2 from the Dominion (Cassian and Chua).


Esper Skills


Every class in the WildStar MMO has a set of unique skills. The Esper have one innate ability, and then a set of skills for the Assault, Support, and Utility lines. Below we’ve provided more information about these abilities.


Innate Abilities


The Esper has just one innate ability – Spectral Form. When activated this ability provides your character with absorption, a single stack of Interrupt Armor, and generates 1 Psy Point every second for a total of 5 seconds. This ability has a 30 second cooldown time and movement is limited while it’s activated.


Assault Abilities


The Assault line for the Esper is loaded with ranged magic-based attacks that deal damage to multiple targets at once. Some skills, such as Blade Dance, are capable of hitting up to 10 enemies and even provide self-buffs.


WildStar Esper Assault Abilities

Here are all of the Esper assault skills:

Telekinetic Strike (Level 1)

Mind Burst (Level 2)

Concentrated Blade (Level 4)

Blade Dance (Level 6)

Telekinetic Storm (Level 9)

Psychic Frenzy (Level 15)

Illusionary Blades (Level 18)

Haunt (Level 18)

Spectral Swarm (Level 20. Also requires associated AMP.)

Reap (Level 27)

These abilities are best used for pure DPS.


Support Abilities


The Support skills that Espers have access to make them one of the most viable class selections for players that wish to play the role of the healer. Nearly every ability in this set is capable of restoring health for either yourself or your party members.


WildStar Esper Support Abilities

Here are all of the Support abilities:

Mind Over Body (Level 6)

Bolster (Level 9)

Reverie (Level 9)

Phantasmal Armor (Level 11)

Soothe (Level 13)

Mending Banner (Level 15)

Mirage (Level 20. Also requires associated AMP.)

Pyrokinectic Flame (Level 21)

Warden (Level 27)

Mental Boon (Level 31)

A couple of these skills will also damage enemies that are hit with them. And with a few of them the player can elect to either heal himself/herself or heal an ally.


Utility Abilities


The utility skills for the Esper are a variety of crowd control, attack, and healing abilities that include knockbacks, roots, and more.


WildStar Esper Utility Abilities

Here are the abilities:

Crush (Level 3)

Geist (Level 6)

Restraint (Level 13)

Catharsis (Level 15)

Fade Out (Level 15)

Meditate (Level 18)

Fixation (Level 20. Also requires related AMP unlock.)

Incapacitate (Level 21)

Shockwave (Level 24)

Projected Spirit (Level 31)

That’s it for Esper utilities.

Available AMPs

As with every other class in the game, the Esper is also capable of equipping AMPs. These provide additional stat boosts. Tier 1 AMPs, and a few tier 3s, are unlocked by default once you reach a certain level. The rest you must either find or purchase. Below we’ve listed the non-default AMPs for the class.


Bounce Back

Build Up

Cheat Death


Defensive Maneuvers





Focus Mastery

Follow Through

From the Grave

Hard to Hit

Healing Touch


Inspirational Charge

Iron Reflexes

Me Worry?

Mental Overflow


No Pain No…

No Remorse

Not Snackworthy


Psychic Barrier

Quick Response





Slow it Down

Spectral Shield

Stand Strong



The Power!

True Sight

In the near future we’ll be adding a complete AMPs guide that will reveal the locations and vendors where you can get each one.

Esper Leveling Guide

Like most other classes in WildStar if you want to level up fast using the Esper you’ll probably want to develop a good DPS build so you can power through mobs and rack up experience.

WildStar Esper Guide

To accomplish this you’re going to want to throw most of your points into Assault as you level and pick up these skills:

Telekinetic Strike

Telekinetic Storm

Concentrated Blade



These will be the primary abilities to use. Other good ones are Crush, Haunt, Phantasmal Armor, and Restraint.

If you want to deal serious damage quickly use this rotation – Telekinetic Strike, Geist, Bolster, Concentrated Blade 2x, Innate, Telekinetic Strike, Telekinetic Storm, Telekinetic Strike, Telekinetic Storm, Bolster 2x, Telekinetic Strike.

That rotation has proven to work really well. Just remember to keep dumping points into Assault and focus on picking up the skills listed above for best results.

Esper Builds

In the future we’ll be adding a bunch of tested, awesome Esper builds for leveling, PvE, raids, PvP, and more. Once those are up we’ll link to them on this page for everyone to see.