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Vaakoh's Gamer Blog

Just my space to rant, rave, and blast my opinion on any game I want. I play a lot, so I tend to write a lot about games, too. This will be my gamer blog for MMOs.

Author: vaakoh

Battleborn - The Newest MOBA to Hit PC and Consoles

Posted by vaakoh Tuesday April 26 2016 at 2:59PM
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Gearbox's most recent title, Battleborn, is an on-line first-person shooter with action real-time strategy aspects that demands you to eliminate your enemies and obtain points whilst you play, all whilst looking to destroy bosses scattered all through the map. There are over twelve characters in Battleborn to utilize and each of them has its very own collection of abilities, not to mention that competitors will at all times get started with the same exact levels and they will level up based upon their talent.




In pure ARTS style, you obtain experience as well as brand new abilities and skills as you play. When you have a sufficient amount of skill points you are able to pick a particular collection of perks that will assist you to direct your character through the entire match. Battleborn Ultimate Multiplayer Domination Guide.

Combat is fulfilling and there’s a substantial variety of weaponry to begin with so this means that you won’t have trouble assaulting and eradicating foes as you play. At the same time, you will find characters which have offensive abilities, whilst others are assist centered and do a much better job in that regard. You also get the chance to encounter computer directed foes as you play that make the video game extremely immersive.


Despite the fact that Battleborn is a multiplayer based game, there is a campaign mode that will connect with the multiplayers and with 3 or more game modes in multi-player, there is definitely a whole lot of content to play through. Battleborn recently had an open beta and it will be released May 3 2016, you need to try it out if you like multiplayer online battle arena or online first-person shooter video game titles.

WildStar Stalker Guide - Complete Guide to the Stalker Class

Posted by vaakoh Wednesday August 6 2014 at 9:28AM
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The Stalker class in WildStar is the equivalent of a stealth-based DPS class found in other MMORPGs. It can, however, also be used as a Tank with the right build. Their primary weapon type are claws. The primary attributes that players should focus on for the Stalker are Brutality (if you wish to play a melee DPS role) or Technology (if you want to use the class as a tank).

Wildstar Stalker


Wildstar Stalker Class

Stalkers utilize claws, various gadgets, and nano-skin to deal damage and open up a world of assassination opportunities. The secondary attributes that players will need to focus on with this class are Moxie and Finesse (for players going after a strong DPS build) or Insight and Grit (for players looking to form a solid tank build using the Stalker).

Looking to hit the level cap in the fastest way possible? Be sure to check out this detailed WildStar leveling guide to learn how to reach level 50 with any class in any faction extremely quickly.


Available Races

Just like pretty much all of the classes in Wildstar the Stalker has a few limitations when it comes to racial selection. The game identifies the reasoning for this as being that not all races are equipped to handle stealth or evolve these capabilities. Don’t worry, though, all but 2 of the game’s races can take on the Stalker class.

Here are the races you can pick from:







As you can clearly see the only races excluded from this list are the Granok (the large, rock guys) and the Chua (the tiny rat creatures).


Stalker Skills


The majority of the abilities that the Stalker has access to focus on dealing technology and physical damage but a few do provide buffs either for your own character or your allies’ characters. There are a couple skills that also throw debuffs such as snares on enemies but, for the most part, the skills are centered around DPS. Below we go into further detail about the abilities you’ll have access to using this class.


Innate Abilities

The Innate ability of the Stalker is Nano Skin. Upon activation this will put your character into Stealth which makes you temporarily invisible to enemies until you are detected. It also cuts your movement speed down by 20%, increases your damage output by 18%, and reduces every resistance by 15%.


If you perform a successful Stealth attack while the nano suit is active you will have a 100% crit hit chance as well. This is a very powerful ability when used correctly. You can earn suit power using some of the assault / support abilities, too.


Assault Abilities

As mentioned above, the primary result of most of the Stalker skills is pure DPS. The majority of the DPS abilities are found in the assault skills. These are capable of dealing heavy melee-based physical damage, stealth damage, and even tech damage.


Wildstar Stalker Assault Abilities


Here are the assault abilities of the Stalker:


Shred (Level 1)

Impale (Level 2)

Analyze Weakness (Level 4)

Ruin (Level 6)

Cripple (Level 11)

Neutralize (Level 13)

Punish (Level 15)

Phlebotomize (Level 18)

Clone (Level 18. Also requires associated AMP unlock.)

Concussive Kicks (Level 24)


If you’re looking to create a strong DPS build using the Stalker you’ll definitely want to stack on the assault skills.


Support Abilities


The support skill line for the Stalker is quite interesting. The abilities within it not only deal damage but they can also provide healing for yourself, buffs for your allies, generate Threat, and even debuffs against enemies. It’s an interesting mix of very useful skills.


Wildstar Stalker Support Abilities


Here are the abilities:


Nano Field (Level 6)

Whiplash (Level 9)

Razor Disk (Level 11)

Nano Virus (Level 15)

Amplification Spike (Level 18. Also requires related AMP unlock.)

Decimate (Level 18)

Frenzy (Level 21)

Razor Storm (Level 27)

Steadfast (Level 27)

Nano Dart (Level 31)


A lot of these support skills serve different purposes whether it be casting buffs or tossing out crowd control abilities. Either way, they’re great to throw into your rotation to maximize your efforts.


Utility Abilities

If you’re looking to buff yourself or drop some serious crowd control moves on your enemies the utility skill line of the Stalker is loaded with great abilities. From self heals to snares and taunts this line has it all.


Wildstar Stalker Utility Abilities


Here are the utility skills:


Stagger (Level 3)

False Retreat (Level 6)

Reaver (Level 9)

Pounce (Level 9)

Tether Mine (Level 13)

Tactical Retreat (Level 15)

Bloodthirst (Level 18. Also requires associated AMP unlock.)

Preparation (Level 21)

Collapse (Level 24)

Stim Drone (Level 31)


There are even moves such as Preparation that grant Empower and Defense which increase your crit hit chances and deflect chances by 3% for a few seconds.


Available AMPs


Every class has access to a unique set of AMPs which are extensions of abilities. AMPs are either discovered in the world or purchased via a vendor. These are extremely useful so its a must that you get them.

Here are the non-default AMPs for the Stalker:



Avoidance Mastery


Battle Mastery

Blood Rush


Brutality Mastery

Can’t Stop This


Dash for Heals!


Don’t Call it a Comeback

Empowered Attack Mastery


Fatal Wounds

Follow Up


Heavy Impact

Iron Man

Keep Up

Killer Instinct

Last Stand

Left in the Dust

Make it Rain

My Turn



Quick Reboot



Stay Afloat

Stealth Mastery

Stealth Regen


Tech Mastery

That’s All You Got?

Trail of Cinders

Unfair Advantage

Who’s Next?


We are currently working on a full guide to the Stalker AMP locations to help players get them all.


Stalker Leveling Guide

As with pretty much every class in the game if you’re looking to level up fast with your Stalker you’re going to want to focus on running a strong DPS build. To do this you’ll want to contribute most of your points toward the Assault and Hybrid A/S sections. Need a good DPS leveling build for your Stalker?


Wildstar Stalker Guide

Try equipping these skills as you get them:



Concussive Kicks




False Retreat

Tactical Retreat

This is a decent set to go with for DPS. Make sure you’re upping your Assault Power the most as you level and also contribute a bit to Brutality and Moxie.


Here’s a decent rotation to use:









If you get into a tight spot during this where your health is a bit too low you can use Tactical Retreat to evade and get back on track.

Skip the BS and hit the level cap with your Stalker quickly by checking out this detailed WildStar leveling guide - it provides step-by-step strategies for leveling up fast with all classes in either faction.


Stalker Builds

We are currently working up building up a collection of builds for each class. Once these are ready we’ll be posting links to them here. These will include a variety of leveling builds, PvP builds, and more for the Stalker as well as all other classes in Wildstar.

WildStar Spellslinger Guide - Complete Guide to the Spellslinger Class

Posted by vaakoh Tuesday August 5 2014 at 5:18PM
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The Spellslinger class in WildStar is a DPS-based, dual pistol-wielding class capable of dealing tons of damage or, alternatively, acting as an effective healer. For DPS ‘slingers will want to focus on Finesse for their primary stat. If you plan to use this class to cover healing you’ll want to focus on Insight for your primary statistic.


WildStar Spellslinger Class


Spellslingers make for awesome characters when playing a ranged-DPS role. Their combination of magic and firepower is incredibly powerful. They are capable of using magic sigils as well which improve their accuracy and increase their damage output by buffing their ammunition. Spellslingers wear light armor types and are quick on their feet, too.


Skip the BS and learn how to hit the level cap with a Spellslinger the fastest way possible by checking out this detailed WildStar leveling guide - tips & tricks for leveling with all classes in both the Exile and Dominion factions.


Available Races


As with most other classes in this game, the races that you can pick from when you choose the Spellslinger class are a little limited. Don’t worry, though. Out of the 8 different races you can use, only 2 are unable to be played with the ‘slinger. Here are the available races you can use:







As you can see, the only races that are excluded from this list are the Granok and the Mechari.


Spellslinger Skills

The Spellslinger has a slew of abilities that dish out decent DPS, provide great mobility, and have great range. For DPS this class is best used for dealing moderate single-target damage. For healing, on the other hand, it’s great for throwing out heals to small groups of allies. This is a very popular class but in order to play it correctly you’ll have to be kiting enemies almost all the time and be quick to avoid dying quick as this class is rather squishy.


Innate Abilities

The Spellslinger has just one innate ability – Spell Surge. This ability takes 25 Spell Power to activate and while it’s active both your Assault and Support skills will gain a Surge Bonus.


Assault Abilities


WildStar Spellslinger Assault Abilities

As the Spellslinger does mostly rely on pistols for DPS the assault skills of this class primarily focus around various shot types but some also make use of your magic to deal damage, too. Here are the assault abilities:


Quick Draw (Level 1)

Charged Shot (Level 2)

Ignite (Level 4)

Wild Barrage (Level 6)

Chill (Level 9)

Rapid Fire (Level 11)

Flame Burst (Level 15)

Assassinate (Level 18. Also requires related AMP unlock.)

True Shot (Level 21)

Arcane Missiles (Level 31)


The majority of these skills deal either magic or physical damage to enemies. Most of the damage abilities will hit 3 to 5 different foes.


Support Abilities


WildStar Spellslinger Support Abilities


The support skill line of the Spellslinger is loaded with various healing abilities that can restore health on yourself or your party members. As you upgrade some of the heals they will increase in range and start to target allies with the lowest health which can be very useful.

Here are the support skills:


Runic Healing (Level 6)

Runes of Protection (Level 6)

Vitality Burst (Level 9)

Astral Infusion (Level 11)

Healing Salve (Level 13)

Dual Fire (Level 15)

Healing Torrent (Level 18. Also requires related AMP unlock.)

Voidspring (Level 21)

Regenerative Pulse (Level 24)

Sustain (Level 27)


If you’re looking to make a decent healer with this class this is a great skill line to progress.


Utility Abilities


WildStar Spellslinger Utility Abilities


The utility skills that the Spellslinger has access to are an interesting mix of stuns, friendly buffs, and debuff removals for yourself and allies. Using these abilities you can cast boons on yourself and your party or hinder the enemies.

Here are the skills:


Gate (Level 3)

Flash Freeze (Level 9)

Void Slip (Level 13)

Arcane Shock (Level 15)

Purify (Level 18)

Gather Focus (Level 18)

Void Pact (Level 20. Also requires related AMP unlock.)

Spatial Shift (Level 24)

Phase Shift (Level 27)

Affinity (Level 31)


Overall, these are useful abilities for crowd control and for assisting yourself and your allies in battle.


Available AMPs

AMPs are important for buffing your skills and unlocking new abilities. Most of these are scattered throughout the world or can be purchased from various merchants within the zones of the different factions. Either way, they are a necessity to get. The Spellslinger has several useful AMPs to collect.

Here is a list of all the non-default AMPs for this class:

Augmented Armor

Burst Power


Critical Surge

Danger Danger

Deadly Chain


Enhanced Shields

Evasive Maneuvers

Final Salvo

Flame Armor

Focus Stone

Frost Armor

Frost Snap




Healing Aura

Holy Roller

Homeward Bound

Hyper Shield



Penetrating Rounds




Shock & Awe

Speed of the Void

Spell Armor

Surge Damage

The One

Trigger Fingers

True Sight



Withering Magic


We’ll be posting a complete guide of our own to the locations of each of these AMPs later.


Spellslinger Leveling Guide


WildStar Spellslinger

While the Spellslinger can be used as a viable healer it is definitely best used for DPS. And if you really want to level up your class quickly you’ll definitely want to focus on DPS so you can wipe out mobs easily to earn experience. For this you’ll need a good Spellslinger leveling build.

Wanna hit the level cap with your Spellslinger as quickly as possible? Be sure to check out this detailed WildStar leveling guide for a step-by-step strategy.

We suggest using the following skills as you progress:

Quick Draw

Charged Shot


Wild Barrage

Flame Burst


True Shot

Arcane Missiles

To maximize your damage output you’ll want to be working on upgrading the tiers of certain abilities while keeping others at their base. Quick Draw, Wild Barrage, Assassinate, True Shot, and Arcane Missiles should all be kept on the base tier. Charged Shot, Ignite, and Flame Burst, on the other hand, should be gradually upgraded to tier 8 as you level.

The best rotation to use with these skills is this: Quick Draw x5, Charge Shot, Ignite, Ignite, Wild Barrage, True Shot, Arcane Missiles.

This rotation will help to maximize your DPS and take out enemies pretty quickly.

As far as AMPs go, you should be contributing pretty much all of these points toward Assault and Hybrid A/S while throwing just a bit of points into Utility as well. This will greatly increase your assault power, strikethrough chances, and crit hits while still giving you the ability to get buffs and reduced cooldown times, too.


Spellslinger Builds

In the near future we will be releasing several more builds for the Spellslinger class including more leveling builds, PvP builds, raid builds, and more. Once these are available we will link to them from this page.

WildStar Medic Guide - Complete Guide to the Medic Class

Posted by vaakoh Tuesday August 5 2014 at 7:14AM
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The Medic class in WildStar uses a variety of resonators, auras, and probes to either deal damage to enemies or heal themselves and their allies. As the name suggests, the Medic class works best as a Healer but is also capable of dishing out DPS or even performing crowd control, too.


WildStar Medic Class


The Medic is a great class that is capable of playing multiple roles including DPS, Healing, and Crowd Control. If you decide to take the DPS route the Medic will use Technology as their primary stat. For more of a Healer role your primary stat will be Insight. Both will be using Moxie and Brutality for secondary stats. Keep in mind that as far as DPS goes this class focuses on tech-based damage.


Find out the FASTEST way to reach the level cap with your Medic by checking out this detailed WildStar leveling guide - it covers leveling for all classes in both the Dominion and Exile factions.


Available Races


As with nearly all other classes in the game, the selection of races for the Medic class in WildStar is slightly limited. But, don’t worry, only 2 races are excluded from your choices with this one.


Here are the races you can play as a Medic:









As the list above shows, the only races that are unplayable with this class are the Aurin and the Draken. Other than that, races are wide open.


Medic Skills


As a Medic you’ll have access to a variety of skills. Your Assault-based abilities deal tech damage, with Support you’ll be able to cast several heals both for yourself and your party members, and via the Utility skills you’ll be capable of crowd control, cast debuffs, and more. Below we’ve outlined the Medic’s abilities in more detail.


Innate Abilities


The Medic class has just one innate ability – Energize. This ability allows you to replenish the charges of the Actuator plus it either provides a buff to Assault Power and Support Power or it can also provide a temporary increase to Shield Mitigation.


Assault Abilities


WildStar Medic Assault Abilities


As the name implies, the Assault skills give you the ability to perform a variety of attacks that deal damage to enemies. Most of the Medic’s attacks are ranged and are capable of hitting multiple targets.


Here are the abilities:


Discharge (Level 1)

Gamma Rays (Level 2)

Nullifier (Level 4)

Fissure (Level 6)

Devastator Probes (Level 11)

Quantum Cascade (Level 13)

Collider (Level 15)

Annihilation (Level 20. Also requires associated AMP.)

Atomize (Level 21)

Dematerialize (Level 27)


All of these abilities are useful for DPS builds.


Support Abilities


WildStar Medic Support Abilities


The Medic has many healing-based Support skills that make it an ideal candidate for playing the role of a Healer. Most of the skills restore health for the player or other nearby allies.

Here are the Medic’s Support abilities:


Emission (Level 6)

Crisis Wave (Level 9)

Dual Shock (Level 9)

Mending Probes (Level 11)

Triage (Level 13)

Flash (Level 15)

Barrier (Level 18)

Rejuvenator (Level 20. Also requires related AMP.)

Shield Surge (Level 24)

Extricate (Level 31)


As mentioned above, these skills will be best used for a Healer build using the Medic class.


Utility Abilities


WildStar Medic Utility Abilities


The Utility skills of the Medic mainly consist of a variety of crowd control abilities such as stuns and snares plus some buffs and debuffs for yourself and your party members. It’s great for hindering your enemies and increasing the survivability and power of you and your allies.

Here are the utility skills:


Paralytic Surge (Level 3)

Urgency (Level 6)

Restrictor (Level 9)

Antidote (Level 15)

Recharge (Level 18. Also requires related AMP.)

Protection Probes (Level 20)

Empowering Probes (Level 21)

Magnetic Lockdown (Level 24)

Calm (Level 27)

Field Probes (Level 31)


Only about 2 of these skills actually deals tech damage so these are mainly meant to provide support and CC rather than DPS.


Available AMPs


AMPs are essentially extra abilities that you can acquire from random loot drops, quest rewards, and other ways. Each class has its own unique set that they can get. Some are found in certain locations while others are acquired by purchasing them from vendors. Below we’ve provided a list of the non-standard AMPs that are available for Medics.


Acerbic Injection

Amorphous Barrier

Antigen Isolation

Armor Coating


Chemical Burn

Concentrated Effort

Core Damage

Danger Zone

Debilitative Armor

Defense Mechanism


Emergency Extraction

Empowering Aura

Energy Pulse


Health Probes


In Flux


Null Zone

Power Cadence

Power Converter

Protective Surge

Quick Dodge




Renewable Probes

Running on Empty

Scalpel! Forceps!

Shield Protocol

Shield Reboot

Solid State

Stay with Me



Victory Spark

Weakness into Strength


We’ll be adding a complete guide to the locations of AMPs for each class in the future. Once it’s available we’ll link to it on this page.


Medic Leveling Guide


As mentioned above, the Medic is primarily designed to be played as a Healer. But, because we are wanting to level up the Medic (primarily in solo PvE questing) we’re going to be focusing heavily on DPS instead. In other words, the majority of points that you get should be put toward increasing your overall Assault Power and Critical Chances.


WildStar Medic

Gear wise you’l typically want to equip pieces that have decent stats for Tech, Moxie, and Grit. Tech and Moxie generally work toward increasing your damage output while Grit provides you with a boost in healing capabilities. A good mix of these will allow you to deal considerable damage and still cast decent heals, too.

For a detailed fast leveling guide for all WildStar classes be sure to CHECK THIS OUT.


Medic Builds


In the next few weeks we’ll be starting to create a database of builds for each of the classes in WildStar. This will include Medic leveling builds, PvE builds, and PvP builds. Once these are available we will link to them from this page.

WildStar Engineer Guide - Complete Guide to the Engineer Class

Posted by vaakoh Monday August 4 2014 at 10:11AM
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The Engineer class in WildStar is a rather interesting one. Engineers make use of heavy armor, launchers for weaponry, and bots. The class can be played quite well in either a ranged DPS or Tanking role, depending on how you spec your character.

About the Engineer

Using launchers the Engineer is capable of dealing major damage via AoE (area of effect) and multi-target attacks. Most attacks are ranged which allow you to send your bots to the front lines while you hang back and tag enemies from a safe distance (if you choose).


WildStar Engineer Class

The bots that the Engineer has access to are capable of taking on a variety of tasks including operating as a tank, dishing out even more DPS on your enemies, using crowd control abilities, or even provide healing for yourself and your allies. Bots work much like pets that Ranger-style classes have access to in other MMOs. The bots have varying abilities and the Engineer has the power to control them all.

One of the more interesting things that the Engineer has is the exosuit. This is an advanced, extremely sturdy armor suit that you can equip to operate as an insanely powerful tank, capable of absorbing even the most devastating blows from your enemies. It also has some other unique capabilities that improve your character.

Wanna hit the level cap with the Engineer as quickly as possible? Try out this WildStar leveling guide for a step-by-step, fast leveling strategy.


Available Races

As we’ve mentioned in previous articles, not all of the races in WildStar are capable of playing as any class. In fact, most are very limited. If you opt to play the Engineer class these are the races you’ll be able to choose from:







Basically, you have 3 race choices with the Dominion and another 3 selections for the Exiles. The only race that is incapable of playing as an Engineer are the Draken.


Engineer Skills


As with all other classes in WildStar, the Engineer has access to a couple of innate abilities, plus a set of unique skills in the Assault, Support, and Utility trees. Below we’ve outlined these skills in more detail.


Innate Abilities

Engineers have 2 different innate abilities that they can use. These are:


ExoSuit Mode (Eradicate) – Temporarily provides an increase to overall DPS abilities while simultaneously providing buffs to Assault Power and Volatility regen. These buffs last for a total of 10 seconds. The ability itself has a 60 second cooldown time.


ExoSuit Mode (Provoke) – This ability greatly increases the defensive capabilities of the Engineer shielding it in a powerful suit of armor that blocks tons of damage and also boosts Volatility regen. The ability lasts for 10 seconds and has a 1 minute cooldown.


Assault Abilities

The assault skill line provides the Engineer with various ranged DPS abilities. It also houses the attack-based Artillery Bot, a summoned robot that deals physical damage to single targets.


WildStar Engineer Assault Abilities

Here are all of the assault abilities:

Pulse Blast (Unlocked at Level 1)

Electrocute (Unlocked at Level 2)

Quick Burst (Unlocked at Level 6)

Artillery Bot (Unlocked at Level 6)

Energy Auger (Unlocked at Level 11)

Bio Shell (Unlocked at Level 13)

Mortar Strike (Unlocked at Level 13)

Unstable Anomaly (Unlocked at Level 15)

Target Acquisition (Unlocked at Level 20 Once the Related AMP is Found)

Bolt Caster (Unlocked at Level 24)


Assigning points to the assault line will develop your character to play a DPS role.


Support Abilities


The Engineer is capable of using several support-based skills that provide healing, deals physical or tech damage and increases the player threat of your character and your allies’.


WildStar Engineer Support Abilities


Here are the support skills available for the Engineer class:

Bruiser Bot (Unlocked at Level 4)

Hyper Wave (Unlocked at Level 9)

Flak Cannon (Unlocked at Level 9)

Unsteady Miasma (Unlocked at Level 11)

Feedback (Unlocked at Level 15)

Ricochet (Unlocked at Level 18)

Disruptive Module (Unlocked at Level 18. Also requires related AMP.)

Shock Pulse (Unlocked at Level 21)

Particle Ejector (Unlocked at Level 24)

Thresher (Unlocked at Level 31)


Using these skills the Engineer can play a hybrid DPS / support role.


Utility Abilities

The utility ability line is loaded with a variety of crowd control and self-buffing skills. There are a few, involving bots, that also deal damage but the majority of these skills involve using stuns, taunts, and buffs.


WildStar Engineer Utility Abilities


Here are the utility skills that the Engineer can use:

Zap (Level 3)

Urgent Withdrawal (Level 6)

Recursive Matrix (Level 9)

Diminisher Bot (Level 15)

Shatter Impairment (Level 18)

Repair Bot (Level 20. Also requires associated AMP.)

Volatile Injection (Level 21)

Code Red (Level 27)

Personal Defense Unit (Level 27)

Obstruct Vision (Level 31)


Using these skills the Engineer is capable of performing great crowd control, making it easier for you or your allies to debuff enemies and kill them off.


Available AMPs

As with every other class in the game, the Engineer is also capable of equipping AMPs. These provide additional stat boosts. Tier 1 AMPs, and a few tier 3s, are unlocked by default once you reach a certain level. The rest you must either find or purchase. Below we’ve listed the non-default AMPs for the class.

Blast Back

Booster Armor

Bust and Move

Can’t Touch This

Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’

Defense Protocol

Deft Restoration

Dirty Tricks

Disciplined Soldier


Exploit Weakness

Explosive Ammo

Extra Hurtin’

Forceful Impact

Hamstring Tear

Hardened Resolve

Harmful Hits

Helpin’ Hand

Keep it Moving

Keep on Truckin’

Keep up the Pace

No Pain No Pain

Protection by Deflection

Quick Restart

Razor’s Edge

Reckless Dash

Reflexive Actions

Rejuvenating Rain

Repeat Business

Reroute Power


Shrapnel Rounds

Survival Instincts

The Zone

Try and Hurt Me

Turn the Tables

Unstable Volatility

Volatile Armor

Volatility Rising


In the near future we will be posting a complete guide to class AMPs and a list of all AMP locations.


Engineer Leveling Guide


WildStar Engineer Leveling Guide


There are many routes you can take while leveling up your Engineer but to make effective use of your time you’ll want to use a DPS build that focuses heavy on damage output and critical hit chance so that you can blow through PvE trash mobs and rack up experience. As you level, spend your AMP points to gain more Assault Power and gain skills such as Volatility Rising (for Volatility regen) and Harmful Hits (increases crit chance) for best results.


All the way up through level 35-40 you’ll want to be using Bruiser Bot and Artillery Bot to keep up a consistent wave of DPS. You can also further increase your damage output by taking on abilities such as Explosive Ammo and Shrapnel Rounds (as you reach their required levels). Be sure to keep assigning points to Strikethrough and Critical Hit Severity as well.


Keeping up a similar pattern you’ll be able to blast through levels with your Engineer and you’ll find yourself with a very powerful build by level 50, too.


Wanna hit the level cap with the Engineer as quickly as possible? Try out this WildStar leveling guide for a step-by-step, fast leveling strategy.


Engineer Builds


In the future we will be posting a variety of builds for the Engineer (as well as all other classes) on our website. Once we have a set of builds available we will be linking to a few of the best leveling, PvE, and PvP builds here.

WildStar Esper Guide - Complete Guide to the Esper Class

Posted by vaakoh Friday August 1 2014 at 2:38PM
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The Esper class in WildStar use psychic capabilities to conjure powerful psyblades and illusions to dispose of enemies and more. Espers go through intensive training to learn how to harness the power of their minds to use strong psychic attacks and magic. This class is best suited for players that wish to play a ranged DPS or Healer character.


WildStar Esper


About the Esper


The primary weapon of the Esper is the Pysblade, a magical sword-like object that they are able to control and throw at enemies using only their minds. Espers are capable of equipping light armor types. Their abilities make use of Mana and Psi Points. And the primary attributes that the class feed off of are Moxie (for damage output) and Insight (for healing).

Looking to hit level 50 fast? Try using this Esper leveling guide for best results.


Available Races


Upon selecting the Esper class players will immediately be limited to only 4 of the available races in WildStar. These are:






Basically, there are 2 races from the Exiles (Aurin and Human) and another 2 from the Dominion (Cassian and Chua).


Esper Skills


Every class in the WildStar MMO has a set of unique skills. The Esper have one innate ability, and then a set of skills for the Assault, Support, and Utility lines. Below we’ve provided more information about these abilities.


Innate Abilities


The Esper has just one innate ability – Spectral Form. When activated this ability provides your character with absorption, a single stack of Interrupt Armor, and generates 1 Psy Point every second for a total of 5 seconds. This ability has a 30 second cooldown time and movement is limited while it’s activated.


Assault Abilities


The Assault line for the Esper is loaded with ranged magic-based attacks that deal damage to multiple targets at once. Some skills, such as Blade Dance, are capable of hitting up to 10 enemies and even provide self-buffs.


WildStar Esper Assault Abilities

Here are all of the Esper assault skills:

Telekinetic Strike (Level 1)

Mind Burst (Level 2)

Concentrated Blade (Level 4)

Blade Dance (Level 6)

Telekinetic Storm (Level 9)

Psychic Frenzy (Level 15)

Illusionary Blades (Level 18)

Haunt (Level 18)

Spectral Swarm (Level 20. Also requires associated AMP.)

Reap (Level 27)

These abilities are best used for pure DPS.


Support Abilities


The Support skills that Espers have access to make them one of the most viable class selections for players that wish to play the role of the healer. Nearly every ability in this set is capable of restoring health for either yourself or your party members.


WildStar Esper Support Abilities

Here are all of the Support abilities:

Mind Over Body (Level 6)

Bolster (Level 9)

Reverie (Level 9)

Phantasmal Armor (Level 11)

Soothe (Level 13)

Mending Banner (Level 15)

Mirage (Level 20. Also requires associated AMP.)

Pyrokinectic Flame (Level 21)

Warden (Level 27)

Mental Boon (Level 31)

A couple of these skills will also damage enemies that are hit with them. And with a few of them the player can elect to either heal himself/herself or heal an ally.


Utility Abilities


The utility skills for the Esper are a variety of crowd control, attack, and healing abilities that include knockbacks, roots, and more.


WildStar Esper Utility Abilities

Here are the abilities:

Crush (Level 3)

Geist (Level 6)

Restraint (Level 13)

Catharsis (Level 15)

Fade Out (Level 15)

Meditate (Level 18)

Fixation (Level 20. Also requires related AMP unlock.)

Incapacitate (Level 21)

Shockwave (Level 24)

Projected Spirit (Level 31)

That’s it for Esper utilities.

Available AMPs

As with every other class in the game, the Esper is also capable of equipping AMPs. These provide additional stat boosts. Tier 1 AMPs, and a few tier 3s, are unlocked by default once you reach a certain level. The rest you must either find or purchase. Below we’ve listed the non-default AMPs for the class.


Bounce Back

Build Up

Cheat Death


Defensive Maneuvers





Focus Mastery

Follow Through

From the Grave

Hard to Hit

Healing Touch


Inspirational Charge

Iron Reflexes

Me Worry?

Mental Overflow


No Pain No…

No Remorse

Not Snackworthy


Psychic Barrier

Quick Response





Slow it Down

Spectral Shield

Stand Strong



The Power!

True Sight

In the near future we’ll be adding a complete AMPs guide that will reveal the locations and vendors where you can get each one.

Esper Leveling Guide

Like most other classes in WildStar if you want to level up fast using the Esper you’ll probably want to develop a good DPS build so you can power through mobs and rack up experience.

WildStar Esper Guide

To accomplish this you’re going to want to throw most of your points into Assault as you level and pick up these skills:

Telekinetic Strike

Telekinetic Storm

Concentrated Blade



These will be the primary abilities to use. Other good ones are Crush, Haunt, Phantasmal Armor, and Restraint.

If you want to deal serious damage quickly use this rotation – Telekinetic Strike, Geist, Bolster, Concentrated Blade 2x, Innate, Telekinetic Strike, Telekinetic Storm, Telekinetic Strike, Telekinetic Storm, Bolster 2x, Telekinetic Strike.

That rotation has proven to work really well. Just remember to keep dumping points into Assault and focus on picking up the skills listed above for best results.

Esper Builds

In the future we’ll be adding a bunch of tested, awesome Esper builds for leveling, PvE, raids, PvP, and more. Once those are up we’ll link to them on this page for everyone to see.

WildStar Leveling Guide - Tips for Leveling Fast in Dominion or Exile

Posted by vaakoh Friday August 1 2014 at 7:00AM
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Having a hard time reaching level 50 in WildStar? It's more than likely because you're taking the wrong approach to leveling. Some things in the game, such as tasks, crafting, and challenges will actually slow down your ability to level up quickly. Below I've outlined some of the better methods to level up your character fast.

Ways to Level

If you want to earn tons of experience and fly through levels you're going to want to focus on doing a few things. These include:

  • World Story Quests
  • Zone Story Quests
  • Regional Events
Just doing these 3 things will give you loads of XP. When you get to a zone just complete all the quests and events in the area and then move on to a new zone that is closer to your current level. You'll want to keep repeating this process and keep progressing into new, higher level zones to maximize the amount of experience you gain each time so you'll always be hitting new levels.
If at any time you wind up being a higher level than the zone, even if you haven't finished the  quests or events there, move on to a new one. Once you're above the zone level you won't gain as much from completing anything in it which makes it pointless to do unless you really just want to clear the zone for the fun of it.
Below I've provided a progression list for each faction to help you do this fast.
WildStar Dominion Leveling Guide
If you're playing in the Dominion faction you'll want to progress through these zones in this order to make sure you get tons of XP, level up fast, and get to 50 as quickly as possible:
Levian Bay / Crimson Isle > Ellevar > Auroria > Whitevale > Farside > Wilderrun > Malgrave > Western Grimvault / Southern Grimvault
Completing the story quests and events in these areas will help you gain quite a bit of experience and by the time you finish up the Grimvault area you should be at level 50 or very, very close to it.
WildStar Exile Leveling Guide
If you chose to side with the Exile faction then the zones you'll be going through will obviously be a little different than those for the Dominion. To maximize your leveling efforts you'll want to follow this progression:
Norther Wilds / Everstar Grove > Celestion or Algoroc > Galeras > Whitevale > Farside > Wilderrun > Malgrave > Wester and Southern Grimvault
Because you're with the Exile the first few zones will be different as you start in different areas but once you complete Galeras it's wise to follow the exact same zone path as the Dominion as these areas will have plenty of new quests and events for you to complete.
Other Helpful Tips
Another thing you should to if you want to level up fast in WildStar is to get a house as soon as you're able to. The reason is because once you have a house you can get access to a rest exp bonus. This means that even when you're logged out you can still be earning experience for your character. You just have to make sure that you go into rest and logout while your character is in your house to activate this.
Another good thing to do is grab a leveling addon like Zygor's or Beastly's. These addons help by adding markers and guides in the game itself to direct you where to go and what to do to earn experience quickly.

ESO Leveling Guide for New or Inexperienced Players

Posted by vaakoh Saturday July 26 2014 at 5:23PM
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One thing that a lot of players tend to get stuck on when they're first jumping into a new MMO is leveling up. In some games, like Guild Wars 2, leveling is pretty easy and players can hit the level cap in no time at all. But other titles, including The Elder Scrolls Online, can prove to be a bit more challenging. For the sake of saving newbie players some time I'm posting a ESO leveling guide that will help you reach the higher levels (mainly to 50) as quickly as possible.

ESO Leveling Guide

Leveling up in Elder Scrolls Online

If you're looking to fast-track yourself to level 50 and beyond there are mainly two ways to do it - either by questing or by grinding mobs. For many people grinding monsters in the open PVE world can be insanely boring but, if done correctly, it does work well. But, if you're looking to dive into the lore and get a bit more entertainment while working your way through levels questing is still very efficient and fulfilling.

Questing for Levels

There are TONS of quests that you can complete. There's the main story line you can play through, smaller quests that can be acquired from NPCs throughout Tamriel, guild quests, and more. Quests are beneficial in many ways because:

  1. They Give Loads of XP
  2. You'll Earn Gold and Items
  3. You'll Learn More About the Story in ESO
And the quests found in Elder Scrolls Online aren't very difficult to complete, either. This is why they're such a fast and great source of experience. You can easily reach level 50 (at least) within a week (maybe sooner if you're a really dedicated player) just questing.
Grinding for Levels
Grinding mobs is just as fast as questing but it FEELS like it takes forever because it's really just a mindless, repetitive task. Usually what you have to do is find areas with several mobs that respawn over and over to kill again and again. Once you've reach a specific level you'll need to move to a new zone to gain experience that's on par with your character level. This can be EXTREMELY boring. It works best when you work with a group of 2-3 other players, too. And if you're running around doing it with friends it can a little more bearable.
If you decide to go the grinding route you'll want to spec your character with plenty of AoE attacks and focus on taking out small-medium sized mobs at distance while kiting. Try to keep your attention on monsters that are a few levels above you to squeeze as much XP out of the process as possible. But make sure you keep your distance, especially if you aren't a great player, if you want to stay alive and avoid a lot of traveling / waypointing around.
Alternative Methods
It is possible to rack up experience and loot doing other things, though. Exploration rewards you with some XP, doing dungeon runs can be somewhat beneficial, taking down world bosses, etc can all help you raise your level, too but not very quickly.
All in all, leveling in ESO can be a bit slower than other MMOs. You don't typically earn a lot of experience from anything you do but if you want to power level your character your best bet is to either do a ton of questing, grind mobs like crazy, or do a combination of these two strategies.
A complete list of strategies, tips, and other leveling resources can be found here >>


Favorite Classes in Elder Scrolls Online

Posted by vaakoh Wednesday June 4 2014 at 3:58PM
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I've been playing ESO for nearly 2 months now, plus a little extra time if you include the couple of beta sessions I participated in, and I've tested all 4 classes. Based on my playing experience in both PvE and PvP I feel like the best classes in this game are the Nightblade and the Sorcerer.

There's a lot of info about the Elder Scrolls Online classes here -

The Dragonknight isn't bad either but I found it to be a fairly boring class to play. Templar wasn't really my thing but I'm not one for playing a Healer in any MMO. The only thing I'm having an issue with is finding a good build for my characters.

Anyone got any good suggestions for strong PvE and PvP builds for the Nightblade and Sorcerer especially? I have one at level 30 and another at level 50 (NB) right now.

Tips & Tricks for Increasing EGO Rating in Defiance

Posted by vaakoh Sunday June 16 2013 at 6:26PM
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Ranking up is among the most significant parts of basically any MMORPG available. Achieving greater ranks provides your avatar entry to brand new locations, equipment, and even capabilities that aren't available to lesser ranked gamers. In addition your avatar will come to be more powerful and more able of dealing with competitors whether it be within open-world player vs environment or in cut-throat player vs player. The Defiance video game is no different in this instance, only rather than having ranks you get an EGO rating.

Gamers can improve their EGO rating by carrying out a range of stuff. In the start of the video game your main source of leveling up will be through completing story missions, using your weapons a lot, participating in Arkfalls, and starting on the goals found within pursuits. All of these tasks reward you with experience as well as in-game currency and gear.

As you progress through the main missions you'll earn a lot of experience which contributes to leveling your overall EGO rating. But you can also take the time to just go out on killing sprees, finding any enemy you can ( such as mutants or hellbugs). While traveling across the world you'll stumble across mini-missions known as emergencies. These require you to kill a bunch of enemies, save helpless people, collect items, and do other tasks. They are much shorter than the story missions but still reward you with a healthy helping of experience, Scrip, and even useful items.

Leveling in this game will take a while. The current level cap is set at 5000. And it will supposedly be increased to an even higher rating every time new DLC is launched. So reaching the greatest rank will undoubtedly take determination and hard work. But there are a lot of elements that make a difference to your EGO level so don't fret.

Other stuff you are able to do consist of:

- Contracts ( obtainable when you achieve EGO level 100)

- Pursuits

- Challenges within Open World

- Progress EGO Powers & Perks

- Progress Automobiles

- Progressing Weaponry

Contracts don't give a lot of XP however can easily still accumulate when you perform them on a daily basis. Your character has to be a minimum of level ONE HUNDRED to obtain contracts, though. Pursuits are where the vast majority of your EGO level will originate from. Doing pursuits provides you with a lot of XP, fresh player clothes, and even more. Challenges can be discovered worldwide of Defiance in the style of stuff such as hot shots as well as rampages. Challenges can be done again for XP repeatedly.

Looking for more tips? Go here >>

Your EGO powers as well as perks can likewise be progressed. You'll gain a little of EGO levels whenever you fully level a power or even a perk. By progressing each and every power and perk that is accessible in the video game you can accumulate quite a bit of EGO. You can also level up the different vehicle and weapon types within the game. Each type has a total of 20 levels and each time you rank up one you'll gain more EGO points.