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Ursins what i'm playing now blog

title says it all, will give thoughts on the direction and such of the game(s) i'm currently playing....

Author: ursin

what are games coming to?

Posted by ursin Saturday June 20 2009 at 5:43PM
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I have dusted off EQII and gotten my first character to 80 ... anything ... not 80 adventuring yet, but getting there..... and as I play EQII and my wife takes a break from it to play Sims3 I have been in contact with various people from various games I've played and alot of them are saying the same things.....

"My current game isn't holding my interest, but nothing on the horizon is capturing my attention like 'x' did."

Is this because the things that caught our attentions disappointed, or is this because the things we have come to look for aren't being addressed in the games that are coming out.


IP's or Developers get peoples attentions it seems.  I know a number of people (myself included) that are SW:tOR .... oohooh. or what is that next Blizzard IP going to be? or 'don't you think there are too many Super hero games taking shape.

The developers are looking at the mechanics that currently work. and the frameworks that currently are popular, does that cause the 'originality and innovation' to take the back seat, and is that why people are not 'finding anything to capture their attention'?

The games that were noticed were 'revolutionary' in some form or other.... EQ, the first of its kind. WoW, the first of its kind in a different way (truly mainstream). DAOC, maybe no the first RvR, but it allowed Mythic to establish itself as one of the 'kings of that genre' which they dropped with WAR (in alot of peoples minds) Vanguard, the first throwback (that kind of flopped). CoH (heros heros heros, without which there wouldn't be Marvel Online, DCUO, Champions)


anyway... more rambling... and dunno if i'm actually saying anything more useful than the last time....


just mutterings of a player that is wondering 'what next' and who will i know there?

dusting off my blog

Posted by ursin Wednesday May 27 2009 at 1:23PM
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what i'm playing now has come a long way since Vanguard... sort of.... and sort of not....


Back to playing EQII on their Test Server, remembering that I did like the community there, and that I did, in fact like the game.

While I am enjoying the game, I am eagerly watching the horizons for 'up and coming' goodness.... SW:tOR, Aion......


After leaving Vanguard, went back to WoW, remembered why I didn't like it, and have been back to EQII for about a year now....

time flies.



enough of my ramblings. when i have something more 'constructive' to say, i will :)

well, no sunshine.... /sigh

Posted by ursin Saturday June 23 2007 at 10:08AM
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was actually looking forward to maybe some time away from the computer /gasp!....
we'll see what the rest of the day brings.

Off to the gym for the first time in umm.... 3 years.... letcha know how that goes...... gonna lose a hundred pounds by the time i'm 37.... gonna be 36 in 3 weeks.....

today in VG

Posted by ursin Saturday June 23 2007 at 3:05AM
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Made my first Sloop today, and sold it for 30G the going price is 50G. I imagine the folks that are selling for more will say i'm undercutting. we'll see... almost gained 1/4 of a lvl from the discoveries along the way too, which was neat... will ding 26 tomorrow, new recipes and stuff woot! hopefully i'll get some diplo, some harvesting and some adventuring in on my main, might go and admire the sunshine for a bit too, we'll see :)

VG, time to start seeing what SOE will do with it....

Posted by ursin Thursday June 21 2007 at 9:19PM
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Playing Vanguard, working on all three spheres, cause my wife wants a Caravel and I want to be a diplomat....

Devs have started talking again, and maybe things will continue being fixed, w/o being broken more on the way....

time will tell.

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