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Addicted to MMORPG

No mission, only quests (i'm joking)

Author: uncletoma

Bitter Cup II

Posted by uncletoma Thursday May 5 2011 at 7:32AM
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Many thoughts run through my mind, caused by reading more 'diverse: from cancellation until the closure of The Agency, part of Sony Online Entertainment, three development studios, Denver, Seattle and Tucson. Jobs that are lost, money thrown out the window for the development of a non vedra 'never realized, and also announced the "focusing" on the MMO Free2Play; to finish the list, made by William Murphy of MMORPG. com, the 5 things that do not work well in the Rift.
Starting from the last: now that the MMO will be mak in the status of "paid beta" and 'ascertained and obvious fact. But what he does and angry 'to that list and' identical to the complaints made by players during the beta. This means that the lords of Trion if they are happily thrown the just grievances of the players on crafting, balance of the classes (in which the best tanks and other MMORPG 'a specialization of the cleric?) And pvp (and a' consequence of ' other), and that 'just another game where you do this as long as' there is the widely battered Zebedee, where the soloing and 'the same as other MMO millemila (more' a: Warhammer Online), which is often 'boring and repetitive, and that' yet another gear based MMO, and that 'where classic title, reached the level cap, literally do not know what to do if you do not scratch his armpits.
But it 's really possible that among all the developers, there is not' yet one that is free from the syndrome "WoW 2.0? I can understand those who make games Free2Play: low budget, low expectations (but guadagli alluciantemente high if the title is fine. If it's bad is closed cabin and puppets), often using the graphics engine developed by Blizzard ... but those who pay 15 (or 14.90) euro per month with courage that presents itself to its customers if possible and 'yet another title like so many others? LOTRO was also a clone of WoW, and do not hide it. But at least he had a setting and a value of smascellarsi. When you saw the characters in the trilogy of the Ring (no, not that of Wagner) for the first time you took a cuddly.
But on Rift? O Vanguard Title spectacular but potentially ruined by SOE (uh. .. oh) just for the syndrome WOW 2.0? All silence of Warhammer Online, the game of Trion and 'declared a clone (but woe to write on their Foum, you risk the media lynching).
How many original games came out after the Blizzard title? Few, very few.
A memory recall Darkfall, EVE Online, Granado Espada (and e 'F2P!), And little else. Why 'not just the setting for different (type of superhero games like City of Heroes and DC Universe Online), or an original combat system (Age of Conan) to be immune from the syndrome. 'Cause if you do not copy WOW you try to look like other MMORPGs, burying forever the concept of originality.
Regarding the closure of the three studies and dela closure of a game by SOE that mean?
First of all, that the loss of jobs always sorry, but it seems that the producer is now US-Japan "forward" or aavanzi .. By Vanguard on he picked up just crumbs in a market where, before the advent of Blizzard, was the undisputed king EverQuest (iWOW mutual game from which a lot) and EverQuest 2 are two cornerstones of the genre.
And even as other publishers Electonic Arts are good to go with feet of lead before it is presented to the public: crap like WAR will forever mark, as the list of games canceled or dead is longer and more '. While resisting undeterred old as MMO Meridian59 (1996) or Tibia (1997). They may not be graphically amazing, but they have an advantage: they're fun. And are not the only MMO pre-2000 to still be active. Like the evergreen Ultima Online.
Perhaps maybe you should look at the past but not to copy but to take inspiration from? In the hope that old games such as Ultima or Meridian59 become the muse for some developers, in the difficult and hope that the manufacturer does not face capture by any syndrome 2.0, I go to bed hoping to dream of the ultimate MMO.

Bitter Cup I

Posted by uncletoma Sunday May 1 2011 at 5:01PM
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"My" MMORPG is:
themepark; sandbox; full pve, pvp full; ffa pvp, rvr, FVF, GVG; ava; rvr; rvrvr; rvrvrvr; castle siege [yes] [not], with or without forum,  with a very nice community, for children , anime, awesome graphic; for adult only, with a so so technical support, with a engame all the same, with or without grinding, farming and Sex & Drugs & Rock'n'rolling; with instances, without instances, with a story well told, with a crap lore, with a ridiculous character costumization, without the Sword of World's End but with Unstoppable Axe, without elves with elves, sci-fi background with a little historical but also you can use firearms; Pay2Play; Free2Play; Box2Play; named as the "most wanted game" the starting year of development, winner of the "most boring game ever" and the year in which was released.
I do not know how "my" MMORPG, but one thing is sure: it's funny. Which is the most important thing.
No matters the other side of "my" game.