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Random Rants of Ranty...ness?

Sometimes I feel the need to post things.

Author: uidCaustic

SWTOR - The ( attempted ) Return of the Jedi!

Posted by uidCaustic Thursday March 7 2013 at 7:28PM
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Well, I played a Sith, but you get the point.  At any rate while waiting for Defiance to come out I saw a little email in my inbox from SWTOR and figured since I pre-ordered the game and enjoyed it way back when I'd give it a little visit.  Now, I am actually not one of the people that hated the game, I, as a matter of fact enjoyed it... but I am also one of those people that get bored easily and move on quickly... so I did just that.  Anyways, with that out of the way, allow me to give you a description of my attempt to return to the game I enjoyed oh so long ( not that long I suppose ) ago!

( This is after starting the patching process and going to sleep last night, of course. )

5:31PM :  Clicked play, excited to pop some Jedi scum bags upside the head.

5:42PM :  Still looking at the loading screen ( pre server selection ) I decided to go to the store for some dinner supplies before ze wife got home.

6:29PM :  Returned to a message saying I was logged out do to inactivity ( no kidding ), but at the server screen, yay!

6:30PM : Picked my old server....

6:35PM :  Ok, still looking at the loading screen, maybe it's a Windows 8 issue?  I'll just exit and turn on compatibility mode, run as admin, make sure all my drivers are up to date, hell, let's run a speed test on my DOCSIS 3 line just to make sure.

6:47PM : Let's log back in!

6:56PM : ...still looking at the first loading screen.

7:10PM : Yep... loading screen.

7:15PM : I know, I'll post my issues on the forum and ask for help.

7:16PM : ...I have to re-subscribe... to post on the forums?

7:18PM : Uninstalled SWTOR.

So, in one evening I went from a person that defended the game, to a person that will never attempt to log back in again.  Kind of sad, really.  Oh well.