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Random Rants of Ranty...ness?

Sometimes I feel the need to post things.

Author: uidCaustic

SWTOR - The ( attempted ) Return of the Jedi!

Posted by uidCaustic Thursday March 7 2013 at 6:28PM
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Well, I played a Sith, but you get the point.  At any rate while waiting for Defiance to come out I saw a little email in my inbox from SWTOR and figured since I pre-ordered the game and enjoyed it way back when I'd give it a little visit.  Now, I am actually not one of the people that hated the game, I, as a matter of fact enjoyed it... but I am also one of those people that get bored easily and move on quickly... so I did just that.  Anyways, with that out of the way, allow me to give you a description of my attempt to return to the game I enjoyed oh so long ( not that long I suppose ) ago!

( This is after starting the patching process and going to sleep last night, of course. )

5:31PM :  Clicked play, excited to pop some Jedi scum bags upside the head.

5:42PM :  Still looking at the loading screen ( pre server selection ) I decided to go to the store for some dinner supplies before ze wife got home.

6:29PM :  Returned to a message saying I was logged out do to inactivity ( no kidding ), but at the server screen, yay!

6:30PM : Picked my old server....

6:35PM :  Ok, still looking at the loading screen, maybe it's a Windows 8 issue?  I'll just exit and turn on compatibility mode, run as admin, make sure all my drivers are up to date, hell, let's run a speed test on my DOCSIS 3 line just to make sure.

6:47PM : Let's log back in!

6:56PM : ...still looking at the first loading screen.

7:10PM : Yep... loading screen.

7:15PM : I know, I'll post my issues on the forum and ask for help.

7:16PM : ...I have to re-subscribe... to post on the forums?

7:18PM : Uninstalled SWTOR.

So, in one evening I went from a person that defended the game, to a person that will never attempt to log back in again.  Kind of sad, really.  Oh well.

Pandrax writes: That was a waste of time to read. Fri Mar 08 2013 10:31AM Report
danwest58 writes:

sorry but this is nothing but a crybaby post.  If you running windows 8 right now then its your own fault.  I am a Windows engineer and MS SQL DBA and I could have told you don't expect much in the way of software working with windows 8 yet.  Its been out what 4 months now going on 5?  I have seen a whole host of software applications not working a dam yet with windows 8.  Hell I have seen Cisco VPN software not working.  So to sit here and complain that you are not working and have to subscribe to talk on forums is really just crying to cry.    Maybe you should google it, or call SWTOR support


Contact Us By Phone

USA: (312)725-5740


Mon Mar 11 2013 1:32PM Report
h3llryu writes: Not a Windows 8 problem, I run swtor on windows 8 perfectly.  Mon Mar 11 2013 2:24PM Report
Brenics writes: Sounds like you have computer issues, Win8 runs SWTOR fine. Mon Mar 11 2013 5:29PM Report
uidCaustic writes:

I usually don't respond to comments as by and large they are vapid... but danwest, that was just too hillarious.  "I'm a Windows Engineer!"... too good.

Thanks for the giggle, I needed that before my morning meetings.

Tue Mar 12 2013 8:47AM Report
Slunty writes: Win 8 is fine.  The only thing I didn't enjoy was returning to the game at LVL 45 because I was F2P while equiped in all my 50 epics.   Tue Mar 12 2013 7:09PM Report writes:
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