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Gaming Endeavours of Trinsec

I like playing MMORPGs, a lot. I often search for the 'best MMORPG', which seems to be a never-ending search. I've tried a fair share of games online. With this blog I hope to put my thoughts together about online gaming in one place for a clear overview.

Author: Trinsec

Chaos Online

Posted by Trinsec Saturday September 20 2008 at 5:21AM
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Well, not exactly one of the best Asian MMOs around. A lot of bugs, shouldn't even have gotten in beta phase yet.

To give an indication: The letter type sucks (as the 'i' and 'l' are way too left-aligned in this monospaced font, so you get stuff like 'peopl e' and 'certa in'), and word wrap isn't even working. If you can not get the basic essentials right of being able to read something somewhat coherently, you can not create a /good/ game. It's as simple as that.

The loader was kind of weird. It immediately went on a progress bar with a file of whatever. During the progress, something was being downloaded. After the download was finished, it'd automaically quit, load something else with unintelligible text (presumably supposed to be Asian characters but it came out gibberish on my screen), patch something, then quit. I'd have to restart the loader manually, and this went on for about three times. After that, the 'Play' button was not greyed out anymore. Yeah, obvious.

Game play reminds me somewhat of Sword of the New Coast, which is admittedly also another Asian MMO. Graphics are not as good, though. And you have to select a monster first and then again to be able to attack it. Most MMOs have it like that, but when you're running around in an isometric view, that tends to be less common, except for those Asian MMOs. Attack system feels very slow as a result, besides the fact that it /is/ also slow.

When trying to create a second character, just to see what other areas are like (I chose the SciFi one with guns), a Windows Error Box pops up with some announcement about the second character something not being opened. Gee, no shit Sherlock. I didn't see my second character popping up after I tried to create it.

I still don't know why every character apparently needs their own password.

Questing is unclear. Conversation windows are badly done (and that font did not help it any bit either). The first quest giver was clearly marked enough with a yellow exclamation point so big that you'd think the quest giver was Atlas himself. But it was not clear, after trying to have a conversation with that NPC, how you would do the questing. After that, it was also quite a lot of running around to figure out where those mobs were you could attack.

If there were other quest givers, they were not clearly marked as such.

I would have to say this is a 'Typical Shoddily-coded Asian MMO', where the whole thing is badly coded, badly designed, and just majorly focused on hack'n'slash. I'd think the Asians should mostly not bother making international versions, because their MMO mindset and that of the Western world seem to differ quite greatly. At least, it differs from mine.

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